Save Space And Be Ready For Coffee Breaks With These Useful Mug Holders


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Keeping the most frequently used items in your kitchen easily accessible can be difficult if you have limited storage space. Building an addition to your home may not be possible, but thankfully there are some easier and much less time-consuming, and inexpensive ways to turn your kitchen into a practical space that works for you and your guests. One of our favorite kitchen accessories is the always-useful mug holder.

A mug holder or mug tree is designed to do exactly what it sounds like – hold mugs. From teacups to oversized mugs (Starbucks location mugs, we’re looking at you), mug holders help to free up cabinet space and place your mugs exactly where you want them.

When it comes to picking the mug holder that works best for your space, there are plenty of options. We’ve included holders that sit on counters, holders that include storage for plates, coffee or tea, and holders that can be wall-mounted for a space-saving solution to your overflowing mug collection.

Not sure which mug holder is right for? Sit back, pour yourself a mug of something delicious, and check out our top picks below.


1. Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder


For a mug holder with a large storage capacity, modern design and convenient carrying handle, it’s tough to beat the Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder. The Spectrum can hold eight mugs of various sizes, including oversized mugs. Available in a chrome and satin nickel (shown here) finish, the Spectrum has a modern aesthetic and small footprint that will work in most kitchens. The ‘branches’ of the holder curve upwards for a secure hold and the top of the Spectrum features a sturdy hook that allows the user to carry the holder with ease.

Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder Buy: Spectrum Diversified Euro Mug Holder $16.29 (orig. $21.99) 26% OFF

2. MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree


When we think of mug holders, the style that first comes to mind is most likely the MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree. The wooden mug holder has a sturdy circular base that won’t leave scratches and stays in place thanks to anti-slip pads. Great for small kitchens, the 6.3” by 6.3” base won’t take up much real estate on a counter or table. Perfect for displaying or air-drying mugs, the tree can hold six mugs at once.

MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree Buy: MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree $15.85

3. Auledio Mug Tree


Keep everything you need for your coffee break in one place with the Auledio Mug Tree. Great for home or office use, the Auledio can hold up to 12 mugs, has a round base for storing bowls or plates, and a large basket on top for K-cups, tea bags, snacks, and more. The Auledio is easy to move to the center of a table when it’s break time and stored when not in use. We also like that it has four non-slip silicone feet to keep it in place.

Auledio Mug Tree Buy: Auledio Mug Tree $18.99

4. Ajart Coffee Mug Rack


If something is going on your wall, it should be a piece of art, right? How about a piece of art that is easy to customize and provides a storage solution for your mug collection? The Ajart Coffee Mug Rack is all that and more. Available in a square or circular design, the wall-mounted coffee rack comes with 13 hooks that can hold mugs of all sizes, as well as the hardware needed to install the rack. The top of the Ajart features a small chalkboard that gives customers a spot to show off their creativity.

Ajart Coffee Mug Rack Buy: Ajart Coffee Mug Rack $69.97 (orig. $85.97) 19% OFF

5. Nifty Coffee Pod & Mug Carousel


Whether you’re entertaining house guests or decorating a rental unit, the Nifty Coffee Pod & Mug Carousel makes it easy to display mugs and coffee or tea at the same time. The powder-coated steel holders come with enough hooks for four mugs. The base of the carousel features a bowl that can be used for K-cups, sugar packets, and other small items. We also like that the base has a lazy Susan design that allows users to easily spin the basket and reach their desired item.

Nifty Coffee Pod & Mug Carousel Buy: Nifty Coffee Pod & Mug Carousel $15.99

6. Under Cabinet Mug Hanger


For a mug rack that stays out of the way, there’s the discrete Under Cabinet Mug Hanger. This four-pack features six hooks on each hanger and is available in black or white options. The racks can be used inside a cabinet or on the bottom shelf for easy under cabinet access. Each rack comes with an adhesive screw to help secure the hanger in place without the use of nails or a drill.

Under Cabinet Mug Hanger Buy: Under Cabinet Mug Hanger $19.99

7. TX Crazy Kitchen Cubby


Whether you want to display four mugs or 36 mugs, TX Crazy Kitchen Cubby can customize your mug rack to fit your space. The company makes beautiful rustic cubbies that hold small and large mugs, teacups, glasses, figurines, collectibles and more. All the cubbies are custom made using reclaimed wood and double as storage and décor.

TX Crazy Kitchen Cubby Buy: TX Crazy Kitchen Cubby $49.00 - $249.00

8. Corner Coffee Shelf


Whether you have a space that’s difficult to fill or a décor that’s difficult to match, the Corner Coffee Shelf by Sumaq Industries can help. The shelf is designed to fit perfectly into corners, providing a space-saving way to display mugs. Each shelf comes with six hooks and is wide enough to place additional mugs on top. The shelf is available in 13 stains, including unfinished, making it easy for customers to customize the shelf to perfectly match their aesthetic.

Corner Coffee Shelf Buy: Corner Coffee Shelf $105.00

9. Rebrilliant 36-Peg Mug Rack


Have a massive mug collection you want to show off? We have the mug holder for you. The Rebrilliant 36-Peg Mug Rack is a heavy-duty rack that can handle up to 36 mugs. Designed with extra space between each peg to accommodate mugs of all sizes, the rack has a flat black finish that goes with several decors. A wall-mounted rack is a great option for customers with limited cupboard space and the rack can be used to display mugs, as well as other kitchen utensils and holiday decorations.

Rebrilliant 36 Peg Mug Rack Buy: Rebrilliant 36-Peg Mug Rack $72.56

10. Lakeside Wall Rack


The Lakeside Wall Rack has a space-saving design that is easy to customize in just about any space. Hang the four racks in a row vertically or space them out around your kitchen for a storage solution that works for your space. Three of the black steel racks come with four hanging hooks each for mugs and the fourth rack includes two baskets that are ideal for tea bags, K-cups, hot chocolate packets and more. If you only need a few mugs hung in your kitchen, the set of racks can be divided and used in other rooms, such as the bathroom for hanging towels or at the entryway of a home to hang keys and dog leashes.

Lakeside Wall Rack Buy: Lakeside Wall Rack $26.98

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