30 Indoor Garden Ideas to Bring an Outdoor Vibe Inside


Are you looking for some great indoor garden ideas? Just because you do not have enough outdoor room for a vegetable garden, does not mean that you cannot enjoy all of the advantages of an indoor garden. This is why many have turned to creating indoor gardens from scratch. In this short article, we are going to take a quick look at some indoor garden ideas.

Succulent Garden

The first one on our list is succulents. These small plants have grown in popularity in recent years, and with good reason. They are extremely hardy plants and can survive in most environments. In fact, they are so popular, that most stores now carry small packs of them, in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes.


Succulent is one of the ornamental plants that is often used as an indoor decoration because it is known to be very easy to care for, which makes many people interested in using this succulent plant. In addition, this succulent is also more resistant to all weather and room temperatures, now you can combine it with lavender flowers in an adjacent area for a more colorful appearance. Combination of succulent plant with lavender flower from balconygardenweb.


You can decorate the dining table with a succulent plant to be used as a centerpiece decoration this year. You can apply this succulent to several transparent glass pots that are placed right on a shelf that has a hole according to the size of your pot so it doesn’t easily roll over and cause it to fall to the floor. In addition, this shelf also has an unusual height so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Succulent plant with transparent glass pot from balconygardenweb.


This wall mounted wooden shelf has a hexagon and triangle shape that is used to plant succulents, this is one of the decorations that is very easy to try to give a garden vibe in your home. You can choose and use several different types of succulents for a more colorful look, paint the walls with a solid black color for a neutral background so they can work well together. Wall mounted succulent rack from balconygardenweb.


You can place this indoor succulent with a variety of different types on the windowsill to be used as a windowsill decoration that refreshes the room. You can also use ceramic pots with splashes of different colors so that they look more colorful and fun. This succulent will grow well because it gets enough sunlight. Indoor succulent as windowsill decoration from balconygardenweb.


You can easily create a new look in the living room, one of which is by placing a ceramic tray containing a variety of different types of succulent plants. You can use soil and rock planting media to fertilize succulents according to your expectations. Give fertilizer regularly for maximum results. Succulent plant with ceramic tray container from balconygardenweb.


The succulent centerpiece design looks strange but can certainly remodel your current rustic dining table decor. Complete this succulent centerpiece with candles placed on both sides of the same size and height. You can plant this succulent on a piece of wood that has a more even and smooth surface. This look will be popular this year so you can copy it. DIY succulent centerpiece from balconygardenweb.


Because it has a small and sweet shape, the succulent terrarium is the best indoor plant choice you can do. Now you can combine it with an orchid that is right next to it. This succulent terrarium can also be moved wherever you want, usually placed on floating shelves or on a living room coffee table as a room decoration that is easy to get with low maintenance. Terrarium succulent from balconygardenweb.


Reuse the wine bottle that is no longer in use as a container for indoor succulents that can easily be moved to any room. You can use two wine bottles with several different types of succulents to make them look more colorful and attract the attention of the viewer. The aromatherapy candle beside this succulent can make you more relaxed when you are around him. DIY wine bottles succulent from balconygardenweb.

Make Your Own Herbs Garden in the Kitchen

One of the most popular indoor garden ideas is to grow your own herbs. Herbs can be grown in small containers indoors; you have control over what type of light they get, what kind of soil they grow on, and even how often they are watered. This allows you to not only have your favorite herbs but to grow them all year round. There are so many herbs to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. You can use these herbs to make a garden in your kitchen.


Take advantage of a little part of the wall in your kitchen to put some colorful pots filled with herbs to complement the aesthetics of your room to be more beautiful and very useful. The indoor layout of this herbal plant is very space-saving because it does not take up floor space at all. Prune this plant when it interferes with your activities. Built-in kitchen shelf filled with herbs from decoist.


