Pastrami donuts? Krispy Kreme Japan has crazy palate-cleanser after all that Valentine’s choco


Chain’s newest donut burger also has two special condiments spread inside it.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is as much about chocolate as it is romance, so there are a lot of tempting chocolate treats to be found right now. While we’d never say anything so borderline-blasphemous as “there’s too much chocolate,” repeated indulging can leave your taste buds craving something different, even within the sweets category.

So the timing feels right for Krispy Kreme Japan to be rolling out a new donut the day after Valentine’s, where the marque flavor isn’t chocolate. Instead, it’s pastrami.

Yes, brined beef really is the star ingredient of the Pastrami Beef and Potato. Amazingly, it manages to be an even bolder culinary innovation than its name initially implies, since the “Potato” part doesn’t refer to mashed or sliced spuds, but a potato salad spread that sits underneath the pastrami pile, which is itself seasoned with coarse-ground black pepper. It’s sandwiched inside a sliced Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut, along with a slather of whole-grain mustard that the chain says “ties together a mature taste,” though you could also argue the whole thing sounds like something a very hungry high school student would throw together after ransacking an almost-empty fridge.

That said, desserts that mix sweet and salty flavors can be extremely tasty, and that seems to be the sort of sensory synergy that Krispy Kreme is aiming for with the 660-yen (US$5.10) Pastrami Beef and Potato. It’s being offered exclusively at three Tokyo Krispy Kreme locations, Tokyo Kokusai Forum, Shibuya Cinetower, and Yurakucho Itocia, and goes on sale February 15, so yes, you can wash it down with a Domino’s Pizza Japan bacon milkshake if you’re so inclined/insane.

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Source: PR Times via Entabe

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