“What Conspiracy Theory Do You Believe To Your Core But Have No Evidence For”: 109 Unsolved Mysteries That Range From Funny To Serious By Our Community


We certainly have not yet discovered all the mysteries of the world, and that's how we end up speculating on things. Sometimes, we just have that weird feeling in our gut when hearing about socially acceptable truths that we know of today, telling us that they might turn out to be false instead. That has happened before, so why shouldn't it happen again? We are only human, and we do tend to make mistakes.

So, I'm sure that everybody has a conspiracy theory they believe is true despite there being little to no evidence. Therefore, I asked our community to share what they choose to believe. No judgment here.


You say conspiracy theory, I say prove me wrong! I am certain that Mr. Trump has done more dishonest, despicable, morally corrupt, illegal, selfish, anti-American, treasonous, misogynistic, and immoral acts than any other president or politician in history. I'm sure that many have been put to death for treason for much less than he did in his first year of office. Yet, there is absolutely no way (January 6 Committee notwithstanding) that he will ever be held responsible. The man colluded with Russia in order to tamper with our election. Hello!? He incited the riot on January 6th making it possible for murder and injuries to occur. And those are just the few that we know about. I don't want to hear about all the Trumpers' denial out there. Brainwashing is real. Look it up. He deserves to be locked up in a federal penitentiary for the rest of his natural-born life. He will never be severely punished, let alone slapped on the wrist with a fine. So what does that say to the next person or organization who wants the presidency? Pretty soon the American government will be run by the highest bidder who may or may not have ties/affiliations to a foreign government. Slippery slope, people. Open your eyes.


That aliens exist. Look at the night sky, all those stars are suns, and all those suns have planets, so there is NO WAY that Earth is the only planet with life.


The drug companies keep really effective drugs off the market because they profit only from sick people. Once cured, a person no longer relies on the drug industry.


The pandemic was orchestrated by cats.
Okay, I don't legitimately believe this, but it's still plausible.
Pandemic happens. Everyone has to stay home. And spend more time with their cats. And do business/school over online meetings, which are infiltrated by cats.


Okay, for those who haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, this is gonna be gibberish. So, in Belle (the first song, I think), a lady sings “I need six eggs, that’s too expensive.” But later, Gaston sings, “When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs…now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs”! GASTON IS SINGLE-HANDEDLY JACKING UP EGG PRICES AND LEAVING THE EGGCONOMY IN SHAMBLES.

(Not my theory. From Tumblr.)


Historian here, and I think most modern history is a lie: an edited, revised, washed down, sanitized, and censored approximation written by conservative, crusty, old white men in XIX century Europe. Our ideas of civilization, democracy, and progress are neither Western nor modern, and at worst are an ideological excuse for domination.


THE PHONES ARE LISTENING TO US. THEY CAN HEAR US TALK. I think our phones can hear us, and record the things we talk about. I also think they connect to the phones of people we are frequently around (friends, family, etc.). I think this because my friend talks about a show recently that I have NEVER googled, and guess what showed up on my FB page? yeah. This has happened multiple times. It's just a bit fishy if you ask me.


There was way, way more to 9/11.


Not so much a theory per se, but it is my reasoned belief that the far right used Orwell's 1984 as a how-to manual, rather than as a warning.


I believe that kindness still exists.


I know this isn't the most original theory, and have seen it a gazillion times, but whatever.

Women's pockets. The purse industry and the pants/other clothing industries are working together to make a ton of money. They make the pockets so dam small that we are forced to either buy men's clothes or purses.


Cats rule the world. We are their puppets.


The reason colleges in the U.S. cost so much is so you're more pressured to join the military.


I know it's rather weird but... I think everyone is allergic to something and most people just say they aren't allergic to anything because they haven't found the thing they're allergic to. I know that it's not true but It just always kind of made sense to me.


Magic is real.


