Stosie Madi’s vegan recipe for crisp asparagus wraps with za’atar dip | The new vegan


Seasonal asparagus wrapped in pastry, baked and dunked in a za’atar-spiked dip

When I was growing up in West Africa, my school lunch boxes were mostly prepared by my Lebanese teta (grandmother), whose love for meat-free, plant-based cooking was reflected in our daily meals. It is therefore only natural that I look to her for inspiration during my stint as a stand-in for Meera Sodha’s weekly column. Thin flatbreads stuffed with crunchy greens, gussied up with delicious, smooth, whipped labneh and dressed in homemade za’atar were a lunchtime staple in my schooldays, and asparagus, that glorious UK springtime green, makes an elegant, seasonal twist on that childhood favourite.

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