What’s The Best Way to Organize a Walk-In Closet?


What's The Best Way to Organize a Walk-In Closet?

Having a large storage area is a big benefit, but only if you know how to organize a walk-in closet effectively. Without creating some sort of standards, your walk-in closet could just become a walk-in dumping zone.

Here are some of the best ways to organize your walk-in closet:

  • Sort Through Your Stuff
  • Have a Vision
  • Utilize Drawers
  • Use Cubbies
  • Install Clothing Rods
  • Purchase Shoe Racks
  • Organize Your Accessories Correctly
  • Add Efficient Design Elements

Read on to learn how to properly layout your walk-in closet space.

Sort Through Your Stuff

It’s so easy to accumulate an abundance of clothing. When it comes time to organize your walk-in closet though, it’s a waste of time and space trying to figure out where to put clothes that you haven’t worn or probably won’t wear again. Before you come up with the best organizing plan, take some time to go through your stuff.

Better Homes & Gardens insists on asking yourself four questions:

  • "Do I love it?"
  • "Do I use it?"
  • "Do I have more than one?"
  • "Can I get another?"

After asking yourself these questions, create a keep and donate pile. Toss anything that has rips, holes, or went through the wash one too many times. 

Walk In Closet System

Have a Vision

Once you know the amount of stuff you’re working with, it’s time to create a plan. Figure out if you want your closet to hold all four seasons' worth of clothes, or if you’d prefer to only display the current season, store the other seasons, and rotate accordingly.

Channel your inner architect to decide how you want your closet designed. Do you want one wall specifically for shoes? One wall for cubbies? Do you have the room to install an island? List out the items you think you want and/or need, and sketch out where you think you want them to be placed. This visual will help you see the end goal as you’re organizing. 

Utilize Drawers

Drawers are best used for storing undergarments, pajamas, socks, and casual clothing that don’t typically need to be ironed. They can be built directly into your closet or you can bring in a standard dresser (or two) and position it against the wall(s). Inserts can also be added to keep everything in your line of sight.

When you’re folding pajamas or casual clothing items that you want to put in drawers, your first instinct is probably to fold and stack them. While this is a viable option, it can prevent you from being able to see all the items you are storing.

A space-saving folding technique that also allows you to have a clear vision of your pieces is the KonMari Folding Method, introduced by Marie Kondo. This method stands the clothing upright, decreasing wrinkles and increasing visibility. Here are detailed instructions provided by on how to master this technique. 

Walk In Closet System Drawers

Use Cubbies

After you’ve squared away your undergarments and t-shirts in drawers, figure out what other pieces should get hung up or folded . When it comes to folding sweaters, jeans, any sort of knits, or even sweatshirts and hoodies, these items can be on the bulkier side. Opt to store them inside cubbies.

Cubbies can be built-in directly into your closet, or you can pick from a variety of cubed storage pieces, some with adjustable heights per cubby. They will allow you to store bulkier items in an easier and more space-efficient manner.

When organizing these cubby areas, decide how you want to organize your items. Are your sweaters arranged by color or occasion? Are your sweatshirts divided by zip-ups and hoodies? Come up with a way that makes the most sense for you – and the space you have to work with.

Install Clothing Rods

Clothing rods are for clothes that get hung up on hangers. This traditional storage method still stands as a good option to include in your walk-in closet, as long as you’re mindful of what you’re hanging up.

You can choose to build clothing rods directly into your closet or get a clothing rack on wheels that can be wheeled around your space. Additional organizing tools you can use include extendable clothing rods and rod dividers.

Extendable clothing rods extend from the wall, providing easier access to your items that can sometimes get crammed together. Clothing rod dividers will assist with further separating your wardrobe. 

Walk In Closet System

Purchase Shoe Racks

Regardless of how you’re choosing to organize your clothes, it’s a good idea to organize your shoes by season. There’s no need for your bulky winter boots to eat up all of your shoe storage the entire year, so position them on racks or shelves instead. Rearrange them by season or occasion.

Organize Your Accessories Correctly

Since your walk-in closet has room for all of your accessories, it’s wise to efficiently store these items as well.


If you have an island in your walk-in, you can utilize countertop jewelry boxes and place them on top of the island. Dedicating a drawer within your island for jewelry is also a possibility, or perhaps a combination of both.

You might also choose to go with a jewelry armoire that acts as a piece of furniture. Armories come in various styles, so surely you’ll be able to find one that matches your closet. Wall-mounted boxes are also another option.

These typically have either a frame or mirror on the outside and then open up to hold jewelry. This is a great way to also add a mirror inside your closet.

Belts and Scarves

There are many options for storing belts and scarves. If you’re utilizing a drawer (maybe in that island of yours), there are inserts designed specifically for scarves and belts. Or, if you prefer to hang them up – bring in extra hooks or clothing rods.


Adding a line of hooks to the wall is a wonderful spot to hang your hats. You can also utilize storage bins specifically designed for hats and place them either on a shelf at the very top or underneath other units.


Avoid hanging your bags from a rod, as this can not only damage your hangers and take up a lot of space but also harm your bag collection as well. Instead, opt for shelves and specialized storage bins.

Add Efficient Design Elements

Once all of your clothes and accessories are housed where you want them, take your organization up a notch by including some other design elements. Many walk-in closets sport a large mirror. This not only makes the space appear bigger, but it turns your walk-in closet into a full dressing room type of environment.

If space permits, look at installing a couple of laundry hampers. Also, set aside room for an ironing board and steamer at the very least. Aside from adding a neat element to your space, it’s also a great way to save time if you’re dressing in a rush. 


Getting organized may seem like an overwhelming task. With proper planning, strategic decisions, and a little creative thinking,  you will find that learning how to organize the walk-in closet is a delightful and therapeutic process.


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