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Saving us all from having to constantly check toasting bread under the grill, the toaster is now a staple in most homes


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In fact, more than 100 years after the first toaster was patented, most kitchens don’t feel complete without one. Now many do so much more than brown bread and will handle thicker bagels, teacakes and crumpets with ease. From neat two-slice toasters to technologically advanced four-slot machines, there’s so much on the market right now it’s hard to know what’s best to choose. What size should I buy? If you’re short on space then a two-slice model is best, particularly as some of the four-slice options have pretty big footprints. They’re a good choice for couples and small families but...

Ask any dentist and they’ll tell you that for healthier gums and cleaner teeth, an electric or sonic toothbrush is going to give far better results than a bog-standard brush

But in recent years, toothbrushes have been getting more and more intelligent, with a range of capabilities that will make even the most reluctant teeth-cleaner smile. Electric toothbrushes come with a range of functions, with the cheaper models using battery power simply to move the brush head back and forth. More sophisticated models rotate, vibrate and pulsate to disturb and clean plaque and polish enamel while feeling gentle on gums. Those with sonic capabilities use vibration to move the head over teeth and gums, agitating the water and toothpaste to clean thoroughly in a larger area than the brush head...

Nothing offers succour in deepest darkest January quite like a warming bowl of homemade soup


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Now that the festive season is done and dusted, there’s every reason to seek comfort in the austere month ahead, especially when it comes to nurturing both health and bank balance. Making your own soup might sound elaborate, but armed with a soup maker or blender it becomes a simple process – throwing ingredients into a single pot and pressing a button is about as straightforward as it gets, even for the most time-strapped kitchen dodgers. Saving on time is just the start of it, as creating your own concoctions also affords opportunity to boost both your budget and wellbeing...

Every kitchen should have a dedicated set of knives to make food prep easier


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Even the most mundane task, such as chopping onions, can become pleasurable when you have the right kit. We took a selection of sets and blocks into our testers’ kitchens (ranging from amateur chefs to first-time cooks) and asked them to spend a couple of weeks trying each set. There were surprises along the way, low-budget blades became essentials – for example the serrated ‘tomato and sausage’ knife from Victorinox’s block – and stylish knives like the Japanese trio made everyday prep just that little bit more enjoyable. When choosing knives, you need to consider whether you’re willing to take...

From your morning porridge to speedy dinners, having a microwave on hand can halve cooking times, making it an essential for families and single households alike


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Even better, the latest features mean that getting great results can be foolproof, so there’s no need to worry about soggy bread, unevenly heated meat or dried-out dishes. Microwaves come in three varieties – solo, which offer straightforward heating and are usually affordable; microwave grills, which have a heating element that browns food as well as heating it; and combination microwaves that also work like a conventional oven using hot air but on a smaller scale. They usually have the option of combining microwaving with convection heat, so you can roast a chicken in as little as half an hour...

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