Person Asks “Have You Ever Witnessed Something That Should’ve Gotten Someone Fired At Work?”, The Internet Answers (30 Examples)


I bet that you’ve witnessed something that made your eyes pop at least once in your life. The sight is so crazy that your eyebrows go on vacation from their regular resting place and your forehead muscles get strained, because you just can’t believe what you’re seeing.

Well, this article is about the things people have witnessed at work that made them think “damn, that person should be fired,” and the things that happened next.

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Former president tried to do a coup. I watched it on TV. He should've been fired that day.

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There's this guy where I work who takes naps in a recliner in the warehouse, quite often. He's never been even yelled at for it. S**t, he even snores sometimes.

But, man, do I enjoy those naps.

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A nurse I worked with left [medicine] meant for a terminal patients pain management in a room with a patient in for recovery from an [illegal substance] addiction. The recovery patient was the one that walked out in the hall and handed it to me saying “these were meant for someone else”. She left a months supply in that man’s room. I brought it to the desk, manager should have fired her on the spot. Dip nurse just laughed and said “blonde moment”, manager laughed along side her. I spent most of my shift just staying with the guy who’s life had been ruined by the very thing he just had to handle. I quit a week later.

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In 2009 I worked at a very well known chain and even then I was the first homosexual they had ever met. Folks were beyond homophobic toward me. To the point that I reported someone for calling everyone a f****t anytime he didn’t like them.

They told me to just relax and they don’t mean it like that. By they, I mean corporate HR. A week later someone smashed my head into a wall, but said it was okay because they were having a bad day. Once again, I was told to just let it go. Finally when I threatened to get a lawyer, everyone changed their tune…. But it made the job worse because people would get quiet anytime I walked into a room and make passive aggressive comments like “oh, freedom of speech time is turned off now guys. Wouldn’t want someone to get upset and cry over some jokes.”

On a personal note, I see a lot of those attitudes creeping back into pop culture since the GOP went nuclear on trans folks.

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My boss smacking me on the a*s with a ruler. I got sent home for asking him what’s his f*****g problem was.

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A girl at my work literally punched another employee in the face multiple times AT WORK. The girl who got punched left obviously. The girl who did the punching still works there to this day.
Edit: oh yeah, and there's also a video of it that was sent to a lot of the employees BY HER. She definitely has blackmail on the owner. That's the only logical reason we can think of why he won't fire her.

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Was working at McDonald’s. Watched a female crew member sneeze into her hands, and proceed to make a wrap and sent it out. I threw it in the bin before front staff got it.

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I got my laptop stolen, worked the night shift and left it at work, when I came back the next day, it was gone. I reported this to my boss, she said okay we will look in to it, she called the day staff and surely she came and did bring the laptop back, she tried to make it like I didn't see it. I did see her returning the laptop.

I tell my boss this, she proceeds to fire me, and kept the employee that stole my laptop, I had worked there for a month and she had been working there for years, she said I was clearly lying and that the laptop was always there.

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Few weeks ago one of my sales rep comes in to drop off paperwork for a sale he had just completed.

The whole time he's bragging about how the customer couldn't believe his great deal even though he was paying MSRP.

I take the paperwork, and start looking through it to verify the same amount to put the commission in for payroll.

I come up on the price, and in the box it says: $2,100. I look at him in complete disbelief. I show him where he put the price, and his face went white as a ghost.

$2,100 when it should've been $21,000. By misplacing the comma, and not adding an extra 0, the dumb S.O.B let a BRAND NEW UTV GO FOR $18.9K BELOW MSRP!!!!!!!

I had to tell the owner who told sales rep that 1% of the price would come out of all future paychecks until the price was paid back.

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Girl took a bleach rag and then used it to wipe the condiment nozzles that were in use, and she just put the condiments back (mixing bleach and food). When I brought this up, her and both managers couldn't see a problem, so I straight up quit before they [ended] someone.

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The supervisor left the safe open.

At this job, he should have absolutely gotten fired but his blunder got overshadowed because one of the douchier employees stole 50k and went on the run for over half a day.

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When I was in high school, I worked at Dairy Queen. I was on the opening crew one Saturday and the assistant manager unlocks the doors, lets us in, and tells us "Guys, I'm really hungover right now so I'm gonna sleep in the back. Wake me up if you need me." She goes back and curls up on top of the laundry machines (we washed all the uniforms on site because they get covered in ice cream). It was a slow day so and she was the cool manager, so we all let her sleep and never told the owner.

Another night, one of our cook's buddies parked their car in our lot and he just hung out there with them smoking weed for a couple hours. If someone ordered food, we'd go out and get him. He'd come back inside, cook it, and go right back out. The rest of us had the decency to smoke *after* work, but nobody ratted him out either.

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Work in a residential setting for teens with behavioral issues. There’s 1 staff in particular who should not be working with kids and it was clear on my 2nd day. He’s almost 50 and behaves like a 15 year old. He’s always going back and forth and gets mad about everything with them.

