Ray Ray’s Hog Pit Adds Truck at Flint Station


This week Ray Ray’s Hog Pit announced the addition of a new location: a truck parked outside Flint Station just north of Worthington.

The truck became available as Ray Ray’s made upgrades to the trailers parked at Land-Grant Brewing and Nocterra Brewing in Powell. The extra trailer was reassigned to the Flint location.

The Flint truck serves the same menu as the other trucks: sandwiches, ribs, sides, meats by the pound, and the fabled Meat Sweats platter.

Flint Station is undergoing some expansion and improvements, including the addition of a large beer garden. The current iteration of Flint Station opened in 2018. The building itself dates back to the 1890s. It was called the Flint Carryout (with the upper level known as Top of Flint) for decades before it became Flint Station. The building still operates as a carryout, bar, and event space.

Flint Station opens daily at noon. Ray Ray’s will be open Thursdays through Sundays.

Ray Ray’s also operates trucks in Clintonville, at Land-Grant Brewing in Franklinton, Nocterra Brewing in Powell, plus a drive-through in Westerville. Its Granville location was recently converted from a meat and three concept to a new supper club model.

Ray Ray’s Hog Pit at Flint Station
225 Park Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235

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