The Best Places to Buy Curtains, Whether You Want to Go Custom or Off the Rack


No room is complete without a quality curtain moment. Window treatments are a design necessity, both for privacy’s sake and to inject some serious style into a room, but shopping for them—with all the options—can be a little bit overwhelming. Some go-to brands have hundreds of choices, and others nearly none. Where do you begin your search? Linen or cotton? Blackout or sheer? Pattern or solid? And how the heck do you measure for a curtain? (Don’t worry, we cover that, below.) That’s why we’ve narrowed down the 10 best places to buy curtains. Read on for our favorites. 

Our Favorites

Best Basics: Pottery Barn

Price range: $32 to $349 | Availability: Some immediate, some preorder | Delivery options: Shipped, in-store pickup, and curbside pickup 

Pottery Barn Domino

What we like:

  • High-quality, classic designs
  • Easy ways to return, both in store or through the mail
  • Made using fair-trade practices

Worth noting:

  • Sold as individual panels
  • Dry-clean only
  • Some styles are preorder

Why we chose it: Pottery Barn’s best-selling curtain collection is full of refined basics. 

For an instant upscale look in any room, scroll through Pottery Barn’s mainstay collection of curtains. Its simple but beautiful designs are available in textured linen, silk, and cotton, as well as a handful of neutral colors. The Emery is our favorite and many others’, too: It’s Pottery Barn’s best-seller. The style combines soft and casual with refinement and luxury. A dream curtain, really. 

Best Value: IKEA

Price range: $12 to $115 | Availability: Many immediate; some go in and out of stock | Delivery options: Shipped or in-store pickup, depending on availability

Ikea Domino

What we like:

  • Can’t-beat price
  • Sold as pairs
  • Plenty of options in timeless neutrals

Worth noting:

  • Some designs are currently out of stock
  • Designs are one size only
  • Mostly solid designs, with very few patterned options

Why we chose it: For the most bang for just a few bucks, IKEA is always the answer. 

Good ol’ IKEA never lets us down. If you’re not ready or willing to throw down a big chunk of a paycheck on curtains, shop at everyone’s favorite Swedish store. IKEA’s curtains, most of which are neutral designs, are a great option for simple styles, or they can stand in as an inexpensive placeholder while you take your time shopping for something more permanent. Be aware that some designs are in and out of stock, so immediate availability may be limited. 

Best Quick Ship: Amazon

Price Range: $9 to $411| Availability: Immediate | Delivery options: Shipped 

Amazon Domino

What we like:

  • Wide variety of styles
  • Ready to ship immediately
  • Budget-friendly

Worth noting:

  • Narrow your search by highly rated ones in your price range, so you’re not overwhelmed by options

Why we chose it: As you know, Amazon has everything.

Need curtains now? Customizable curtains are out; so is anything that’s made to order or on back order. Amazon to the rescue! (It’s not the first time we’ve said that, and won’t be the last.) No matter what style, size, or fabric you’re looking for, Amazon has it and probably has it in 100 colors.  

Best Patterns: Spoonflower

Price range: All designs are $134 | Availability: Immediate | Delivery options: Shipped

Spoon Domino

What we like:

  • Eco-friendly and printed on demand
  • Each design comes in three sizes
  • Available in both rod-pocket and tab-hanging options

Worth noting:

  • Each panel sold separately
  • Dry cleaning recommended

Why we chose it: Spoonflower champions small artists and big patterns.

Name a pattern, any pattern. Chances are Spoonflower has it in curtain form—and if not, you can create it yourself (not only for curtains but for fabric and wallpaper, too). “Spoonflower carries curtains and textiles designed by artisans in so many original patterns and interesting designs,” says Domino style director Naomi deManana. “And you can even design your own pattern!” 

Best Textile Options: West Elm

Price range: $115 to $370 | Availability: Immediate | Delivery options: Shipped

West Elm Domino

What we like:

  • A variety of luxurious textiles
  • Free shipping
  • Can choose between unlined or with a blackout liner

Worth noting:

  • Some designs are only available in one height

Why we chose it: Linen and velvet and cotton, oh my!

You’ll want to reach through your computer screen and touch West Elm’s selection of curtains. Its lush fabrics, like ultrasoft cotton and textured linen, are unmatched in terms of quality and variety. Once you settle on your favorite, West Elm even (oh so geniusly) recommends rods and rings that coordinate with your curtain pick. 

Best Statement Designs: Perigold

Price range: $120 to $1,000-plus | Availability: Varies between immediate and up to five weeks | Delivery options: Shipped

Perigold Domino

What we like:

  • Wide variety of styles
  • Well designed with quality fabrics
  • Extremely detailed product descriptions and features

Worth noting:

  • Some designs may take up to five weeks to arrive
  • Price is per panel, not in pairs

Why we chose it: Perigold offers bold designs that you won’t tire of anytime soon. 

DeManana is a big fan of Perigold’s wide range of statement-making curtains. “Perigold has a huge selection of well-designed curtains in a range of quality fabrics and unexpected finishes and interesting patterns,” she says. Whether you’re shopping for a paisley design or a geometric one, or simply a stunning neutral, Perigold has it—promise.

