Friday Favorites!!!


Thursday run with tired legs done and done—> 10 @ 8:35 average.

Expect Halloween to make an appearance in most of my pictures from here on out.

IMG 1629

(socks, shorts, tank, shoes)

Skye joined me for post-run yoga with Adriene.

IMG 1648

I am grateful to Crayola for making it simple for me to whip out a craft for Skye because I have zero crafting abilities.

IMG 1652

Skye was very happy to have Andrew there for preschool drop-off and pick-up.

IMG 1653

Andrew and I grabbed some tacos while we were out.  These are from Real Taqueria, and we will be back for more in the future.

IMG 1656

Just a typical afternoon…

And our grass is slowly dying because we haven’t moved the birthday party jump houses yet, ha.  We will definitely do that this weekend…

IMG 1671


Let’s get chatting about some favorites:

*Skye and Brooke have inspired me to start wearing scrunchies (theirs are just so cute!) on the run.  These come in every color possible and are made to workout with… it’s just fun to add a little something fun/different in the mornings for the run.

IMG 1351

*This one is a brilliant invention.  My nieces love playing card games, and I thought this little card holder was so awesome.  It makes it so much easier for them.

IMG 1273

*I posted these amazing joggers last week but had people asking about the top too.. it is HERE and just the softest thing ever.  The back is longer than the front, one of my absolute favorite details in a top.

IMG 1089

*Ali’s episode with Molly Seidel.  Just so good.

*If I am in a hurry and need a quick snack to eat in the car, these are my absolute favorites.  They taste so good and they are from Costco.

The kids love to reuse the containers for their little snacks in the car too.

IMG 1503

*I loved what Jared Ward said about when he sees another runner out.  That connection is so real.  I think it is why we all get along so well:)

IMG 1573

*I finally watched Cruella, and it was incredible.  I already want to watch it again.


Have any favorite things from this week?

Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

Do you see a lot of runners out in your area?  On the roads or on running trails?

Favorite card game??

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