One day things got heated between him and a kid for the 100th time and he ends up choking the kid. The kid was actually being more mature about it and he wanted to continue to fight the kid. We separated them and I was holding the staff back when he started to get mad at me for not letting him beat up a 14 year old.

I’ve only been at this job for 3 months and was told by other staff that this has happened multiple times now with different kids.

He still has a job because he’s best friends with the 2 bosses

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I worked at a special needs day program many years ago. Wednesdays were classic film day at the local theater and we’d take the clients. I was a 1:1 meaning I had only one client. My direct superior had 3, and a substitute had 4. The substitute lost one of her guys and didn’t realize it until after the film when we were counting clients.

Long story short, I got fired & the superior got fired. But the one whose responsibility it was to watch him kept her job. The client was fine, though, he was found a mile down the road asking for a police officer to help him find his way home.

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Me, when I used to show up to work drunk every day. Still don’t know how I got away with that… Someone definitely knew. There was no way, my breath smelled and my walking wasn’t straight. But management liked me, and drinking on the job was an immediate fire, so nobody said anything. I miss that job, I don’t miss being drunk 24/7.

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I work in a kitchen. One of my co-workers will wash their gloves instead of changing them and will sometimes outright refuse to prepare some foods.

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A guy harassed a female coworker. We live in the building as we work. He went as far as lurking in his underwear at night to cross path with her even though they live on opposite sides of the building. He barely got scolded and got scolded a bit more after that when he said she's a w***e and whatever and tried to shift the blame on another coworker.

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A "tech" was checking the airbag system on a truck, he probed the wrong wire and blew every single airbag on the vehicle. Manager said "these things happen" and swept it under the rug. They never let him check airbags again though.

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A guy who worked in another department at the same company as me basically started showing up only a couple days a week, and word got out that he had started driving an independent cab (this was before Uber). He was warned and written up, but they ended up laying him off with a decent severance.

By the time they finally let him go he had already taken most of his personal stuff home and he boxed everything that was left before the meeting when he was actually let go.

I’d say he probably got paid without doing any work for a year and a half.

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I worked in a milk factory. I was working with a man that was a bit off. We had to take the milk cartons on a conveyor belt and place them on a pallet. While we were working he said "time for a break" and slammed a blade used to open boxes into the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt got absolutely destroyed and the machine was in maintenance of two days after that.

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Worked with a guy that stole petty cash, became infatuated with our male boss, sent a letter to the local hospital listing our boss as his emergency contact should anything happen and sent a signed 'do not resuscitate' order to the same hospital, implying he was going to commit [self-harm]. Also claimed the Welsh mafia were after him. Total fruit loop. Got quietly moved to another location.

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Saw an aerospace welder at lunch having a beer, I was the quality manager there. Didn't bring it up, sometimes you need a f*****g lunch beer.

Different place, lead came in smelling like alcohol and slurring, sent her home with a friend before anyone from management noticed.

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A supervisor saying they could've helped with another coworkers pelvic exam.

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Used to work at McDonald's when I was a teenager.

Where do I start?

Mostly it was food safety issues. Dropped burger meat on the the floor? Put it back on the bun and serve it. Crewmember in a bad mood? Spit in the food. Too many flies in the kitchen? Catch a few and throw them in the fry vats.

Granted it was only a select few of the employees that would do s**t like this. But I *still* won't eat at McDonald's and it's been almost 40 years.

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Tons of times!

- came to work drunk
- wrote off a work vehicle hitting a member of the public while speeding (person was miraculously not injured)
- threw a large object at another person (it missed but was intended to hit)
- stealing
- mis-administering controlled medication

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I overheard one of my former co-workers that also happened to be a manager making super racist and homophobic comments. I reported to HR and nothing was done about it. When I asked our HR manager about it a few weeks later, she told me he was "just joking around" and they couldn't fire him because I may have misheard him.

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I work overnights at a hotel. They hired a guy to be the security/valet and in the first two weeks he was found sleeping on the job. The first time he was found by a third coworker. We told the manager and nothing happened. The second time the manager found him sleeping in the bell closet in a wheelchair. He got sent home but didn’t get fired.

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Dude I worked with left a gun in the bathroom and they still didn’t fire him. He claimed he was going to put it in his car, and he was personal friends with the boss.

Edit: dude was a good guy and I do believe him. He had had in his drawer, took it out before leaving and went to the bathroom and accidentally left it. I’m glad he wasn’t fired but it was completely swept under the rug.

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Guy had a stolen handgun, from sheriff's locker.

His story changed a few times, got 5 days off.

Turns out, he's a felon anyway and got caught downstate with...a loaded handgun and a litany of charges. We'll see if he keeps his job after this one, he's supposedly related to someone big, politically.

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Stripper offered to take me to her place for $200.

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