Best Streamlined Selection: Everhem

Price range: $1,000 to $2,500 per set | Availability: Eight- to 10-week lead time | Delivery options: Shipped 

Everhem Domino

What we like:

  • Edited options make for easy decision making
  • Looks great in any room
  • Bespoke, upscale style

Worth noting:

  • Long lead time
  • Most expensive on this list

Why we chose it: Everhem’s carefully curated options make buying curtains a breeze. 

Instead of poring over hundreds of curtain designs, Everhem narrows your options to a few easy decisions. Choose the fabric, color, lining, and hardware…and voilà! Your custom curtains, no matter how you mixed and matched. Everhem’s options are guaranteed to be effortlessly elegant, making them a great fit for just about any room: a bedroom, living room, office, nursery, you name it. 

Best Customizable: The Shade Store

Price range: $390 to $875 | Availability: Immediate | Delivery options: Shipped 

The Shade Store Domino

What we like:

  • The most options to customize
  • Ships free in 10 days or less
  • Handmade in the U.S.

Worth noting:

  • An investment

Why we chose it: The Shade Store offers infinite customization options.  

If you’re a bit like Goldilocks—you need things just right—give the Shade Store’s drapery collection a browse. Its customization options are unmatched, with nearly endless combinations of fabrics, pleat styles, and hardware. You’ll pay a pretty penny for the curtains, but they’ll also match your space and style perfectly. 

Best Tieback Designs: Anthropologie

Price range: Curtains $58 to $25; tiebacks $22 to $58 | Availability: Immediate | Delivery options: Shipped 

Anthropologie Domino

What we like:

  • Wide range of bold, detailed designs
  • Materials vary from metals to leather to wood

Worth noting:

  • Sold individually
  • Returns cannot be made in store and must be shipped back (but returns are free!)

Why we chose it: Florals, mod prints, and tassels! Anthropologie’s tieback designs are bold and beautiful.

Name a style or pattern, whether botanicals, leather, or embossed, and chances are Anthropologie carries it. Its line of tiebacks (and curtains, including some from top designer Amber Lewis) includes a wide range of showstopping designs. Take your pick from a striking ginko, matte black shell, woven tassel, brass hand—and so much more.

Best for Kids’ Rooms: Crate & Kids

Price range: $39 to $79 | Availability: Immediate | Delivery options: Shipped 

Crate And Kids Domino

What we like:

  • Timeless patterns the whole family will like
  • Machine washable
  • Each design is available in three different lengths

Worth noting:

  • Panels are sold individually
  • Some have linings, some are semisheer—read the descriptions carefully

Why we chose it: Curtains parents and kiddos will love. 

Anna, Elsa, dinosaurs, and trucks have their time and place—and that’s not on curtains. These playfully patterned curtains from Crate & Kids are equally as joyful as they are subtly sophisticated and will easily grow with your kids into their preteen years and beyond. Bonus: They’re machine washable, a must for if (or when) sticky little fingers find their way onto them. 

How We Chose These Products

Unlined, blackout, or privacy? Cotton, linen, or velvet? Floral, geometric, or solid? Since each of us has different wants and needs in curtains, we’re recommending brands that offer all of the above. The more variety in curtain patterns, pleats, fabrics, and sizes, the better. We chose curtains that not only do their job—filtering out light a little or completely, up to you—but look good while doing it. 

Our Shopping Checklist


We opted for brands that offer options—lots of options—so you can find the perfect fit for your space. Many of the designs can be personalized by size, fabric, and sometimes even pleat style. 


While shopping, there’s nothing more valuable than reading a review from a design-minded person who knows firsthand how those curtains feel and look. We scoured reviews (in addition to personal experience), and you should, too. 


Before forking over serious dollars on curtains, be aware if the brand you’re eyeing occasionally offers sales. Some never host sales, but others (ahem, Anthropologie) do, oftentimes around holidays or during season transitions. Keep in mind that sales oftentimes equal a final sale. 

Return Policies

Sometimes, as much as we had our fingers crossed, our purchases don’t fit our homes as we’d hoped, so we selected brands with flexible, and oftentimes free, return policies. However, if you’re going custom, be aware that those curtains cannot be returned. Our advice: Measure, then measure again. 

Ask Domino

Q: What kind of curtains are popular right now?

After a roller coaster couple of years, the curtain trends of this year reflect the mood we’re all hoping for: light and airy, as well as colorful and celebratory. Neutral colors in natural fabrics like linen remain popular (and always will), but so do joyful patterns. As with all design trends, stick with what makes you happy and opt for the style that best fits you and your home. 

Q: Help! I need new curtains, but I don’t know how to measure my windows for the ideal size.

If you have the wiggle room, a good rule of thumb is to mount curtains at least 6 inches beyond each side of the window frame. To determine the length, measure from the bottom of the rod to the floor, then subtract an inch. Or if you prefer a slight puddle, add an inch or 2 to the length. Then double the width to provide fullness. (Say your width is 84 inches; you’ll want to double that number for the total width of your curtains, so each panel would be 84 inches.) That way your curtains will look relaxed when drawn and not like stretched sheets.

The Last Word

Though curtains can sometimes be a serious investment, they don’t need to be a serious design. Have fun with colors and patterns! Curtains range widely in styles, price points, and fabrics, so with some attentive shopping, you’re bound to find the right curtains that will bring both privacy and personality to your space.

Domino’s editors independently curate every product on our site, because we’re just as obsessed with a great deal and an under-the-radar discovery as you are. Items you purchase may earn us an affiliate commission.

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