Gneiss Spice Everything Spice Kit: 24 Magnetic Jars Filled with Standard Organic Spices / Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack (Small Jars, Black Lids)


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Gneiss Spice Everything Spice Kit: 24 Magnetic Jars Filled with Standard Organic Spices / Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack (Small Jars, Black Lids)
Have fridge then spice rack clever kit includes common certified organic herbs spices magnetic hexagon jars best quality guaranteed organize kitchen save space improve cooking with gourmet fresh decorative art this attractive set will conversation piece home see description below list included

Durable glass bottles are airtight will last longer than metal tins small jars measure inches just under cup volume larger size hold internal food-safe stainless steel barrier between magnets spices choice silver gold black lids all labeled with names included optional clear label stickers bottoms sifter caps

Strong magnets keep jars sliding they stick swinging refrigerator door add wall plate display containers backsplash mount above stove over counter attach side cupboard under shelves even inside cabinets drawers hanging spice racks are great space saver compact kitchens small apartments

With spices sight them more often unique wedding housewarming graduation gift idea perfect foodie chef cook best selling present tiny homes rvs houseboats reusable bottles are eco-friendly

Gneiss spice magnetic jars are created our maine studio materials sourced usa abroad specialty creating custom kits personalized pantry collection over seasonings need different quantity contact more details add extra empty pack

Thanks checking out gneiss spice nice spices reach try this set magnetic jars fridge with kept sight you'll them more often dishing flavorful food hexagonal-shaped create honeycomb strong neodymium magnets will keep sliding internal food-safe magnet cap creates barrier between lids form airtight lock keeping fresh names are hand-stamped optional waterproof labels included bottom jar sizes small measure wide tall hold volume just under cup most cooks our accommodate than enough used within year they smaller regular grocery encourage seek local natural store bulk offer refills too improve cooking now available larger size large inches kits made order please allow additional days certified organic ethically sustainably harvested includes allspice basil cayenne chili flakes cinnamon cloves coriander seed cumin curry dill fennel garlic ginger mustard seeds onion oregano paprika parsley pepper rosemary sage sea salt turmeric thyme about spice's specialty creating customized personalized pantry love custom orders contact questions all sets western maine studio thank supporting american products check different sized wall plates backsplash door side cupboard even inside drawer cabinet