You can lie to a lie detector. See, it works based on your pulse. Your pulse is like a mirror of your feelings and thoughts. If you lie but convince yourself to be dead calm, it will read as the truth. If you make yourself uncomfortable when telling the truth, it will be detected as a lie. This is actually based on my own research, and believe it or not, IT. WORKS.


That the people in charge of this world are actively destroying things, taking away life from as many as possible, and making things absolutely miserable for us on purpose. Not sure exactly what the point of killing us all is, but I do believe they’re f*****g stuff up. And it doesn’t matter who wins any election, we can’t fix any of it by voting.


Time travel. I think that there are infinite numbers of different dimensions and that people have come to our current time before.


I think that both loop quantum gravity AND string theory are true. Loop quantum gravity states that the universe is made of small loops, but string theory that it is made of tiny strings. My theory is that it is like knitting or crocheting. Tiny strings looped into a larger fabric.


Some days I'm almost convinced that there is a group running things in the background. Sort of like the Illuminati but not for anything as banal as money or power. No, they are doing it for the LOLs.


Other people have already said 9/11 and JFK so here's another one I believe:

The Loch Ness Monster exists or did exist. I have no trouble believing land dinosaurs died out, but we can't guarantee that sea dinosaurs did. There could be tons of giant dinosaur species at the bottom of the ocean (like in The Meg). There've been Nessie sightings for centuries, so a deep sea tunnel makes sense to me, maybe near a family of plesiosaurs.


More and more I believe big industrial groups create fake product shortages in order to increase prices and push people to purchase things that they don't need (in fear of lacking something).

Examples in France this year:

- Semiconductor shortage and now the price of a new car has almost increased by 30%
- Sunflower oil missing for weeks and went from 3€ per liter to 6,50€ "because of war in Ukraine" when the sunflower oil was already stocked and the future seeds were to be harvested months afterward.
- Mustard, same shortage, same overpricing, same lame explanations, when you could buy tons of French mustard in foreign countries at a lower cost.
- Gas/petrol these days, several reasons given (at first it was due to the success of a commercial operation, then a strike in refineries, and today no explanations at all and still many gas stations are closed or have just one type of fuel.

Some people blame the lack of foreseeing of industrial groups who didn't buy enough to meet the demand, I think it's done totally on purpose, less storage, fewer workers, fewer logistics, same income.


Me and my family have a theory that Elon Musk is a supervillain. He's super rich and kids' names sound like sneezes. I dare you to prove me wrong


The universe is a simulation for a middle schooler's science project. Quantum physics is nuts because they didn't want to do the math to make things actually make sense. And the speed of light was determined by their CPU clock speed. FYI, they got a C+. Any minute now they will turn it off and this nonsense will be finished.


Aliens are real.
Ghosts and strange creatures are real.
Skinwalkers who I guess are weird creatures are real.


All those images and videos from cameras you’ve put up for security around your house are automatically stored at Amazon, at least for the “free trial” month of your “subscription.” How might that be used against us in the future?

Just wondering since 23andMe admitted data could be used against us by insurers and law enforcement.


There was a lot of concern about QAnon before the year 2020, because 2+0+2+0=4, which is the exact amount of nipples Hitler would have had if he had 2 more nipples.

Found online.


I firmly believe that the car industry as well as the oil industry prevent the development of more efficient energy sources.

I also believe that many inventions that flop are actually intended to fail so that users will get back to the established products. This is achieved by intentionally flawed design and/or propaganda.


Cryptids just haven't been scientifically classified yet. There are daily new discoveries, not all of them tiny creatures. There are definitely hoaxes, but a hoax in one continent cannot solve much older, similar sightings. There are also entire light spectrums not seen by the human eye. I believe it is not unheard of to develop camouflage.

