Pea and Bacon Soup - Budget Batch Cook Recipe


This is a variation on my Pea and Ham soup recipe. Prices are going up at a scary pace and bacon is the cheapest meat available so we’ve been eating a lot of it! I had the idea to swap out the ham in this recipe for bacon and it was certainly a good idea!!

Pea and Bacon Soup Ingredients

  • 1kg Cooking Bacon £1.79
  • 1lg Onions 55p
  • 1800g Frozen Peas £1.70
  • Mint (Dried or Fresh)
  • A little bacon fat for frying

Total Cost = £4.04

Makes 16 portions.

Costs just 25p per portion.

How to Make Pea and Bacon Soup

This is a super easy recipe. Dice the onions and fry them in bacon fat. I use a huge stock pot so that I cna just cook the soup in the same pan and save on washing up.

Then add the frozen peas.

Bring the pan to the boil and blend the soup to your liking.

You can add mint if you like – I love it so I added a generous handful of dried mint leaves.

Dice the bacon and fry it until it’s super crispy. I’m loving frying my bacon in my air fryer at the moment. It’s so easy and clean, you don’t need to watch it, just remember to shake it every 10 minutes or so. I think I cooked my bacon for about 40 minutes to get it nice and crispy.

Once you are happy with the consistency of the soup add the bacon and stir it in.

If you are serving this soup immediately it might be nice to serve the bacon on the side or on top of the soup. I’m batch cooking mine so I mix it in and portion the soup into tubs ready for the freezer.

Notes on Making Pea and Bacon Soup

I’ve used mint grown in my garden that I dried last year. Fresh would have been fine too.

I’ve started saving bacon fat for frying instead of paying for vegetable oil, the price of which has doubled!! I’m finding the saved fat is actually much tastier than vegetable oil as well as being free. Whenever I fry any meat in my air fryer or in a frying pan I pour the hot fat into an old jam jar and keep it in the fridge for frying my next recipe.

Food is mostly purchased from Aldi aside form the bacon which I get from Lidl. I buy it in bulk whenever I can get to a branch of Lidl and freeze it for recipes like this.

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