Totally Bamboo Kokopelli Shaped Bamboo Serving Board, 16" Long


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Totally Bamboo Kokopelli Shaped Bamboo Serving Board, 16" Long
Kokopelli bamboo serving board with permanently etched art hole hanging measures

Kokopelli ancient symbol associated with southwestern perfect serving cheese crackers fruit

Easy knife blades bamboo natural alternative wood substantially stronger than hard woods easier environment

Bamboo most renewable resources world made moso which known strength density high quality

Hand wash with warm water mild detergent

Bamboo shape cutting serving boards totally are functional addition kitchen fun conversation starter entertaining good minor food prep look great pieces just display any counter wall some shapes have simple design others more intricate details with end grain inlays laser etched art easy care simply hand wash warm water mild detergent earth favor most renewable resources world stronger than hard woods fastest growing plant our planet does require special grow fact grass produces oxygen wood forest comparable size therefore reducing carbon dioxide gases associated climate change prevents soil erosion widespread root system large canopy original board company creates distinctively attractive super durable products home they encourage support practice clear-cutting precious forests giving consumers sustainable alternative made proud moso timber strength density versatility high quality harvested their own which habitat source panda factories adhere very stringent protocol curing processing ensuring highest product ensure employees well taken work safe hazard environment


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