Laundry Room Cabinets To Make Life Easier


Laundry room cabinets serve many purposes. Doing your family’s laundry is not the most favorable home task, but it’s one of the most necessary. Regardless of how you feel about laundry, it cannot be avoided.

Laundry Room Cabinets

Instead of fighting it, you can make the experience less cumbersome, and this is where your laundry cabinets can help. Here, we’ll show 50 laundry cabinet designs and styles that fit well in a variety of home environments. 

Easy-to-use cabinets are all about personal taste and easy access.  After all, you’re the one who will use the space more than anyone else, so why not design it according to your needs? 

How To Make Washing Clothes Enjoyable: Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

Let’s explore how washing clothes can be an easier task with the right laundry room cabinets. 

Stick With The Basics

Sweet laundry room design

Sweet and simple, who wouldn’t love to have this laundry room in their own home. It’s not the smaller side but has all the luxury and functionality you’d want.

Washing Machine Cubbies

Cubbied laundry washing machine

You could create cabinets for the washer and dryer themselves! Isn’t this space snazzy and has a bit of a masculine vibe as well.

Add New Cabinets 

Weathered laundry room

Check out this warm and weathered laundry room that again is full of luxury in terms of storage and organizational space. But it’s also quite stylish with its weather cabinets and black countertops.

Mix In Baskets

Mixed laundry room

Here’s a quaint laundry room that is made easier with a mix of cabinets and storage options. Baskets and cubbies round out this space quite nicely.

Neutral Tone Laundry Cabinets

Camel laundry room design

These camel-colored, wood cabinets are a gorgeous addition to this family laundry room. It’s a traditional style that’s functional and will make doing this nearly daily chore less aggravating.

Wall Mounted Open Cabinets

Classic open laundry cupboards

Not all laundry room cabinets need to be enclosed. Instead, here we see an efficient and small open shelving system that works just as well.

Textured Laundry Cabinets

Brown laundry room design

If you want something with contrast, then you’ll want to get inspired by these textured, dark chocolate cabinets. We love the contrast with the white appliances, don’t you?

Install A Pull-Out Sorter

Modern laundry room storage

Pull-out shelves for a laundry room are super convenient. Check out this modern laundry room setup. With floor to ceiling cabinets and even a pull-out laundry sorter, this is quite the fashion-forward treat of a laundry room design.

Pastel Laundry Cabinets

Pastel laundry room design

This custom laundry room couldn’t be more charming. The mix of cabinets, sorting arrangements, and cabinet colors that complete this layout. The laundry bins on wheels offer a traditional home feel.

Cottagecore Utility Room

Cottage turquoise laundry room

Here again, pastel blue walls compliment the overall style, creating a cottage experience. Features like blinded cabinets and country flair make this laundry room welcoming too.

Retro Laundry Room

Retro laundry room design

And this laundry room has a distinctly retro feel. With its ivory cabinets and black and red contrast, you get a fun, 50’s feel that livens up the room. The open cabinet shelving offers easy access to detergents, cleaners, and other washing supplies.

Corner Cabinetry

Corner laundry room furniture

Utilize every inch of the laundry room you’ve got with a way to corner cabinets. And if you have this much storage space, just think of all the cleaning supplies and extra family “stuff” that can be stored and all the ways you can organize the laundry room.

Dual Purpose Laundry Area

Grey laundry room mud

This laundry area is also made with a mudroom vision in mind. It’s got the cabinets you need and the open shelving the family will utilize too.

Green Upper Cabinets

Green laundry room with stainless steel washing machines

Here we have wall mounted laundry area cabinets that have been dipped in green. We love the modern edge the space gets paired with the stainless appliances but also the subdued feeling the tone brings in as well.

Basket Shelves 

Baskets around the washing machines

Baskets in your cubbies and a set of wall mounted upper cabinets overhead, this laundry room is small but has what you need. Keep essentials around the washer and dryer with no qualms.

Bottom Cabinet Storage Space 

Dream fuschia painted laundry room walls

Sometimes the only space you get is underneath, and that’s okay. Because when you’ve created such a fun and playful place to do your chores, you’re so much happier!

Black Laundry Room Cabinets

Small and black laundry room design

Black custom laundry room cabinets offer a unique and bold appearance. here was ever a sexy laundry room, this is the one. Paired with a few black cabinets, this space has both function and style.

Wall Mounted Drying Rack

Dark laundry room design with mosaic backsplash

Here’s another laundry room that’s been filled with rich, dark-colored cabinets. And of course, a drying rack is nice to add to the layout. {found on abruzzo}.

Gray Laundry Room Cabinets

Gray Laundry room design picture

And then there’s gray, which is both trendy and stylish. It’s one of the best neutrals to create a foundation with and these laundry room cabinets are quite dreamy.

