Tatkraft Party Telescopic Clothes Rail Extendable Rack Chrome Plated Steel 37-59", 17", 38-64


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Tatkraft Party Telescopic Clothes Rail Extendable Rack Chrome Plated Steel 37-59", 17", 38-64

EASY TO USE- An easy to use extendable heavy-duty clothes rack. It can be extended to 37"-59" (L) X 17" (W) X 38"-64" (H). It is portable thanks to the four rolling wheels which allow for graceful movement.
VERSATILE- Not only the rack looks good thanks to the steel finish but can either be used in the laundry to dry clothes or a seasonal replacement for your closet.
HEAVY DUTY- The rack is capable of holding up to 35 clothes hangers. Quite simply, you will get your money’s worth.
ADDITIONAL STORAGE- The rack is equipped with telescopic rod which extends at both ends to hang more clothes or accessories such as umbrellas, belts, ties, handbags. There is also an integrated shoe rack. An all-in-one solution for your closet.
EASY TO MOVE – The rack has four castor wheels with stoppers which allow graceful movements from one place to another.

Do you not have enough space in your closets Or do you not have a closet in your guest room Or quite simply, you want to have a rack where you can hang clothes in your living room If you answered yes to any of these, you have come to the right place! This sturdy and elegantly designed clothes rack is suitable for permanent or temporary clothing storage Thanks to its commercial grade stainless steel finishing, not only does it look elegant and classy but it is also very practical at the same time. The sturdy frame allows you to hang 35 clothes hangers! Think of it like a classy portable closet! The rack comes with four castor wheels which are equipped with stopper. These wheels allow for easy 360° movement. If you wish to just fix the rack in one location, it is simple to do so. Load those clothes without any stress, the rack will not budge! We value long term relationships with our customers. This reflects in our product offerings. The steel tubes are chrome plated which make them rust proof allowing you to use this rack for a long time. It is extremely easy to install. All instructions are in the box. We want to make sure that you get every penny worth! The telescopic rod of the rack has an extendable width of over 5Ft (1.6m) providing you for more hanging space for jackets, hats, bags, belts ties etc. It is also equipped with an integrated shoe rack & side hooks for umbrellas and bags. Here is another advantage of choosing the Tatkraft Party Clothes Rack. This sturdy and functionally designed steel rolling garment rack is versatile: can be used at the laundry room to dry your clothes, as a seasonal spare closet, at the office and for commercial stores and display. Great wardrobe replacement.

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