Miguel Barclay’s recipes for £1 chickpea and spinach meals


Looking for thrifty but flavourful cooking? Squeeze out maximum flavour from the humble chickpea by baking them with cumin, and in a crisp-edged, curried spinach mash

Chickpeas are a legendary budget staple, both filling and versatile, as well as a great get-out-of-jail card when vegans pop over for tea. But you can’t just sprinkle them into a salad with that damp “tin juice” flavour still clinging to them; you need to wake them up first to celebrate their full potential. That’s why I love to bake them, creating extra-crisp treats supercharged with flavour.

Recipes adapted from Fast & Fresh One Pound Meals and Meat-Free One Pound Meals, both by Miguel Barclay, both published by Headline at £16.99.

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