Fruit Basket + Banana holder, Elegant Fruit Bowl with Banana Tree Hanger, Chrome or Black for the classic look (chrome)


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Fruit Basket + Banana holder, Elegant Fruit Bowl with Banana Tree Hanger, Chrome or Black for the classic look (chrome)

Metal fruit basket for kitchen countertop with custom height for a perfect fit under top cabinets in standard kitchen, reducing countertop clutter.
Wire fruit basket holder for organic fruit storage, Swinging fruit hammock for added chic & style
Fruit stand dimensions 12.75''D 11.75''L 16'' H. Generously sized basket to fit lots of produce.
Detachable banana hook holds more than just bananas; hang vine tomatoes, grapes, or just anything on this fruit tree. Remove the banana stand and enjoy the decorative fruit bowl for counters as a countertop basket, or on your kitchen/dinette table as a fruit dish centerpiece.
Bring the orchard home! Use as a convenient fruit rack for easy and practical fruit vegetable ripening

Smart and chic

Dinette Décor hammock style fruit and vegetable basket with detachable banana hook 

features a smart and chic design, adding tasteful design to modern day kitchens and dinettes.

Sturdy, Practical and multi-functional

This fruit holder for kitchens was manufactured with a practical,

Removable banana hook for ripening bananas, tomatoes, grapes, or just anything. 

The banana stand/holder is stable for use even while the fruit basket is empty.

Or,just remove the banana hanger to enjoy just the basket for fruits as display on your countertop

or as a fruit bowl centerpiece for your table.

The Ultimate ‘hammock‘ for organic fruit ripening.

This is the ultimate fruit bowl with banana hanger for your produce while they ripen.

Its generously sized swinging fruit hanging basket serves as a hammock,

giving your fruits and veggies ample space so they don’t get too crowded.

The custom designed mesh basket allows enough air to aid organic produce

to derive its natural sweetness and tenderness.

 Fabulous dimensions, great colors and easy assembly

This fruit bowl with banana keeper measures 

a height no taller than 16”, giving you the option of stationing it on your countertop;

fitting neatly under top cabinets, reducing counter clutter.

Choose between chrome and black for this kitchen basket to blend to your kitchen color and design.

Clear and easy assembly included.


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