Steeped In Alabaster

turquoise laundry washing machines

Check out this smooth and creamy, alabaster-covered laundry room. The wall mounted cabinets are all around, making beautiful storage options for both your chores and your home.

Laundry Room Decor

Turquoise washing machine

With custom built laundry room cabinets, there is nothing stopping you from painting them with wild colors. When you add happy colors to your laundry space, you’ll find yourself in a better mood when you do your laundry.

These turquoise laundry room cabinets add such a great pop of pizzazz and personal style. {found on melissalenox}.

Wood Custom Cabinet Finish

Wood laundry room design

If you have a more rustic or country vision in mind, go big with a wooden finish. You may not want as much as what you see here, but it’s a great way to springboard ideas. {found on lcwoodwork}.

Shabby Chic Laundry Room

Sparkle laundry room design

Maybe you have a more bold style. Although you probably don’t want this much color happening in the kitchen, if you love the look, then create the same drama in your laundry room. {found on architecturaltilestone}.

Textured Storage Cabinets

Chicken wire doors

There is so much to love about this laundry room. There are so many details and textural selections found throughout the cabinet choice.

Custom L-Shaped Cabinets

L shaped laundry room design

Again, if you’ve got a small space, utilize it to its fullest. Just check out how these L-shaped cabinets were installed to make this room even more functional.

Masculine Multi-Purpose Cabinets

Masculine laundry room design

There’s a lot of masculine energy surrounding this laundry room cabinet design. But again, we love the mix of cabinets and shelving, making a super functional space.

Lime Green Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

Lime laundry room design

As mentioned before, why not add a bit of fun to your laundry room. You may not want lime green screaming in other parts of your home, but that bold festivity can easily be dressing the chore space.

Black Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

Black laundry room design

Here’s another gorgeous example of a laundry room made with black cabinets. There’s enough storage here but also the right kind of inspiration for those that don’t want to go with the traditional white choices.

Contemporary Cabinet Hardware

Contemporary laundry room design

Check out these ultra-contemporary laundry room cabinets! They’re far from traditional and we love the pop of glam they bring to such an unsuspecting place in the home.

Stylish Upper Cabinets

Cozy laundry room design

Cozy, welcoming feelings are a great addition to rooms where you don’t have much fun. Making this space more relaxing, with subtle, blue cabinets and a weathered look help to envelop the visitor.

Fewer Cabinets 

Bold washing machines for laundry room

You don’t always need a room full of storage to make you happy. When your laundry room is small, a couple of cabinets can do their job without issue.

Contrast Wall Color

Laundry room with marble floor and contrast walls

White laundry room cabinets will contrast beautifully against a rich, dark wall color. Go with a color you love but are too scared to use throughout the home, like plum or even mango.

Laundry And Mudroom Combo

coat rack and laundry room

We have another great example of how to combine the mud room with the laundry space. Of course, your cabinet choice is key when you have to do this.

Include Personal Touches

Pizzazz laundry room

This laundry room is full of girlish personality and pizzazz. With the accents and teal-colored cabinets, the details can make the difference.

Rustic Farmhouse Laundry Room

small and vintage laundry room

These cabinets scream vintage style and we love it. The designer really went all out creating a space with an old-age spirit.

Blend The Room With Natural Colors

Stacked laundry washed machines

There’s a very natural element involved in these dark wood laundry room cabinets. They can stand on their own and set the tone for the space.

White With Extra Storage

Laundry room with baskets on wheels

Yes, even in the smallest of laundry closets or nooks, you can create a charming experience. White and bright and full of organizational options, this sweet spot is a favorite.

Farmhouse Vibe

Farmhouse inspired laundry room

Here we have a laundry room that’s been finished with a distressed, farmhouse feel because of its cabinet choice. And hows that addition of appliances that bring in the right pop of color?

Large Cabinet Space

Solid and modern laundry furniture

If you want to keep your shelves closed and out of sight, a large cabinet door system would be the best place to start. If you have the space, this system would help keep you organized. 

The cabinet extends from the floor to ceiling, which you could use for a broom and an ironing board. It’s a unique way to add and style your utility cabinets in your home.

Headboard Texture Cabinets

Headboard style laundry room

These cabinets are creamy and cozy – which we love. But we also love the texture, with is a “headboard” style that gives an extra traditional pop to any space.

Closet Laundry Room Storage

Closet Style Laundry Room

Maybe you want your laundry room to look like your closet. With a laundry room wardrobe closet, you can hang your freshly washed clothes as soon as you remove them from your washing machine or dryer.

If your laundry room is your closet space, that’s okay too. Either way, you can mix a cabinet or two with some shelves, and a drying rack, for some amazing organization in your laundry room like this one on Organized Living

Cover With Curtains

Cover With Curtains

If you have a laundry room with a mixture of cabinets and shelves, you know that sometimes these shelves can get a little messy. This is why you should consider adding a curtain to pull closed when you just don’t want to look at the shelves anymore.

