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Theme: "Hidden Figures" - Each set of circled letters is a movie embedded in another movie.

27. Will Smith title role in a beauty pageant movie?: MISS CONGENIALITY. Ali.

37. Salma Hayek Pinault title role in a body swapping movie?: FREAKY FRIDAY. Frida.

45. Jamie Foxx title role in a globe-trotting movie?: EAT PRAY LOVE. Ray.

68. Dev Patel title role in a boxing movie?: MILLION DOLLAR BABY. Lion.

87. Benicio del Toro title role in a crime thriller movie?: JACK REACHER. Che.

96. Angelina Jolie title role in a space robot movie?: THE IRON GIANT. Gia.


110. Multifeed television setting, and what six of this puzzle's answers display: PICTURE IN PICTURE.

When I first saw the title, I figured "one, two, three, four, etc" were hidden inside. So pleasantly  surprised by Enrique's approach.

I'm not famliar with movie "Lion". Only wish it were a person's name like the other five embedded movies, "Hidden Figures" title would have been perfect. 

Clean and sparkly fill, a hallmark of Enrique. 


1. __ donna: PRIMA.

6. Dalai Lama's homeland: TIBET. This puzzle was probably edited before the Dalai Lama controversy.

11. Greenlighted: OK'ED.

15. Porpoise kin: ORCA.

19. Celebrate wildly: REVEL. Yesterday was the first time Carmen's granddaughter visited her and Lao Pan. They were ecstatic.

20. Still in it to win it: ALIVE.

21. "When in __ ... ": ROME.

22. Go yachting, say: SAIL.

23. "The L Word" co-creator Chaiken: ILENE. Grid-friendly letter combo.

24. Gastric ailment: ULCER.

25. Point after deuce: AD IN.

26. Mojito garnish: MINT. Never had mojito. 

30. Fun run dist.: ONE-K.

31. Unpaid TV ads: PSAS.

32. Perched upon: ATOP.

33. TV pioneer: RCA.

34. "I can help however you see fit": USE ME.

35. Drum kit pieces: HI-HATS.

41. "Where __ sign?": DO I.

42. Online icon: AVATAR.

44. Unagi and anago: EELS. You can find frozen unagi at our Asian store.

49. Fencing blade: EPEE.

51. That girl: SHE.

54. [I'm trying to scare you!]: BOO.

55. Orderly: NEAT.

56. Square and Squarespace space?: IT SECTOR. Great clue/fill.

59. Misses a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, say: BLOWS IT. Is it weird that I only start to like "Lose Yourself" now?

62. Cause and __: EFFECT.

67. Sophisticated: SUAVE.

72. Luxury car brand: ACURA. Same letter count as LEXUS.

74. Moolah: DO RE MI.

75. Abates: EASES UP.

78. App used for selfie retouching: FACETUNE. I like the before picture though.

81. Tandoori bread: NAAN.

83. "__ Te Ching": philosophical text: TAO.

84. Texter's "Not gonna lie ... ": TBH. To Be Honest.

85. Ritzy: POSH.

91. Extinct bird: DODO.

93. Franklin known as the "Queen of Soul": ARETHA.

95. Sushi garnish: ROE.

100. Overpowering odor: STENCH.

103. Lemon slice: WEDGE.

104. Nonprofit 34-Down ending: ORG. 34. Clickable address: URL.

105. Read quickly: SKIM.

107. Sudsy stuff: SOAP. I got a small sample of this shower gel. Smells amazing.

109. Part of the HOMES mnemonic: ERIE.

115. "I'm down!": LET'S.

116. French for "mine": A MOI.

117. Largish jazz combo: OCTET.

118. Viscounts' superiors: EARLS.

119. "The Sympathizer" Pulitzer winner __ Thanh Nguyen: VIET. This is the same as Chinese "Yue".  The Nam is Vietnam just means "south".

120. Global extremity: POLE.

121. Big spender at a casino: WHALE.

122. Beginning phase: ONSET.

123. Ultimate goals: ENDS.

124. "No ifs, __, or buts": ANDS.