-insert manic foaming picture taking here lol-


The Earl of Oxford Edward de Vere is the real Shakespeare! Read Mark Anderson's wonderful book, "Shakespeare by Any Other Name," to learn about why the Earl of Oxford wrote the plays. His life closely resembles the plots of several of Shakespeare's plays and de Vere visited Venice where he got in trouble with Jewish merchants. He had a library with over a thousand books, many of which had underlined passages that were later incorporated into plays. Since an Earl couldn't be a playwright, he got semi-illiterate grain merchant Shak-sper (who only had a fifth grade education and never traveled abroad) to be his front. Please read Anderson´s book and spread the word!!


Art supplies are a scam.

Anybody who has ever tried to buy nice markers will know. Copic, a very nice brand of alcohol-based markers, is stupidly expensive. It'll cost you $7 if you want to buy one marker. And don't get me started on digital art programs. Want to use Procreate? Cool, pay $10 a month, and also please pay for every type of brush as well. Did you lose your digital pen? That's like $200 to replace!

So yeah, artists are totally being scammed for the basic tools they need to express their creativity!


Excuse me, I have to summon a radish.

Please don’t ask, I clicked on this by accident, and I just wanted to write this! But anyways scroll on. Have a nice day!


Bored Panda occasionally chooses a random word out of the dictionary and censors it.


If Chris Farley was still alive, Kevin James wouldn't have the career he has now.


that the BP app works fine and it's just my internet connection thats at fault?


Humans are idiots. Their is no denying that fact. We take away life from animals, we ruin the envorment, and then we end each other. Humans are idiots who can't even make peace with themselves.


JFK was NOT killed by Harvey Oswald or with a single magic bullet that went thru him twice and then through the body of Governor Connelly!!
How do you like them ????’s !


There were previous human civilizations that were wiped out, much older than our recorded history


Birds aren't real, just government surveillance drones. Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? Exactly


In July, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release stating that they had recovered a "flying disc". Just five months later in December, 1947, the first electronic transistor was demonstrated. I think this is more than a coincidence of timing. I think the transistor was based on technology found in a crashed UFO.


the real reason there aren't vampire attacks nowadays is due to the invention of the red cross. they do a great service helping people with blood donations, but the vampires running it take 10-20% off the top to feed. everyone wins!

(*note: this theory may or may not be based in reality and may, in fact, just be a humorous thought experiment on my end)


Elon Musk is actually an android.


The world really ended in 2012 and we are stuck in a matrix of continuous garbage alternative event streams.


that all the mattress stores you see everywhere, in every town are all money laundering fronts. only met two people who bought a mattress from them. never see the places busy.


There is not a snowballs chance in heck that Amelia Earheart WASN'T eaten by coconut crabs. LOOK AT THOSE THINGS! THEY'RE TERRIFYING! And also, I kinda want to belive that dinosaurs COULD have had primitive tools, yet there is no evidence. I kind of want to see like, a Troodon having some idea how to utilize sticks.


That the UK weather forecast is used to manage the consumers economy.

Bread & milk not selling that well? 'There's a massive snowstorm coming that will last days!'.

Meat sales down? 'You can expect high temperatures as a heatwave moves in!'

Eggs and flour? 'Heavy rain is expected to continue for the next 2 weeks!'

The forecast is hardly ever accurate when they predict extreme weather. Yet when they forecast light showers throughout the day, it floods down like Victoria falls!


The my parents had parties every night after my bedtime.


Millie Bobby brown is actually Tom hardy.


When me and my cousin were younger we decided that the London eye can TOTALLY teleport


That brands purposefully have something wrong with their places, like, mc donalds always has their ice cream machine broken, or starbucks misspells people's name, it gives them something unique and memorable and the memes are basically free ads


That the Princess Diana's death was not a tragic accident.


I will always believe that alien's built the Azteca and Egyptian pyramids Thanks Alot Stargate


Okay okay. Listen. Post Malone doesn't sing his songs. Justin Bieber does. On multiple occasions, Justin is seen with Post Malone when he does his music. If you take off the auto-tune and change the pitch, it sounds like Justin. Also find it hard to believe someone who constantly smokes, even in interviews, can sing that way. Think about it.


