Kitchen Wall Decor For Added Beauty and Functionality


The kitchen is the heart of the home, so kitchen wall decor is important in making this space the most functional and beautiful that it can be. After all, the kitchen is the center of so much activity.

kitchen wall decor
Andrea Schumacher Interiors

It is the room where meal planning and prep happens, food is enjoyed, homework is finished, and the plans of the day are discussed.

Kitchen wall decor ideas are the perfect chance to make this space more comfortable and practical while not sacrificing style.

Kitchen wall decor ideas to get you started

Organized kitchen wall shelves
Tracey Rapisardi Design
  • Shelves – A shelf is a practical addition to your kitchen wall decor. You can position shelves on walls above the counter for your cookware, or add shelves on another wall for the display of decorative objects like framed prints or decor like vases or books.
  • Galley wall – A gallery wall is the perfect way to add personality to your entire wall space. Each picture should be chosen and arranged with care. You can go bold with bright colors and designs, or keep the design muted with a neutral color scheme and minimalist images.  
  • Plate arrangement – While plate arrangements may seem dated, with more organic and textured decor coming back into fashion, they can have a very modern look too. You can display eclectic style china plates with unique patterns and styles, African woven bowls and plates with a vibrant color scheme, or an all-white arrangement for a minimalist look.
  • Decorative backsplash – One of the best ways to add instant appeal and style to a kitchen wall is to add an interesting backsplash. Mosaic tiles make a bold statement along a kitchen wall.
  • Wall signs – With the advent of the farmhouse kitchen, farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas dominate the internet. Wall signs are an important part of this trend as they evoke a simple, textured look and a more laid back time of life.
  • Creative display of kitchen utensils – Cooking utensils and tools are common in the kitchen. Many have taken these common tools and displayed them as a group to create a striking design.
  • Wallpaper – Wallpaper is the perfect way to cover up empty wall space without having to add other elements like a shelf or wall sculpture. Wallpaper creates a dramatic look as accent walls or when it works in conjunction with other elements.

Kitchen wall decor ideas to get you started

Creative Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

From shelves to gallery walls, there are some amazing wall décor ideas for kitchen spaces. We are going to show you some of the best that are practical as well as gorgeous. Many of these ideas are a weekend DIY project but others require more extensive labor.

Shelves for display and design

A kitchen or dining area shelf is the perfect way to display the items you love as well as the ones you need for everyday use.

Kitchen shelving display

Stacked Kitchen Shelving

In this kitchen from A Beautiful Mess, they have added white kitchen shelves to the kitchen walls surrounding the oven and hood. These shelves are filled with all of the things that are most needed in the kitchen like plates, bowls, and utensils as well as herbs and spices for cooking.

Shelves in the kitchen can be neat and tidy with a unified color tone, or you can add more eclectic style by mixing in vibrant color tones. Also, mixing in vintage artwork or plants is another way to give the shelves a nice touch.

Farmhouse kitchen shelf

Farmhouse kitchen shelf
The Turquoise Home

If you have another wall space that you need to fill, shelves are a good option for any wall. The Turquoise Home brings us this idea for farmhouse wall kitchen decor. These are two equal sized rustic shelves with prominent metal brackets. On these shelves, they display baskets, a vase, a cotton wreath, crocks, a cutting board, and pictures. All in all, it is a collection of knick knacks that blend with the organic and textured farmhouse kitchen style.

Eclectic kitchen shelf decor

Eclectic kitchen shelf decor

These shelves have a more varied look than the previous kitchen shelves. The shelves have a rustic look with iron brackets for added strength. These shelves add extra storage space for kitchen tools and utensils. Also, notice the bar below the bottom shelf with metal clips that hold the utensils and a wine glass rack. If you like this look, mix in plants for added color and texture and vary the materials used like metal mixed with clear glass and ceramic.

Create a Gallery Wall in your Kitchen

Gallery walls are the perfect way to display all the pictures that you love together. You can choose personal pictures, vintage pieces, or modern wall art. All of these options have a place as kitchen wall decoration.

Shelf to display a gallery wall

Shelf to display a gallery wall
Ideal Home

This is a modern and minimal style kitchen. The gallery wall on a small shelf creates a way to display varied wall art in a cohesive way. Further, a shelf is an easy way to display art that you might want to change out from time to time. This way, there are no messy wall holes and hooks that you have to deal with later. Also, notice the lack of other decoration which allows these shelves to remain the focal point.

