Spinach Penne Pomodoro


This is a simple no-frills pasta dish with spinach and tomato sauce and if you were looking for creamy types, you're in the wrong place for this recipe.

This easy-to-assemble pasta dish is very flavorful, and the spinach totally different version from anything that has cream cheese or other creamy ingredients.

Our meatless pasta dish is a favorite summer meal or basically vegetarian however for all the meat eaters out there feel free to make a side of Mom's Italian Meatballs for a side dish.

We love Regional style dishes like these Rigatoni alla Zozzona, and other Roman-style dishes we make often  Cacio e Pepe and of course the fabulous Carbonara all-Roman versions my Grandmother would make that her mom taught her as a child from Rome, Italy.

Although this basic recipe is a tomato sauce, basil, with penne and fresh spinach, adapt it to however you prefer your pasta toppings, there are many to choose from and suggestions below to mix in if you're not fond of spinach.

If you love a simple lighter pasta dish this is one to add to your recipe collection.

Scroll down to our printable recipe card for our easy-to-follow instructions.

spinach in tomato sauce with penne pasta in a large bowl

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