When you die, you'll find yourself in a cold, black void, empty save for a distant light. Head for it, and it will get massively brighter, sucking you in with infinite-seeming speed, until it explodes. That light is your soul, and the explosion will be the Big Bang of a new universe. Congratulations! You are now a god!

Right now we're all in a universe that used to be some guy named Bob.


Rocks are soft


That dinasaur sceletons are actually dragons. Just think about it. Almost all civilizations talk about dragons. Did they live while humans existed after all or maybe humans found their bones and believed it to be dragons....


Epstein Island was a trap to catch political and corporate leaders in compromising videos with underage girls. That’s why so many are acting against American interest - to protect themselves.


That “Fun” size candy is not actually fun at all, and the candy companies are trying to gaslight us.


We live in a simulated reality.


Well more of a theory but the books, games, and movies we create develop a separate universe.


I saw a UFO when I was younger and the image of it is forever drilled in my mind.


That no ones ever made it to the moon


Does anyone have any evidence that Trudeau ISN'T Castro's son?

Guys don't downvote me into oblivion, this is meant in a lighthearted way


This is silly and not a true conspiracy theory but I like to refer to it as one. This is all based on observation and could be wildly incorrect, but I don't think so.

In my city, we have Rotating Trees. This is a continuous rotation of saplings at many locations, until they disappear somewhere. So for example, the smallest saplings tend to get moved to the median strip on most of our roads. They get left there for a number of years to grow, get lights on them around this time of year, etc, and then those saplings get moved into the verge in front of many houses. At some point those saplings at the verge get too large and are then moved...elsewhere. All of this is to make up for the fact that our unification of trees via this method are very prone to acquiring disease or getting attacked by bugs en masse, resulting in the occasional removal of affected trees across all properties.

It's clever if you think about it - a continual source of young trees are being brought in to, I think, eventually replace the trees that suffer in folks' front yards. It's done very quietly, efficiently, and it manages to keep the city fairly green. The only problem is that the presence of the same tree everywhere, aside from the likelihood of a bulk of them suffering, is that Autumn can be very boring. I suppose that's a small price to pay.


The fact that everyone is taking this post so literal has to be a conspiracy theory because there’s no other explanation for it.


That liquid restrictions in carry-on luggage are a conspiracy from airlines which charge for checked baggage and duty free shops who charge 5€ for a small water bottle (I use my own bottle, but still).
I know these restrictions exist because of a failed terrorist attack, but I don't think banning all liquids is the solution


I live in a northern climate. The first snowfall, at least 300 accidents occur. My conspiracy theory is that there is a small, subversive group that goes out in force a taunts people into driving stupid. Just for fun. Or maybe they are automotive service people.


I'm the only one that actually exists


I have a theory that in America we don't hear many good things about other countries because they don't want us to travel/move anywhere else because it would reflect bad onto them...


That magic exists. i just feel it in my core so f**king hard idk why


That every time you make up a new conspiracy theory, Bigfoot kills a kitten.


I’d say that the Germans had a secret base in Antarctica.

I’ll tell you the story.

Before World War One, the Norwegians were waging in Antarctic waters. To extend the stay of their vessels, they had erected supply dumps on various islands.

When World War One broke out, the British, fearing the German navy might make use of these supply dumps, burned them all down. This pissed of teh Norwegians but thats beside the point.

So when Karl Dönitz became commander of the German submarine fleet, he came up with the idea to hide supplies in the Antarctic so his submarines could be deployed for much longer periods and operate in the South Atlantic.

Obviously such dumps had to be hidden, and the German Navy found a natural cave with access to open water. This was ideal to hide supplies and shelter a submarine.

They did deposit some supplies, but when war broke out the whole plan was cancelled.

The British found the cave in late 1945 (when it is Summer in the Antarctic) and blew up the supplies.

This eventually evolved into a secret base with aliens and UFOs.


It's not a conspiracy. It's real. I believe every night, amogus and chungus come to life and fight.