Vintage art display

Vintage art display
Beach Pretty

We love this display of vintage framed pictures in this breakfast nook. This collection looks stunning and right at home on the rich blue wall. Further, the modern rustic kitchen provides the perfect counterbalance for this classic set of pictures.

Statement wall art

Statement wall art
Farrow and Ball

If you don’t have the energy or resources to collect all the pictures you need for a gallery wall, choose a statement piece of wall art instead. This look is simple but dramatic. The wall color echoes the subtle tones in the wall art. This room is painted using Sulking Room Pink No. 295 from Farrow & Ball.

Farmer’s market food display

Photo wall decor with clips

This is a unique DIY project from lovegrowswild. She walks you through the process to create a set of gallery pictures of food. You begin by cutting wood boards of the same size. Next, sand the edges and stain the wood the color of your choice. Last, attach metal clips to the top of the boards and attach the pictures. You can complete this project in one day.

Plates and baskets for artful displays

Plates and baskets are art work in and of themselves, so it makes sense that together, these can make memorable and interesting decorations for kitchen wall decor.

Asymmetric plate arrangement

Asymmetric plate arrangement
Lauren Bless’er House

This is a lovely arrangement of china plates that sweeps from one wall to the other. The owner has used plates of varied sizes with predominant earth tones. This look is even more effective because of the simple style of the kitchen. There is no other wall decor or curtain making the plates a striking focal point.

Woven beauty

Woven beauty
The Blooming Nest

If plates feel too fussy to you, try hanging flat woven trays. These woven pieces are also varied in size for a more effective display. The color tones throughout the room are neutral but textured. In addition, this look is effective for farmhouse, boho, and rustic modern kitchen wall decor.

Decorative tile and lighting

While decorative tile and lighting may not be enough on their own for kitchen wall decor, they are a wonderful way to add deeper texture and a more interesting and custom style in the kitchen. Also, tile is wonderful in the kitchen because it is easier to clean and maintain than a bare wall.

Black and white tile

Black and white tile
A Well Dressed Home

This kitchen design from A Well Dressed Home has a lovely mosaic style black and white tile backsplash. For a more dramatic effect, the interior design chose to extend the tile all the way up the entire wall. This gives the owners a more forgiving wall surface for cleaning and a dramatic look. The gold task lighting above the window shines in the dark surrounding.

Golden sconces

Golden sconces
Sincerely, Sara D.

We love how these simple globe sconces set off the set of kitchen wall shelves. They highlight in the shelves in such a way that they are an integral part of the kitchen design rather than an afterthought. Further, the brushed gold hardware of the sconces echoes the brackets on the shelves creating a pleasing continuity. This design is brought to use from Sincerely, Sara D.

Signs and sculpture

While signs and banners might have seen their day in terms of popularity, there is still the place for a cute sign and fun banner here and there.

Occasional banners

A Hanging Sign or Cute Banner Wall Decor

Banners are the perfect addition for parties and showers to make the occasion in a special and personalized way. Further, these make the perfect gift and a way to remember the special day. After all, who says you can’t leave them up long after the party ends?

Modern kitchen wall signs

Modern kitchen wall signs
Industville Ltd

While some kinds of kitchen signs may feel dated and kitsch, this light up wall sign is on-trend and ultra modern. Also, this wall sign has the added advantage of not just looking fresh and interesting but lighting up dark spaces in those hard to reach kitchen corners.

Wall-mounted sign

Framed chalkboard Wall Art
The Wood Grain Cottage

Wall signs also work well in areas where they blend with the other wall decor. This kitchen sign looks fitting over this pantry door. If you like the idea of a wall sign but don’t want to look dated, choose a minimal style that complements the tones of the room. This kitchen was designed by The Wood Grain Cottage.

Vintage signs


Elizabeth & Co. Vintage shares how a simple vintage sign can transform the atmosphere of your kitchen. Add an old supermarket or bakery sign above your kitchen windows and doors for a homey addition to the space. These will work well on any wall color and add an unique look to a plain kitchen space.

Unique metal phrase

Metal Letters for a Special Message

Another interesting idea to consider is this 3-D metal kitchen wall decoration from Metal Wall Letter. These scripted metal words have a classic and traditional look.

Repurposed utensils and accessories

It makes sense that repurposed and vintage cooking tools are wonderful for kitchen wall decorations. They have an aged look that gives depth to the room as well as unbeatable texture and warmth.