125. In a way: SORTA.

126. Comes (from): STEMS.


1. Gussy up: PRIMP.

2. Hot dog topper: RELISH.

3. "Me and my big mouth!": I'VE SAID TOO MUCH. Great debut entry. Partnered with another great entry: 51. Keeps on keeping on: STAYS THE COURSE.

4. Place to find boxers and bow ties, say: MEN'S SHOP.

5. Comedian Mapa: ALEC. He's of a Filipino-American. Here with his husband and their kid.


6. Shouts "neener neener" at, say: TAUNTS.

7. Volunteer's offer: I'LL GO.

8. __ curls: BICEP.

9. Well-matched: EVEN.

10. Actress Garr: TERI.

11. Brushing, flossing, etc.: ORAL CARE.

12. Type of bear important to the Alutiiq people: KODIAK. They live in the Kodiak Island, right?

13. Throw off: EMIT.

14. Say no to: DENY.

15. Absorption process: OSMOSIS.

16. Drizzled: RAINED.

17. Movie house: CINEMA. My sister-in-law Connie attends all kinds of film festivals.

18. Element of some computer shortcuts: ALT KEY.

28. Vegan milk choice: OAT. I grew up drinking soy milk.  Standard breakfast for many: soy milk and youtiao.

29. Part of town: AREA.

36. Broadcast: AIR.

37. Most-loved, informally: FAV.

38. GPS suggestion: RTE.

39. Throw forcefully, in slang: YEET. Learned from doing crosswords.

40. Hidden costs, often: FEES.

42. Pie __ mode: A LA.

43. Action urged by some political ads: VOTE NO.

45. Recede: EBB.

46. Web portal co.: AOL.

47. Indigo plant: ANIL. Pretty.

48. Bigfoot kin: YETI.

50. Stuffed pocket: PITA.

52. Carpool lane letters: HOV.

53. Before, in poetry: ERE.

57. Those, in Spanish: ESAS. Also 77. __ favor: POR.

58. Die shape: CUBE.

60. Transfer, as money: WIRE.

61. Venetian blind part: SLAT.

63. Four-term pres.: FDR.

64. Counter person?: FOE. Love the clue.

65. National Mall tree: ELM. Also the first word of a park reserve I've been loving lately. Gorgeous trails inside. I spotted a mama black bear and her two cubs two weeks ago. The trails have since greened up nicely and one of the cubs was sadly deserted last week. 

66. Secure, as a playoff berth: CLINCH.

69. Poems of praise: ODES.

70. Raise, as kids: REAR.

71. Source of misery: BANE.

72. Toward the stern: AFT.

73. Alternative to zin or pinot: CAB.

76. Abu Dhabi's fed.: UAE.

79. High bun, e.g.: UPDO. And 86. Pony accessories?: HAIR TIES.

80. Midday: NOON.

82. Nickname preceder: AKA.

87. MSNBC political analyst Psaki: JEN. The former White House press secretary.

88. QB passing stat: ATT.

89. "You __ so busted!": ARE.

90. Unrelenting: CONSTANT.

91. Processes: DIGESTS.

92. Mother lode material: ORE.

94. Hearty meat and tomato sauce: RAGU. Boomer loved this.

96. Midday: TWELVE.

97. On these pages: HEREIN.

98. Prepped for publication: EDITED.

99. Yield no further clues, as a trail: GO COLD.

100. Hydrate while down with the flu, maybe: SIP TEA. The Chinese way. Ginger & date tea.

101. Brief "Spare me the details": TMI.

102. Apollo Theater locale: HARLEM.

105. Anoushka Shankar's instrument: SITAR.

106. Posed in a team photo, maybe: KNELT.

108. Annoying ones: PESTS.

110. Family nickname: PAPA.

111. "Time for me to take the stage!": I'M ON.

112. Spats: ROWS.

113. Reverberating sound: ECHO.

114. Business bigwigs: CEOS.

Look whose selfie landed in my email box last week? Splynter! He does not comment these days but he still reads the blog. He writes to me when he spots a mistake in my blog post or just wants to cheer me up.

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