Or when you have an empty room on the wall, the best way to do it is to use it to hang some galvanized pots filled with various types of herbal plants. This galvanized pot can be hung using an iron hook to make it more sturdy and not easy to fall towards the countertop which will cause chaos. Just pick this herb when needed for cooking or making herbal drink ingredients. Hanging herb with small pot galvanized from decoist.


The kitchen nuance, which is dominated by white, will feel more colorful when you complement and decorate the countertop with herbal plants that are neatly arranged using pots of the same size, color and material. You can put this herbal plant pot against the wall so it doesn’t interfere with your space when cooking. This herbal plant can be used according to your needs without having to run to the garden. Herbs on the white countertop from decoist.


You can fill this wooden box hanging on one part of the kitchen wall with herbs to make it easier for you to get it without having to go to the backyard garden. You can do regular maintenance for more fertile plant results. In addition, these herbal plants can also add color to the room which makes it feel more pleasant and not too plain. Regular fertilizer application is also mandatory for maximum results. Wall living herbal plants from decoist.


Different views when washing dishes can be obtained easily, one of the right ways is to hang some tin pots filled with various types of herbal plants. These herbal plants are hung using hooks to the long iron shelf that has been applied right in front of your glass window. Do watering every day to get the results as expected. Hanging herbal plants in cans from decoist.

Indoor Cactus Garden

Indoor cactus garden is a popular pastime today because it offers a relaxing environment for people who can’t get enough nature space in their outdoor. Choosing cactus for the indoor garden ideas brings you some benefits. Besides this is a low maintenance plant, cactus gardening is a relaxing activity that allows you to escape the troubles of the world and the strains of everyday living.


In addition to succulents, ornamental plants for the next indoor home decoration are cacti. This cactus plant can look more classy with the use of painted and repainted ceramic pots. These ceramic pots also have different shapes so they look more beautiful. Place this cactus on a vertical wooden shelf with a lighter color. Cactus with painted ceramic pot from mydesiredhome.


Cacti are widely chosen for indoor plants and home decorations because these plants are very easy to care for and are resistant to all changing room temperatures. This indoor cactus plant will thrive when using soil and some stones placed on the top surface. You can use this plant in a glass pot with a thicker material so it doesn’t break easily. Cactus with thick glass pot from mydesiredhome.


Ornamental plants for the next indoor decoration are various types of cacti that can be used as windowsill decorations this year. You can use various types of pots with different colors, materials and sizes so that your room will look more unique. No need to do watering with too much water to prevent your cactus from rotting easily. Decorating windowsill with various types of cactus from mydesiredhome.


To give a garden vibe in your home, you should try an indoor cactus that is placed on the windowsill with one color pot that has different sizes according to the size of the cactus to be planted. This plant will be AC resistant and of course relatively easy to maintain. Because some of these types of cotton have thorns, you can avoid them from the reach of children. Indoor cactus with elegant white pot from mydesiredhome.


To fill the void of floating shelves in your home, cactus is the best choice for you to try. In addition, you can also use a variety of patterned pots that will add a pleasant texture to the room. This cactus plant can be combined with succulents in different containers or pots. Do just enough watering to avoid this plant from rotting. Floating shelves filled with cacti and succulents from mydesiredhome.

Inside the Bathroom

Why you don’t create your own indoor garden in your bathroom? Your bathroom ca be a beautiful location fot plants. Whether you put them on the rack, hang on the ceiling, or use a big plant then place it at the corner. But you have to make sure that your bathroom has enough natural light. Trust me, it can freshen up your bathroom instantly.


Your bathroom walls will feel more alive when you use them to plant ferns that thrive. This plant is more resistant to all weather changes, so it is one of the plants of choice that many people like to decorate the bathroom instantly. Spotlights are really needed to display this wall plant when the atmosphere in the bathroom starts to feel dark. Living wall plant from homedit.


Greenery in the bathroom decoration is very necessary to provide fresh air every day. You can put this potted plant in a variety of different places without disturbing your space. This bathtub surrounded by greenery gives a tropical vibe that is never boring and makes you feel more relaxed while soaking. Sunlight is also the main source that can keep plants fresh and healthy. Tropical plant from homedit.


