Chicken Fried “Rice”


I had 1 c. chopped cauliflower leaves and stems to use up yesterday so I decided to cook something Asian last night. Decided on fried “rice” since I also have a huge head on hand this week. To lower the carbs so I could eat it, I put minimal real rice and mostly cauliflower rice. My husband just will not eat Chinese food on exclusively cauli-rice……….so we compromise. He gets just enough added in so that he can taste the rice. This works for us.

This recipe, as written is not suitable for Atkins Induction Phase due to the rice mixture. Once you get to the starchy grain rung of the OWL Phase, you could enjoy this one. Those on Atkins Induction need to use ALL cauli-rice and skip the wild/white rice completely. Those who have reached Pre-Maintenance or Maintenance can certainly enjoy this as written if the macros will fit into your daily limits.


2 T. dry sherry

3 T. Kikoman low-sodium soy sauce

1 clove garlic, minced

1 tsp. ginger root, minced

3/4 c. wild & white rice mix (I use Lundgren’s)

2¼ c. water

½ head large cauliflower (6-7″), riced (reserve leaves/stems & reserve)

2 scrambled eggs, cooked, chopped

¼ C. olive oil, extra light (total)

2 c. cooked chicken meat, chopped (I used 1 thigh + 1/3 breast)

1 large carrot, sliced thin or chopped (your preference)

½ medium leek, washed and sliced

1 c. green onion, chopped

½-1 tsp. Sambal Oelek chile sauce

leaves/stems from 1 cauliflower (or Bok Choy or celery)

2 oz. red bell pepper, chopped coarsely

DIRECTIONS: In a small bowl, mix the first 4 ingredients and set aside for now. Add the Sambal Oelek as well for best distribution.

With 1T. of the oil, scramble the eggs in a non-stick skillet (or your wok if it is non-stick or heat is low enough). Remove, chop and set aside or put on paper plate to await their use.

Place rice in saucepan with indicated water above. Bring to boil over HI heat, immediately lower to lowest heat possible, cover with tight-fitting lid that has either paper toweling or thin kitchen towel folded up around the lid to keep it away from the flame/heat source. This absorbs excess steam when cooking rice. Simmer about 30-35 minutes (due to brown/red rice in the mixtures) or per your package’s directions. Peek at 20 minutes to be sure water hasn’t completely cooked away. Add 2-3 T. more if it has all evaporated. When done, remove from heat and set aside. I like to make my rice for fried rice applications in the morning so I can chill it completely in the refrigerator before making the dish for dinner. It just fries up better with less stickiness, when fried cold.

Cut off leaves/stems and slice them thinly. Set aside. Coarsely cut caulifower into 1″ pieces and pulse in a food processor or blender until all is riced. Place in microwaveable dish/bowl and cook on HI a total of 4 minutes, stirring after each minute. Set aside for now.

To put the final dish together, heat a wok on HI heat. Add 2 T. of the oil to wok. Add carrots, cauli stems/leaves (or sub in 1 c. celery or Bok Choy). Stir fry 2 minutes. Add chicken and stir fry about 2 minutes to slightly brown. Add leeks, green onion and red bell pepper next. Cook, stirring constantly for about 1minute. Add remaining oil to prevent pan sticking and the soy sauce mixture now. Stir fry 1 minute. Stir in rice now and blend evenly, cooking about 2 minutes. Then very gently stir in the cauliflower rice and eggs and it’s done. Serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes six 1½c. servings. Each serving contains:

295 cals, 16 g. fat, 27g carbs, 3 g fiber, 24 g NET CARBS, 16 g protein, 338 mg sodium

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