These Honey Dippers Make a Sweet Addition To Any Kitchen


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If you’re sweet on adding honey to your tea, toast, baked goods and other dishes that need a little extra love, then you need a honey dipper. A honey dipper is a kitchen tool that features evenly spaced grooves that catch and hold honey. The handle makes it possible for users to twist the dipper, helping the old-school kitchen gadget hold the honey before moving it — mess-free — to a second location, such as your cup of tea or the biscuits that are waiting for a little drizzle.

Honey dippers are a preferred method of transportation to spoons because they hold the honey and are less likely to drip and cause a sticky mess. They also allow users to drizzle the honey instead of the sticky substance sliding off in one big clump. Some brands of honey are sold in a plastic squeeze bottle, but these can also get messy if the honey drips on the lid or the side of the bottle.

Also known as honey sticks, honey wands, honey spoons and honey drizzlers, honey dippers are typically made from wood because wood is porous and won’t affect the taste or texture of the honey. It’s unclear exactly when or where they were invented, but one unsubstantiated theory points to ancient China, where honey dippers were reportedly designed as an answer to avoiding sticky messes when eating honey. As long as a honey dipper is being rotated, the laws of physics keep the honey on the dipper and off tables and counters. Who knew science could be so delicious?

Honey dippers likely saw a dip (honey pun!) in popularity after the invention of the plastic squeeze bottle, but this kitchen classic is making a comeback. Honey dippers make it easy to get the perfect drizzle on food and drinks, they provide a more accurate way to add honey to recipes. Plus, if we’re being honest, they look cool, too. We don’t typically recommend playing with your food, but a honey dipper is a fun and fancy way to add some sweetness to your next dish.


1. Naturally Med Olive Wood Honey Dipper


Get dipping with the Naturally Med Olive Wood Honey Dipper. Naturally Med uses olive wood for their handmade honey dipper, which is designed to last and won’t alter the taste or texture of honey. The 6” honey dipper features an aesthetically pleasing natural pattern and is made from a single piece of wood, which adds to its durability.

Naturally Med Olive Wood Honey Dipper Buy: Naturally Med Olive Wood Honey Dipper $8.99

2. 20 Piece Honey Dipper Sticks from FFNIU


Whether you’re stocking your kitchen or preparing gifts for your next party, the 20 Piece Honey Dipper Sticks Set from FFNIU is a great option. Each dipper is 3” in total length and made from premium natural wood that is food-safe. Great for pairing with a small jar of honey for a gift, the dippers are eco-friendly and ideal for large gatherings.

20 Piece Honey Dipper Sticks from FFNIU Buy: 20 Piece Honey Dipper Sticks from FFNIU $6.95

3. Jarware Honey Dipper Lid


If you like storing your honey in mason jars, the Jarware Honey Dipper Lid is the perfect dipper for you. The BPA-free plastic dipper has a large stopper that can replace the flat lid of a mason jar for a sealed, mess-free closure between dips. The durable silicone dipper is top-rack dishwasher safe and can be used with most brands of 16-ounce mason jars.

Jarware Honey Dipper Lid Buy: Jarware Honey Dipper Lid $10.99

4. Bodrium Honey Dipper


Have an extra-long jar of honey and don’t want to waste a drop? We get it. That’s why we like the Bodrium Honey Dipper, which has an extended 7.3” length that is ideal for large honey jars. The Bodrium is made from quality olive wood and won’t alter the taste of the honey. The lightweight and strong Bodrium won’t scratch or crack dishes, making it a great partner to teacups.

Bodrium Honey Dipper Buy: Bodrium Honey Dipper $11.50 (orig. $12.90) 11% OFF

5. Lawei Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid


If you’re looking for a wood alternative and don’t want a dipper that could possibly alter the taste of your honey, try the Lawei Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid. The 6” long dipper fits snugly inside its matching honey jar, which allows users to display their favorite honey in a beautiful 10-ounce container. The Lawei honey dipper is made with non-toxic glass and is heat resistant, meaning it can be dipped directly into hot beverages.

Lawei Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid Buy: Lawei Honey Jar with Dipper and Lid $14.99

6. Honey and Syrup Dipper


If you’re worried about keeping your honey dipper clean between uses, a stainless steel option may be your best bet. The Honey and Syrup Dipper from Songziming is made from durable, food-grade quality 304 stainless steel. Measuring 6.3” in length, the honey dipper has a round ball at the end for easy gripping. Built to last, the honey dipper is dishwasher safe for a convenient cleaning option.

Honey and Syrup Dipper Buy: Honey and Syrup Dipper $8.99

7. Le Creuset Silicone Honey Dipper


For a wood-silicone hybrid, we like the Le Creuset Silicone Honey Dipper. The silicone head is made from stain-resistant, non-abrasive material that won’t damage delicate items, like teacups. The ergonomic wood handle has a hole for a convenient hanging option and at 6.5”, this honey dipper is on the longer side, providing more length to reach the bottom of honey jars. Great for adding directly to drinks or placing in the dishwasher, the Le Creuset is heat resistant up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

Le Creuset Silicone Honey Dipper Buy: Le Creuset Silicone Honey Dipper $10.95

8. Wooden Honey Dipper by Woodstuff


For something a little different, we like the Wooden Honey Dipper by Woodstuff. The spoon-style honey dipper is made from sustainably sourced solid wood and has an extended 6.8” length. The unique honeycomb pattern is great for grabbing and holding honey, giving users the same drizzling abilities that make traditional honey dippers so popular. Woodstruff treats their honey dipper with protective oil and wax, which is food safe and helps to extend the life of the spoon.

Wooden Honey Dipper by Woodstuff Buy: Wooden Honey Dipper by Woodstuff $7.99

9. Leetoyi Porcelain Honey Jar with Lid and Honey Stick


For a jar and dipper set that will please any honey lover, there’s the Leetoyi Porcelain Honey Jar with Lid and Honey Stick. The honey pot is 100% ceramic and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The honey jar has a notch and the lid also has a matching cut out to help securely hold the handle of the honey dipper, which is 5.3” long and made from wood.

Leetoyi Porcelain Honey Jar with Lid and Honey Stick Buy: Leetoyi Porcelain Honey Jar with Lid and Honey Stick $13.98

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