JFK was killed by the Mafia


I think the universe is a simulation. Need I go on?


We're already in ww3. Covid crippled the worlds economy & Russia is testing the worlds resolve.


The recent cultural embrace of the Multiverse is being popularized by the owners of large (but ultimately still finite) quantities of Intellectual Property, who have figured out they can now take existing IP and simply turn it steampunk or gender-bent or in some other way just stick a clock in it, and keep re-releasing the same IP with new skins, rather than going through the risk and hassle of creating, promoting, and making new IP that does not already have an existing audience.


The most recent $2 Billion lottery was held up by California and a Californian won. Quite convenient for a state loosing so much tax income.


Not so much a conspiracy theory, as bad research but I think that the final reports about 9/11 has considerable flaws in them. To clarify. I don’t doubt that planes flew inside the towers ,but I think the chemical and physical properties of aluminium which made out the biggest part of the planes wasn’t properly researched.


UFO’s and/or Extraterrestrials.


I believe that The Richat Structure in Mauritania was where Atlantis was.


Major conspiracy: all stones are soft until touched.


Cats rule the world and all that will be left in the world will be cats... So be nice to your cats :D

(I am joking guys)... but maybe....


I don't believe in any conspiracy theories. except one. Jeffrey Epstein. yeah, no way.


The X-Files and the Men in Black movies were secretly funded by the actual Men in Black so that anyone who came forward would be immediately dismissed as having watched too much television.


So if aliens are real (not saying they are for this answer) the government is raising there taxes because they need room to store aliens in Area 51 there has been little to no evidence this is possible but there are a few. One time on Halloween day of 2021 I saw what I expected to be a plane but I realized it looked like it was flying backwards so it was definitely not a plane nor a rocket. It could have been another weird looking military plane because i live right near an air force base but it was just weird not saying it ever was an alien but…you know still weird.


In 2009 here in America there was something called "swine flu" Later that year once "swine flu" was no longer an issue "hipsters" were all about bacon. I'm 52 and know people have always especially loved bacon but it got to be ridiculous. Bacon donuts, bacon candy, all you can eat bacon at hipster bars, burgers smothered in bacon-ugh! I was a server then and noticed not only restaurants but bars too where pushing bacon. In 2009 the hipster "uniform" was jeans,plaid shirt, thick black glasses and in your hand was a PBR and bacon in the other. Total marketing ploy by the pork industry.


That Michael Jackson is still alive and just faked his death to be finally left alone. This man was forced into fame and stardom because of his family. He couldn't go anywhere without being recognised and crowded by fans. For one birthday his friends rented a grocery store and all of his friends/ some actors acted like their just shopping just so he can a normal people expirience because he never shopped for groceries before. Isn't that horrible. He loved his fans but all he really wanted was to be left alone. So I'm 100% certain that he faked his death. First of all the doctor that tried to save him did the external cardiac massage on a bed, although everyone knows that you can only do this on hard surfaces. No medical professional would have done that. It's just a stupid excuse. Than there are some blurry pictures that show that something on a stretcher is carried OUT of the ambulance shortly after they carried his "corpes" into the wagon. Around a year after photos published that seemed to show him in the back of his daughters car.
I'm sure he's not in the states anymore but maybe somewhere on an island just living in peace.


That Earth is a completely ignorant planet and there are a lot of aliens in the galaxy, only they ignore us and they have high technology, looks like normal humans, have better civilization and knowledge


That since the draft ended and we have an all-volunteer military, it isn't in the government's.


This is gonna be going out on a pretty long limb but this is my expanding universe theory.

So we all know there’s no real evidence to whether the universe is infinite or in a box as both are incapable of being comprehended. So what if the universe is in a sort cage (doesn’t matter if it’s a box or anything, although it would make sense to be a multiple dimensions) and the universe isn’t really expanding, but shrinking to fit in newly created matter perfectly evenly so that it’s not noticeable? So what we call microscopic as actually waaaaaay smaller than what would actually be microscopic?

