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Meals of the Week

Here I am with another Sunday Meals of the Week post.  This is the day I generally share with you all of the main meals that I have cooked for myself in the previous week.  A delicious recap of how I have been feeding myself.

I determined when I moved into my own place that I as not going to become one of those people who ate out of cans and boxes, not while I had the ability to cook for myself that is.  I am a person who loves to cook and I think I would be rather bored eating ready-meals and frozen dinners. So as long as I can cook, I WILL cook!

I also hate waste so I always try to use up everything that I have as much as possible.  Its very hard sometimes, so I tend to shop for myself every few days now rather than once a week.  I find that the fresh ingredients like salad, etc. just don't last any longer than a few days.  I would rather go a bit more often and throw out less.

If, along the way, I can inspire some of you with some of your menu planning, then that makes me very happy.  

Here are my meals for the past week. If I have eaten out, I have endeavored in most cases to provide you with a recipe that you can make at home.  I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed eating the meals and writing it up!

Air Fryer Roast Chicken

SUNDAY, May 21st - Most Sunday's I have Sunday Dinner at my sister's place.   I love these Sunday dinners.  It is something I missed when I was living over in the UK. There were no family dinners.  I had no family there and my then husband's family lived far too far away from us to entertain such an idea.  Needless to say I really appreciate these family times.  

This week it was Air Fryer Roast Chicken with all the fixings. 

Banana Cake

For dessert she had a made a homemade Banana Cake with whipped cream. It was a simple and easy cake, no frosting, but it was really moist and delicious.

Amish Country Casserole

MONDAY, May 22nd - Amish Country Casserole

On Monday I made a half batch of this delicious Amish Country Casserole. The recipe posted is a small batch version, which makes four servings, but I cut it in half yet again as there is just me, which gave me some to enjoy on the day and some to pop into a freezer container for another time.  

This is a fabulously tasty casserole. Those Amish really no how to cook. Cheap, cheerful and delicious.  I enjoyed this with a salad on the side and some Easy Stuffed Cheesy Bread. It was a great meal!

Macaroni and Cheese Meatloaf Casserole

TUESDAY, May 23rd - Macaroni and Cheese Meatloaf Casserole

I wanted to take something delicious over to my sister's for their supper.  I knew she would not mind me removing a small serving for myself.  This is a wonderful casserole that I got from a blog called Full Bellies Happy Kids.  

This was simply wonderful!  What you have is a base composed of BBQ glazed meatloaf. On top is a rich layer of macaroni and cheese. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this. I had a nice salad on the side.

Hot Turkey Sandwich

WEDNESDAY, May 24th - Dinner out with Dad

On Wednesday nights I always have dinner out with my father and his friends. We go to a local eatery.  I had the Hot Turkey Sandwich with potatoes and coleslaw.  It was really delicious. 

Slices of turkey meat in between two slices of bread slathered with gravy.  Carrots (not peas) on the side.  This week I did not have any dessert. The best part is having dinner with my dad.

Jonny's Cookhouse Fish and Chips

THURSDAY, May 25th - Lunch out at Jonny's Cookhouse

My sister and I had to take my father into Kentville on Thursday morning to see his heart specialist. We decided to stop at Jonny's Cookhouse on the way back and treat us all to some fish and chips. Sorry I had already broken into my fish before I remembered to take a photograph!  The pieces of fish were huge.  We could not eat it all. There was also coleslaw and tartar sauce.


This is a photograph I took of my father enjoying his fish and chips.  Everyone in my family enjoys fish and chips.  Most of the time when we go out it is what we all order.  Jonny's fish and chips was really good.  All of their food is really good. Usually my sister and I order the True Newf Poutine when we are there, but this time we fancied a change.  You can find my Copy Cat recipe for the True Newf here. Its fabulous!

Boursin Stuffed Baked Potatoes

FRIDAY, May 26th - Sausage, Beans and Boursin Stuffed Jacket Potatoes

After eating out for two days in a row, it was nice to enjoy a meal at home. I had some chipolata (breakfast) sausages which I cooked, along with some tinned beans and baked these delicious stuffed jacket potatoes to enjoy on the side.  Home cooked meals are always the best.

There was one time back in the late 1970's that my ex husband and I were moving with our family from Northern Alberta to Southern Alberta. While we were waiting for our furniture to arrive, believe it or not, I spend 21 days living in a motel room with two toddlers, a new born baby and a cat. I was never so happy to move into my own place and eat anything but restaurant food in my life!  You do get tired of it!

Crispy Chicken Salad

SATURDAY, May 27th - Crispy Chicken Salad

After all of the heavy eating and eating out this week, I fancied something light and so I made myself one of my favorite Chicken salads.  It was also a lovely and warm summery day, so a tasty salad was more than welcome. 

This one boasts a lovely mixed leaf base with some carrots, cucumber and tomatoes.  The chicken itself is lightly coated in a Parmesan Bread crumb, and briefly fried until crispy, finishing it off in the oven  A delicious creamy Parmesan and Lemon dressing is drizzled over top.  Yep, tis salad season for sure!

And there you have it, my meals of the week for the past week. I wonder what the next week will bring???  Its exciting to think about!  (Or is that just me!)

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 Thank you so much for visiting! Do come again! 

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