Slow Cooker Pork and Slaw Sandwiches


Slow Cooker Pork and Slaw Sandwiches is a fork-tender shredded meat piled high on a roll topped with delicious cole slaw.

The recipe is super easy since the slow cooker does most of the work and the slaw is just a few pantry ingredients.

If you had no idea what to make for that special sports day event look no further!

Piled high even on plain old hamburger buns this crowd-pleaser is a hit every time plus we set up a topping bar at parties with an array of garnishes!

Pulled pork is an instant classic and slow-cooking it is simply the way to go on Game Day events, parties, and even potluck picnics.

All you need is some of your favorite pickle chips and potato snacks for a side dish.

You can even slow-cook the pork before bedtime, turn it on low for around 8 hours, and to save time for your slaw topping, use prepackaged cabbage and carrot coleslaw with store-bought dressing to shave off prep time.

Just bring along some buns and the rest is easy to pile on this tender shredded pork tenderloin and slaw on those soft rolls.

If you were looking to cut corners and a quicker way to make Pork "n" slaw this is as easy as it gets.

Either make it almost all from scratch or save lots of time using all store-bought ingredients including premade barbecued pulled pork in the cold section at your local market.

Scroll down to our easy printable recipe by letting the slow cooker do all the work, this is a great recipe everyone will love!

pork n slaw filled hamburger buns

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