From lamb meatballs to kale pesto: Yotam Ottolenghi’s one-pot pasta recipes


Three quick and easy pans: balls of fregola with lamb and feta, ricotta-filled shells in pumpkin sauce, and breadcrumb pasta with kale pesto

We all know how comforting pasta is, but we sometimes forget how versatile it is, too. Some are great for stuffing – big shells or cylinders, say, which seem rather like a duvet, wrapped around all sorts of fillings. Others are soft little balls – fregola and orzo – swelling and expanding as they’re cooked. Pasta can also be surprisingly easy to make, especially when it’s all cooked in the one vessel, taking on the flavours of everything it’s surrounded with. So here are three ways with one-pan pasta, to try before we all come out of our hibernation.

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