Go on then. Call me crazy.


The FBI killed JFK. I’m not trying to provoke anyone or make them sad because JFK was a great man. Lee Harvey Oswald was (I believe) a psychopathic mental patient. I think the FBI gaslight him that he killed JFK. And because Lee was an undiagnosed mental patient, he went with it.


The United States throws away more coleslaw annually than all less developed nations combined consume food.


The United States wastes more coleslaw than most developed countries consume food annually.


The BGC (Big Government Conspiracy) exists: an overarching, global cabal spanning all nations, whose function, amongst others, is to diminish trust in government and accredited sources, destabilizing institutions, devaluing authority, and creating dissent, until truth becomes fluid and facts unreliable. Giving different groups access to different information allows them to guide cultural, political, and economic motion in whatever manner suits them, as well as creating smokescreens to hide the truly unbelievable. The BGC’s favorite method of doing this is with conspiracy theories, which create so much noise and distraction that facts get lost in the shuffle.


Elvis is alive and well and living as Pastor Bob Joyce :/
Oh…and Graham Hancock is right about a lost civilisation


That all of you are weird. >:) (P.S ForThePeople, you are kinda dumb.) (P.P.S Expecting negative points from this.)


I believe in the *IDEA* of the simulation theory. Where I offramp at is in one, acting like that means other people aren't "real" bc they're NPCs, and two acting like it means a Matrix type dystopia/evil corporation situation. I think it's more like an MMO in a miltipurpose game like Animal Crossing or The Sims: Some of us are here as vacation, perhaps others to learn a skill, others yet perhaps as some form of punishment or to learn a particularly hard lesson. As to why we'd need something so elaborate to do that... I'd say time dilation. Our dreams are NOWHERE near as long as we feel like they are. This is due to the fact our brain is working on it's own; it isn't having to send out/receive signals from and for multiple things. It's just your brain in pure reaction time. This is why time appears to slow down during dangerous situations: our brains have began working in such a similar fashion. I say all this loose stuff to point out that in a simulation type situation, you'd likely be in some kind or form of sleep, at least as far as your brain is concerned. We could learn those skills or lessons in a fraction of the time inside a simulation while wasting very little of it in "reality".


You get calcium from the the sun.


Russia absolutely just bombed Poland. But it was a mistake and they used the backdoor communication channels to tell the rest of the world whoopsie and it was therefore decided to brush it off as not Russia thereby avoiding expanding the war.


That humans are aliens and that the aliens look like humans.


The infinite universe, and us, exist in a simulation. The counterpoint to such sophistry is always that the universe is so vast that it seems like an enormous waste just to make us. But the more you know about programming, the less that seems like an argument than a validation. It takes pages of lines of code just to make something as simple as a midi play, and play right, and not mess up everything else. The whole “dark web” can exist because most of the internet is like an iceberg where the bottom 95% exists to make the remaining visible 5% function. So I find it entirely reasonable to suppose that in order to run as complex a simulation as “reality” would require also programming huge swaths of empty space and lifeless worlds to allow the possibility that one could produce us so the game could proceed.


it’s a toss. I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. Now I believe the twin towers was a demolition job and Bush knew. It makes the loss more tragic, if that’s possible.


The No-Bullet theory: JFK wasn’t killer by Oswald, or the CIA, or Castro, or the mafia, or anyone. His head just did that.


I didn't read all the comments, but I think the government controls the weather..


I believe there's an organization like the CIA or FBI watching us, our every move, what we eat


Elon Musk’s neurolink (and ultimate evil plan) is at least partly inspired by that movie where the Riddler steals information from everyone’s brains through TV. And 1984. Think about it. Imagine becoming the smartest guy in the world, and being able to sell anyone you disagree with out to the cops for thought-crime.


We never landed on the moon process is so complex that even today they struggle to make it happen.


Clams got legs!

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