6 Hooks Strong Sticky Cabinet Ceiling Hanger


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6 Hooks Strong Sticky Cabinet Ceiling Hanger

Strong Sticky 6 Hooks Cabinet Ceiling Hanger

Product description

Finally a simple, yet effective solution to hang and store your household items - whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, closet or wardrobe!! KM Wall Hanging Rack has 6 hooks that can hang kitchen utensils, bathroom items, closet and wardrobe items, clothing, ties, towels, napkins.In fact, the list includes many other small items of daily use.6 foldable hooks rotate freely to hang items. Strong adhesive tape adheres to most smooth, flat surfaces, including stainless steel, glass, plastic, tiles, concrete and metal coated surfaces. Screw holes are also included for fixing it with screws. The hook rack is easy to fix and remove without damaging surfaces. The hook rack can be fixed on walls or ceilings of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and cupboards. Tidy and organize your house and prevent small things from littering around and getting misplaced. The rack is made of sturdy ABS Plastic and has a maximum load capacity of 150gm/ per hook.