DIY Outdoor Two Tone Furniture Finish


outdoor painted furniture

This simple DIY Outdoor Two Tone Furniture Finish is perfect for adding a bit of charm to your porches and outdoor spaces.

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DIY Outdoor Two Tone Furniture Finish

Our outdoor spaces are some of the most used in our home.

Here in the south, we can have some very cold and inclement weather with an unexpectedly warm day just willie nillie thrown in. We've had extreme cold and snow on Christmas Eve before and on some Christmases, the kids have been playing with their bikes in shorts outside.

So it's not totally crazy for me to do a painted outdoor furniture project in November.

Plus, I wanted it to look nice and fresh for Christmas decorating.

Ok….you are not seeing things.

Thrift store console table is perfect on the porch with its new makeover! #paintedfurniture

You've seen this console table before.

Before blogging, I painted it with this same outdoor paint as featured in this fabulous small table from the thrift store that we use on the screened porch. It was this pretty shade of blue for quite a few years.

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painted table with mirror

It finally started showing wear. The spot where this console table got a ton of sun until the tree canopy grew and gave it a bit more shade.

Furniture from the thrift store is a good candidate for outdoor use.

You typically don't have a huge investment in it so you aren't out a lot of money if it doesn't hold up. With the right prep and product, you can ensure years of use.

All of my painted pieces are on our covered porches. I'm sure they would do fine on the patio but just might need to be repainted more frequently.

Welcome to this month's Thrift Store Makeover project. Each month I team up with my blogging friends to bring you some fabulous thrifty finds with techniques that you can use on your own decor or fabulous things.

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Thrift store console table is perfect on the porch with its new makeover! #paintedfurniture

A couple of years ago, I sanded this console table down with the intention of leaving it this way and just sealing it.

I never sealed it, but it continued to look great since it is in a covered area. I just grew tired of the look and wanted something a bit more polished.

This summer, my daughter repainted it for me in the same light gray on the bottom of this makeover.

Ashlyn sanded it a bit and cleaned it thoroughly.

coffee table

She proceeded to do the exact same technique on this console table that she did on the screened porch coffee table. It looks fabulous!

Gather Your Supplies


Clean your furniture thoroughly.

Use a putty knife or multi-tool to remove any paint out of crevices.


The top was stained with about 4 coats. It is a low odor and opaque meaning it's a solid stain.

console table on the porch

The base was painted with 2 coats of gray.

painted outdoor furniture

This finish will last for many years.

outdoor furniture

Prep is key! Always clean and sand any peeling or shipping paint. If not, your new paint will not last.

outdoor painted furniture

I am so happy with the outcome.

The mirror was painted with the same gray color. I'm excited to decorate it for Christmas this year!

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