The Best Bike Wall Mounts for Decluttering Your Apartment


City dwellers know the value of space and giving even an inch or two over to storing a commuter bike can create conflict within a home. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you buy smarter, more space-efficient bike wall mounts.

Depending on your style and your wallet, there are a few different variations when setting up an apartment for bike storage. It’s also safer for the bike and for you, especially if you have pets around. Bikes tend to lean one way or another and may fall over and cause damage to other furniture, not to mention the bikes themselves.

Avoid this scenario by putting your bike up on the wall, out of the way. Having a designated area for your bicycle creates respect for the space and organization, which many people need when storing bulky bicycles. Likewise, you can finally avoid leaving it outside, which means no more nights spent tossing and turning, wondering if someone will snap your bike lock and snatch your ride.

Check out our favorite bike wall mounts below!


1. Topeak Dual-Touch Bike Storage 


This bike wall mount is our top choice for its easy set-up and out-of-the-way storage look. The pole is suited for a 10-foot ceiling with enough clearing to handle a bike and is capable of storing up to four bikes. Place it up against a wall and stack your bikes on top of each other with the racks without them touching each other or anything else in your apartment. While a bit pricy, it’s our favorite option for its streamlined look and versatile ability to function in multiple places within your home.

Topeak Dual Touch Bike Storage 

Buy: Topeak Dual Touch Bike Storage $151.99 (orig. $189.95) 20% OFF


2. Park Tool Storage Hook


Park Tool is a tried and true cycling brand favorite for all things gear and mechanics and their storage hook is a cheap, easy option for riders who want to simply mount their bike to the wall. The hook is easy to set up and holds your bike up off the ground by holding the front tire. If you’re worried about your bike being held by only the front wheel, it’s a safe process and you’ll see bike shops using this system every day.

Park Tool Storage Hook

Buy: Park Tool Storage Hook $5.49


3. Hornit Clug Bike Clip


The Hornit Clug is a great choice for people with multiple bikes to hang on the wall or for those who want a small piece of hardware that’s easy to mount. The Hornit Clug fits easily on your wall and holds your bike up on its front wheel. All installment pieces and hardware are included and five sizes come with your purchase, making it an excellent choice for bike owners who have multiple bikes, such as fat tires, mountain bikes, and road bikes.

Hornit Clug Bike Clip

Buy: Hornit Clug Bike Clip


4. Saris The Boss Bike Stand


The Saris Boss Bike Stand is a tidy floor stand that will keep your bike upright and stable while out of the way of the rest of your furniture. If you’re not a fan of bike wall mounts, this is a great option for keeping your home organized while having your bike tucked neatly away. Built with 100% recycled, non-rusting materials, this stand holds your back wheel gently with a rubberized prong so as not to damage the bike.

Saris The Boss Bike Stand

Buy: Saris The Boss Bike Stand


5. Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Hanger


Made from aluminum, this bike wall mount is a lightweight option to hang bikes off the ground and out of the way. Keep your apartment clutter-free with large items like bicycles out of the way and off the floor with a wall mount. The Ibera Horizontal bike wall hanger is angled at 45 degrees to keep your bike level and has a weight limit of 39 pounds.

Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Hanger

Buy: Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Hanger


6. Feedback Sports Velo Hinge


The Velo Hinge from Feedback Sports is another budget friendly option. As a simple bike wall mount, it holds the bike up by the front tire and even comes with a bumper to protect your back wheel from hitting the wall while hanging. This wall mount holds up to 50 pounds and has a hinged design to create more storage in tight spaces.

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

Buy: Feedback Sports Velo Hinge $34.00


7. Delta Cycle Gravity Rack


The Delta Gravity rack is a two-tiered mount that is the simplest of its kind. With no installation needed, this wall mount holds two bikes, (one above the other) and rests against a wall. How easy is that? If you live in an earthquake-prone city, you may want to consider other options, but for those who don’t, this is an easy-style wall mount that will clear clutter from your apartment and make storing your bikes so much easier.

Delta Cycle Gravity Rack

Buy: Delta Cycle Gravity Rack $144.95


8. Hiplok Airlok Security Hanger


The Hiplok Airlok is more than a bike wall mount. It also securely locks your bike, so if you plan on mounting your bike outdoors or in the garage, this is a great option with the extra level of protection you’ll need if you plan on leaving your bike outdoors. With a 30mm hardened steel bolt lock, no one will be getting into your bike anytime soon. It has a rubberized mouth to prevent frame scratching, comes with 3 coded keys, and is mountable to almost any surface, including brick.

Hiplok Airlok Security Hanger

Buy: Hiplok Airlok Security Hanger $190.00

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