How To Choose the Perfect Bedding for Your Dorm Room

How to choose the perfect dorm bedding

Life in college can be quite exhausting. However, having a good dorm bedding will ensure that you get a restful night rest after a hectic day. There are plenty of factors to put into consideration when you are shopping for dorm bedding. These include the size, bedding material, cleaning, and maintenance cost among other things. Dorm mattresses are sized differently from the ones at home. This is just one of the many peculiarities that might make shopping for dorm bedding slightly harder. Hence, you have to be intentional about your search for the right dorm bedding.

Tips for getting the best dorm bedding sheets

Size matters: Let's begin with a golden rule for buying bedding for dorms: Know the size of your mattress. Here’s why you need to pay attention to this rule. Most dome rooms are fitted with twin XL mattresses. The reason for this simple, a longer bed will be able to accommodate both tall and short students conveniently. Although mattress size varies from campus to campus and may even vary from one room to the other, it is best that you pick bedding that is perfectly sized for the mattress in your room.

Some colleges will provide information about the bedding size. You may also ask from the housing department of the campus if such information is not provided. However, as a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that all your dorm bedding pieces beginning with the bed sheets should be twin and extra-long in size.

Types of Sheets: bedding sheets are typically made from a wide range of materials. Hence, even for sheets of the same size, you may have various types each with its specific qualities, pros, and cons. For example, while sheets that are made entirely from cotton materials tend to be soft and lush, they are hard to maintain and clean. They fade very quickly and will shrink if dried on high heat. A close and much better alternative is a blend of cotton and other materials (typically polyester). here are some other sheet types and their peculiarities:

Bamboo sheets make sense if you prefer an eco-friendly option. They are however more expensive

Organic cotton: these are a healthy option but you will have to spend more on it as well

Polyester: these are great if your campus is located in a region that gets really cold. Polyester sheets get annoyingly uncomfortable when warm.

Linen sheets are great for high-humidity regions since they can wick moisture quite excellently. However, you may find it challenging to launder as it wrinkles excessively.

Micro-fiber: soft and comfy

Color and Patterns: bed sheets complement your room aesthetics. However, since they get used constantly, they will most likely end up with stains from food and drinks once in a while. With this in mind, buying white bed sheets is not advisable since the stains will be quite obvious. Instead, you should buy sheets with colorful patterns as these are better designed to camouflage stains.

Thread Count: this refers to the number of threads in one square sheet of the bed sheet. This varies from sheet to sheet depending on the fineness of the threads and its length. Typically, you should target a thread count of between 350 to 400. While thread count has a lot to do in determining the softness of a bed sheet. This is not always the case. A sheet with high TC woven with short and thick cotton fibers will generally be stiffer than one with lower TC but woven with thin and long fibers.

Buy two: this is really a no-brainer!!! what happens when you need to wash your dirtied sheets. Getting two sheets ensures that you have one on the bed while the other is at the laundry. More would have been recommended if your budget will allow it but considering the fact that you have limited space to spare in a dorm room, you will have to make do with just two.

More Tips for getting other dorm bedding pieces

Consider getting a mattress topper: Most dorm mattresses aren’t comfortable. To make the best of them you can get a mattress topper. They are of various types and will complement the comfort of your regular bedding. Here are some of the commonest options include memory foam toppers, Gel foam toppers, egg crate toppers and so on. Bear in mind that using a topper with your mattress will add some height to the mattress. Hence, it is advisable that if you are using a topper you also get sheets with deep pockets as they effectively cover for the additional height.

Mattress pads: Mattress pads are not compulsory but they are recommended. Given the fact that you have limited space in your dorm room, it is only normal that your bed doubles as your dining area and reading area. A mattress pad will protect your mattress from damage as a result of accidental spills by wicking moisture from the mattress. When buying mattress pads, go for quilted materials made with hypoallergenic fiberfill. You should also check that the pad has a polyurethane layer to lock moisture out. Comfort is important as well. A mattress made out of combed cotton will be quite soft and comfortable compared to one with a noisy plastic feel and sound.

Pillow and pillow cases: As part of the fittings for your dorm bedroom, buying 1 or 2 pillows is recommended. Apart from the pillows for sleep, you can also get smaller throw pillows. This will come in handy on days when you need to sit up in bed while studying or doing anything else on your bed.

When buying pillows the major consideration is comfort. If you are not allergic, feather pillows are perfect. However, if you are allergic then you should opt for hypoallergenic foams or memory foam pillows.

Generally, it is recommended that you protect your pillow as much as you can. For this, you need two things: a zipper pillow cover and a pillowcase.

Using a pillowcase is an ideal way to protect your pillow and yourself. When you sleep, your body will most likely produce lots of sweat, saliva, deal skin cells among other things which will all go directly onto your pillow. Using a pillow without a pillowcase will make it prone to damage from all these and your pillow will not last long. Also, since pillowcases are easier to clean and change than whole pillows, using one makes a whole lot of sense. In addition to being hygienic, pillowcases are also quite pretty and attractive.

Tips for Choosing Bedspreads and More

When buying a comforter, duvet, or bedspread one of the main consideration should be how easy it is to care for them. Something that you can easily toss into a washer and dryer without risk of shrinking or fading will be an ideal choice. Comfort is important as well and you should put into consideration the climate for your school. Typically, you want something comfortable and suitable for year-round use. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind.

Comforters: comforters can be either lightweight or bulky. Which one you go for depends largely on your choice. However, put into consideration its suitability for all seasons of the year. A reversible comforter is a great choice as well as this will allow you to switch to another side of the comforter anytime you want a change in decor.

Duvet: instead of a bulky comforter you can opt for a duvet instead since duvet covers are easier to clean in a washing machine. There are various types of duvet covers you can for any depending on your preferences.

Quilts: you can use quilts directly as a bed cover or simply for additional warmth. Like comforters, quilts can be heavy or lightweight as well. Some are specifically designed to keep you warm during winter months.

Blankets: a blanket is another most have bedding piece for warmth and comfort. They are made with a wide range of materials including cotton, wool, flannel, micro-fleece and so on. You can also get an electric blanket if you so desire as it gives you several comfort choices.

Bedspread: bedspreads are lightweight and hence are most ideal for use in summer. However, they can be customized for use in winter as well by simply adding a blanket between the sheet and bedspread.


Buying the perfect dorm bedding depends on a combination of factors beginning with some of the ones discussed above. However, your budget is an important factor as well. Of course, when you know the right things to look out for you should be able to get the perfect bedding with a reasonable budget.