Chicken Fajitas


We usually do our fajitas (chicken or beef) on the grill, but it was kind of cold out this evening and I decided not to ask my husband to light a charcoal fire for this small meal and stand out in the cold cooking these.  Just did them in my searing skillet inside.  They came out fantastic.  If grilling the meat outside, I leave the pieces of chicken whole for easy turning on the grate and slice them up inside when ready to serve.  I didn’t measure my spices, but estimated 1 tsp. of each one.  This recipe is not suitable until you get past the first 2-wk. Phase 1 Induction of Atkins.


6 low-carb whole-wheat tortillas (I use Carb Sense from HEB)

2 large chicken breasts, deboned and skinned

3 T. total extra light olive oil or coconut oil

1 tsp. quality chipotle chile powder

1 tsp. smoked Spanish paprika

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. onion powder

3 oz. slivered onion

Optional:  You can add bell peppers to the meat sauté but my husband is not a fan, so I didn’t.  If you like cilantro, a little chopped sprinkled onto each fajita is also good.

DIRECTIONS:  A couple hours before your meal, skin and debone the chicken breasts.  Boil the bones and skin to chop up for your pet and freeze the broth for soup making and recipes downstream.  Cut the chicken into long strips no more than 5/8″ wide.  If grilling meat, wait and cut into strips AFTER grilling.  Set meat aside a few minutes.

In a gallon Ziploc® bag (or bowl) mix the oil and spices, stirring well.  Add the chicken pieces and toss with a spoon (or manipulate the bag with your fingers to coat the meat well.  Zip the BAG  (or cover bowl with plastic wrap) and place in fridge a couple hours to marinate.

When ready to cook, warm your tortillas on defrost in the microwave on 50% power for 2 minutes (or in regular oven in a covered baking dish).  While those are warming, sliver the onion and have ready by stovetop.  Heat a non-stick large pan or seasoned cast iron skillet over high heat.  Lightly oil pan with remaining 1 T. olive oil and add the meat, sautéing until browned on first side of pieces.  Turn or stir meat to brown other surfaces of meat.  When nearly done, add the onion and sauté with the chicken until the onions begin to turn brown and caramelize.

If grilling, cook over a hot fire until meat is done, just like you would steak.  Sauté onions (and green pepper strips, if using) in 1 T. butter over medium-high heat.  Slice chicken and serve with sautéed onions/peppers when ready to serve at table.

Serve with steamed low-carb flour tortillas and optional cilantro.  To serve, dip some meat and onion/pepper mixture onto a tortilla.  Add cilantro if you like it.  I served these with a tasty guacamole salad.  Truth be told, I actually put the guacamole inside my fajita roll before rolling and eat it altogether!  Yummy!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 6 fajita rolls, each will contain:

168.33 cals, 10.03g fat, 14.26g carbs, 10.48g fiber, 3.78g NET CARBS, 14.4g protein, 430 mg sodium

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