Vines are one of the plants that you can apply to your bathroom decor. Apply this plant in one part of the floating shelves so as not to interfere with your activities while in this room. Use a white pot with a thick ceramic material so it will not break easily when used for a long period of time. Hanging indoor vines from homedit.


If you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, then you can hang some indoor green plants to the ceiling with a sturdy rope so it doesn’t fall to the floor easily. You can also put a green plant in the corner of the room with a rattan wicker pot that has a fairly large size. Use several different types of greenery. Ceiling plant bathroom from homedit.

Create a Garden in Your Laundry Room

While some people think this is just a space to clean up your dirty clothes, have you ever thought if you could create your own indoor garden here? Think outside the box and create your own paradise in your laundry room. All you have to do is just place some indoor plants then put here and there around your laundry room. You can use shelves, some hooks to hang the plants, or just put them on the floor.


An easy way to create a simple garden in a monochromatic style laundry room is to place some green plant pots. You can put it on several sides of the laundry room or intentionally provide a special place for green plants in this pot. Prepare a wooden board attached to the wall with hooks attached to hang several small pots containing different types of green plants. Indoor plant for monochromatic laundry room from homemydesign.


In addition, you can also leave some of the floor to be planted with grass as an indoor garden. You can also use this grass area as a laundry room footwear so you can avoid slippery areas in your laundry room because it is located in a grass area that has infiltration. You can also use hanging pots to provide maximum freshness. Combination of green grass with floor plant from homemydesign.


To create an indoor garden in a narrow laundry room, try using hanging pots or floating shelves so that they don’t take up too much of your floor space. You can use vines to be applied to hanging pots, you can do this to make it easier for you to maintain. Glass windows are a source of sunlight that can make this plant grow well. Vines for laundry room decor from homemydesign.


Currently you can use a little countertop area above the washing machine to serve as an area to put three pots containing green plants. This plant will certainly give a different feel that is fresh so that it never gives a feeling of boredom or boredom. Use a variety of different types of pots and of course also adjust to the width of the drying board you are using. Green plants on a drying board from homemydesign.

Indoor Vertical Garden

You can make your walls more alive by utilizing it for your indoor vertical garden. This is a great idea to bring the outdoor vibe inside your home. There are some plants that you can choose from. Such vines, ferns, succulents, and many others. This living wall will freshen up your home even in a small space.


Take advantage of the empty space on the wall to create an extraordinary vertical garden. Not only can it provide more oxygen supply, this vertical garden can also be used as a unique and lively background in the living room. That way a natural and refreshing feel will be created that will make everyone who is there relax and come back refreshed. Living room with living wall from balconygardenweb.


A simple way to make this vertical garden is to use a series of wooden boards attached to the wall as a place to put hanging pots that already contain plants. In addition to giving color and freshness to the room, this vertical garden is also very beautiful to be used as an indoor decoration that is different from the others. You can place this trellis wall plant next to a glass window so that the plants can get maximum sunlight. Vertical trellis wall plant from balconygardenweb.


Or you can also use several pots filled with rosemary plants and arrange the layout in an orderly manner on the walls of your room. Feel free to use the same plant in one room, use more than five pots or even more to make a vertical garden that is festive and unique. Prepare a floating shelf for one plant pot to make it look neater and also make it easier for you to maintain. Vertical pot roses from balconygardenweb.


This wooden planter box that hangs on the pallet wall area dominates your entryways beautifully. You can fill this wooden box with only two types of green plants to maximize the plants can grow to the maximum. Let this wooden planter box appear naturally without painting and re-polishing. Place a wooden bench under this wall plant as a comfortable sitting area and can be used whenever you want according to your needs. Wooden planter box from balconygardenweb.

Even though you don’t have enough area outside, you can still have a garden in your house even if it’s inside the house. Those are some ideas of indoor garden, hope will inspire you.

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