Safe Options for Keeping Bathrooms Warm and Dry



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Bathrooms generate a lot of moisture, both in direct spills onto the surfaces and through general humidity in the air. Keeping all that moisture under control can be difficult or even downright risky. Space heaters and other devices used to control humidity are unsafe to use in such wet environments due to issues with electrocution. Even if no one is in the bathroom when it’s being heated, fires can break out. There are safer and more reliable ways to keep a bathroom dry to prevent mildew issues, and many of these offer secondary benefits as well.

Towel Warmers

Heated towel warmers are the ideal tool for keeping a bathroom warm and dry between uses. When allowed to run daily or all the time, the resulting warmth is just enough to push out humidity and keep mildew growth away. These devices are designed to be used around water and for long periods of time without the risk of fire or electrocution. Unlike space heaters or even wall-mounted heaters, there’s no need for a separate type of fuel or specialty wiring since most towel warmers plug into a standard outlet.

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Towel Racks and Other Accessory Sets

Aside from adding supplemental heating to the bathroom without risking fire or electrical issues, hanging wet towels with plenty of air circulation around them is key. Well-spaced towel racks and similar accessories like towel rings allow bath linens to dry quickly. This reduces the overall humidity level in the bathroom while preventing musty odors in the towels themselves. Accessory sets—including matching towel rings, racks, and bars—are the best way to quickly increase the drying time for wet towels and keep the bathroom drier overall.

Shelving to Encourage Air Flow

In general, open shelving is the best way to store extra supplies like toilet paper and folded towels. Bar and wire shelving tends to provide better circulation, decreasing the chances of moisture gathering between items and triggering mildew growth. Cabinets may hide items away from prying eyes, but save those storage areas for non-porous materials like bottles of cleaning products rather than absorbent paper or cloth.

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