You can even cover your washer and dryer with curtains like in Art Make Home, to give your laundry room a cohesive, spotless look.

Open Shelving System

Pick Out A Pattern

Don’t underestimate the ability of a pattern to upgrade a space such as your laundry room. In this laundry room in The Chronicles Of Home, patterned wallpaper was combined with an open shelving style to add storage space while also giving the room a farmhouse flair with wicker storage baskets.

Washer Dryer Built In Cabinet

Make Your Laundry Room A Cabinet

This style of laundry room cabinet will work best in homes where the laundry room is incorporated into a hallway or the kitchen. Using the methods outlined in The Owner Builder Network, you can transform your laundry room into an oversized cabinet. After, you’ll have more storage and keep your washing appliances out of view.

In-Between Storage Space

Add In Between Storage scaled

For those with a tiny space, every inch is important. You want to create a space for your supplies, like detergents and cleaners. This is why if you have space between your washer and dryer, or the wall, you should build a laundry room cabinet into this space like in Loving Here.

This way you can get the most storage possible while also giving your washer and dryer a more cohesive look.

Ironing Board Storage

Hide Your Ironing Board

Tired of that unsightly ironing board hanging from the back of the laundry room door? Build a special cabinet to keep your ironing board out of sight.

These cabinets come in many shapes and sizes, some which even allow the ironing board to be stored in a drawer like this one featured on Closet Works.

Drying Drawers Hardware

Invest In Drying Drawers

Speaking of Drawers, don’t despair if your laundry room doesn’t have room for a drying rack, because it could still have room for drying drawers. Now people won’t even know it’s laundry day in your home and the room will always have a fresh look.

These drawers can be designed to have an open look, or be fully concealable like this design in Elite Designs International.

Frosted Glass Upper Cabinets

Frosted Glass

If full laundry room cabinets aren’t your style, but you aren’t ready to commit to open shelving just yet, consider adding frosted glass cabinets to your laundry room. You can even buy regular glass cabinets and fog them yourself.

These will improve the look of your laundry design in a unique way as pictured in Made By Mood.

Broom Storage Closet

Build Your Broom A Cabinet

Installing a broom closet for laundry room will help solve your extra storage issues. Other than your ironing board, you probably have several other bulky items that may need a closet of their own, such as a broom and vacuum cleaner.

Get these items out from underfoot by building a cabinet just for them, like this rustic finished cabinet featured on Mullet Cabinet

Basket Drawers

Basket Drawers

Create basket drawers in your laundry room by combining laundry room cabinets with inexpensive laundry baskets. This will create an easy way to store bulkier items like sheets and towels, as well as a convenient way to collect those mismatched socks you are always finding.

You can do this with an open style featured on Make It Love It, or you can cover your basket drawers with a cabinet door to keep your laundry room looking polished.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Much Are Laundry Room Cabinets?

The cost to install new laundry room cabinets will depend on your space and the type of cabinets you want. For an average-sized laundry room, you can expect to spend $600. This would include a sink base, a base cabinet, and two wall cabinets.

Are Laundry Room Cabinets The Same As Kitchen Cabinets?

Usually, laundry room cabinets will match kitchen cabinets. The reason for this is that it’s cost-effective. When building a new home, it would be cheaper to use the same cabinets throughout your home.

How Can You Customize Your Laundry Room Cabinets?

Cabinet hardware is the best way to make your laundry room cabinets stand out. There is a variety of cabinet pulls to choose from for your utility room cabinets. For example, choose between a center pull bar, square pull bar, or center to center bar pull.

How To Add Custom Shelving To A Laundry Room?

If you have the space, install a valet rod for your freshly ironed clothes before you put them in your closet. There are many ways to include custom shelving in your laundry area. With this setup, you could double up storage and put a shelf above your laundry rail, making use of the dead space.

What Are Shaker Laundry Room Cabinets?

The most common shaker cabinet you’ll find in laundry rooms is a five-piece door with a recessed center panel and zero additional detailing. One thing to keep in mind about shaker cabinets is they can be adapted to a variety of color schemes that work well in most laundry rooms.

Laundry Room Cabinets Conclusion

Regardless of your laundry area layout, after you implement a few of the ideas we shared here, you’ll find your life has become easier. When you give your laundry space a makeover, everything will hinge on your personal taste. The thing to remember is that you want a cabinet system that offers optimum storage and easy access.

Laundry room storage cabinets can transform how the space functions. If you want an open cabinet system with crown molding, for example, think of how much easier it would be to wash your family’s clothes. With interior design, laundry rooms often do not receive enough attention. Do not make this mistake. Your laundry area is just as important as any space in your home. 

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