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fresh fruit and vegetables on table
Fresh produce and favorite staples right when you want it | Photo: Jupiter

Whether you’re a super busy parent driving everywhere or stuck at home for an extended period of time and can’t leave the house, you will be psyched to learn about these creative and helpful home delivery services. These businesses will bring everything from diapers to dessert right to your front door in Berkeley or work on your car while your child naps in Oakland. Click on the category below or just browse the listings. Check something off your to-do list without leaving home.

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grocery home delivery

Grocery delivery services

The range of grocery delivery services has exploded in the past few years. You can choose from several different options for timing, prices, and selection. Find your perfect fit!

bag of groceries and finished meal
Jupiter helps you find meal inspiration and order grocery delivery all in one place, saving you hours of browsing and ordering. Cut your meal planning and shopping time in half. | Photo: Jupiter
  • Jupiter Grocery offers both regular subscription delivery of your favorite foods and add-to-cart features of a database of recipes and ingredients. Jupiter makes meal planning and grocery shopping incredibly easy. By considering your family’s dietary preferences and learning from past purchases, Jupiter recommends recipes weekly and automatically fills your cart with the staples and preferred items you need for the week ahead, and you can customize from there. Use code 510FAM at JUPITER.CO for $100 off your next 5 orders ($20 off per order!)“Jupiter is more dependable than other services. I can build a routine around updating my shopping list for delivery, which I also spend less time doing as Jupiter gets smarter!” ~ Alex D
jupiter.co interface
The Jupiter.co grocery interface allows adding of whole recipes & quick customizations right in the cart | Photo: Jupiter
  • Acta Non Verba’s BeetBox CSA. The ANV Youth Urban Farm Project delivers CSA boxes or shares weekly to subscribers. Proceeds benefit Oakland youth. Visit website.
  • Farm Fresh to You. Delivering seasonal, organic fruits and veggies right to your doorstep. Visit website.
  • Good Eggs. Good Eggs brings farm-to-fridge groceries right to you. Order online from the best local farmers & food makers and have them delivered to your door. Visit website to get started.
  • Guerilla Organics. Seasonally available local organic produce delivers to Berkeley and Oakland. They choose, you don’t. Visit website.
  • Imperfect Produce. Specializes in delivering “ugly” fruit and vegetables like curvy carrots and tiny apples at a discount, but has a full array of other grocery foods. Visit website.
  • Instacart. Shoppers will go to various grocery stores, including Safeway, Sprouts, Berkeley Bowl, and many more, and bring the bags to your door for a markup and fee. So helpful in a pinch and the Costco run is totally worth any fee. Visit website.
  • Marin Sun Farms. Purchase a whole, half, or quarter of either beef, lamb, goat, or pork to be butchered and delivered to your door. Visit website.
  • Real Good Fish. Have fresh seafood delivered to your door weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly direct from local fishermen. Visit website.
  • Whole Foods. Whole Foods will deliver within two hours for no fee if you’re a Prime Member. Start your order on amazon.

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In the name of research, I have patronized many many (many!) meal delivery services. Some favorite restaurants are also doing direct delivery. These businesses are operating beyond capacity due to Covid-19 and my near-constant orders. Please tip them well.

fiery hot pot spread
Prepare this glorious fiery hot pot spread at home thanks to Feastin | Photo: Hannah Wagner
  • DoorDash. Mobile app and website that enables ordering from local restaurants, including Eureka!, Cholita Linda, and many places where you don’t want to park to deal with take-out. See the options >
  • Feastin. Founded to support the Bay Area restaurant community and create restaurant experiences in your home, they also dabble in groceries. Visit website >
  • Greenleaf Provisions. Offering prepared meals (and groceries) for delivery so you have options for the whole week. Visit website >
  • GrubHub. Lots of fast food and slow food options. See the choices.
  • Jessie Et Laurent. Let Jessie Et Laurent fill your fridge or freezer with a variety of mealtime options. Made daily from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, meals are ordered by the week, ready to eat in minutes, and modifiable for most dietary needs. Visit website.
  • Thistle. Order healthy salads and bowls delivered to your house once or twice per week. Choose vegan or carnivore. Visit website >
  • UberEats. One more gig economy delivery business that has some East Bay restaurants who will bring them to my house. Find out which fast food places are included.

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child eating spaghetti
Family mealtime | Photo: Alex Green via Jupiter

home delivery for baby stuffDiaper delivery is an essential business. If you know, you know.

  • Earth Baby Diapers. EarthBaby provides home delivery of all your diapering needs and reduces your environmental footprint by eliminating diapers and wipes from Bay Area landfills. We love Earth Baby.
  • Loop. Rent top-rated baby gear by the month. Visit website >
  • Tiny Tots Diaper Delivery. Compostable service serving the Bay. See the website for more info.

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I freaking love these businesses that will work on my car while I am free to move about my home getting other stuff done rather than hanging out in their waiting rooms.

steam cleaning car interior
Steam cleaning car interiors | Photo: Clean Green Mobile via yelp


The following home delivery businesses and services defied my tidy categorization. Mobile haircut, prescription meds, and a gin & tonic? Sure, come on over.

  • Alto Pharmacy. Same-day pharmacy delivery accepts most insurance. See website.
  • Canology. Eco-friendly scrub down of your compost, recycling, and trash bins to remove the icky goo. See website.
  • Drizly. Want alcohol delivery within the hour? You’re welcome. See website (search for first-order deals, too!)
  • Poppytots. Rent modern soft play equipment for crawlers to five-year-olds. Great for a preschool break or event. See website.
  • Sharp Brothers. Based in Oakland, the Sharp Brothers make house calls by appointment to sharpen your knives and shears at home. See website.
  • Birthday stuff. Order birthday yard signs for the day with set-up and break-down included. Find entertainers who will come to your house.
many families cooking
Make home-cooking super easy with auto-pilot grocery delivery | Photo: Jupiter

Did we miss your favorite home delivery service? Please share it in the comments! I’m game.

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