Collection of vintage spoons

Collection of vintage spoons
Rock My Style

This display from Rock My Style would make the perfect addition to any tiny kitchen wall. This wall features a display of black framed pictures of various sizes interspersed with kitchen spoons that look like they have a rustic vintage texture. Further, the small shelf adds just a bit of needed storage in this kitchen corner.

Repurpose cutting boards for display

Repurpose cutting boards for display
Lauren Bless’er House

Our motto is that you can never have enough cutting boards. Try to look for antique and vintage boards with nicks and cuts in all the right places. They make an interesting display grouped on a kitchen counter or hung like a gallery collection on an empty wall space. These boards are a simple yet dramatic way to cover a bare wall space with a textured display.

Oversized utensils

Giant Utensil Wall Art

Oversized utensils are popular as kitchen wall decor. This set of wall panels uses the negative space to create the shape of the utensils. These panels would work in traditional, farmhouse, and eclectic kitchen designs.


When you have a large wall space in the kitchen, it can be intimidating to fill with decor. Rather than filling the space, use wallpaper to add personality and texture to the wall before you add kitchen decor. The wallpaper can add pattern and color in varying degrees depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Wallpaper as a focal point

Wallpaper as a focal point
Little Greene

This kitchen design comes to us from Little Greene. The wallpaper they used on the large wall adds wonderful character and muted color to this space. The light yellow and orange bring vibrancy to this neutral kitchen. With the addition of the wallpaper, there is no need for extensive wall decor. Rather, this wall looks complete with a small empty picture frame.

Dramatic color wallpaper

Dramatic color wallpaper

There is nothing understated about this kitchen wall decor. This wallpaper adds a whimsical and dramatic touch to this otherwise earthy kitchen. No other wall decor is needed above the cooking space. However, dark and moody wallpaper works best in a kitchen with ample ambient or natural light.

Storage and hooks

In some kitchens, wall space comes at a premium. Adding ways to include extra storage is one of the best simple kitchen wall decor ideas for small kitchens.

Hanging herb garden

Kitchen Herb Garden

We love this idea of a hanging herb garden from AO at Home. Just hang some bars and add metal hooks and hang metal buckets with herbs. These will have to be taken down from time to time and watered and pruned. Of course, make sure that this is in an area with natural sunlight.

Hanging Storage for your Pots and Pans

Hanging Storage for your Pots and Pans 1

This is a DIY project from I Love Palets. They take rustic wood boards and attach them to the wall. Next, they add hooks and hang their pots on them. This display works for a kitchen wall because it is beautiful and functional.

Produce storage for wall decor

Fruit Storage on Your Kitchen Walls

Do you need to free up some space in your pantry or create an area with quick fruit snacks for the kids? Try this idea from Involvery. They mount baskets on the wall to hold produce of all kinds. Again, this idea works very well in a small kitchen space where space and storage is limited.

Apron hooks and kitchen shelf

Apron Hooks and Kitchen Shelf
The Wood Grain Cottage

Aprons may not be the most glamorous of kitchen tools, but on this wall, they look like they are meant to be there. Find a small shelf and add textural items like cutting boards and cut greenery. Mount a few hooks below and hang your prettiest aprons to complete the look.

Wine Glass and Bottle Holder

Wine Glass and Bottle Holder

From The Kurtz Corner comes this idea of using a wood pallet to create wine and wine glass racks. This idea is excellent if you don’t have a large budget but have a blank wall to fill. The materials for this project are inexpensive and the end results adds warm texture and storage to the kitchen wall.

Practical considerations for kitchen wall decor

Not all kitchen walls can be decorative. However, it is wonderful when the practical and ornamental are combined.

Paper roll wall feature

Paper roll wall feature
Holistic Habitat

Who doesn’t need a place for the running grocery list or a place to jot a reminder note for the kids. This idea from Holistic Habitat is a kitchen paper roll for quick notes. Integrate it into other wall decor for a more seamless look.

Chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint
Celebrations at home

This is a unique idea from Celebrations At Home. They painted an entire kitchen wall with chalkboard paint. It has a wonderful textured look. Further, it allows you to make quick lists or menus for family use or just fun decorative touches.

A Coffee Bar from a Large Picture Frame or Window

Right where we are has created a dedicated area for a coffee bar. They used an old wooden window frame and lined it with a wire mesh. Next, add some hooks for mugs and some vintage pictures. At the end, you have the perfect place for your first morning cup.

Mirror in the kitchen

Mirror in the kitchen
Benjamin Moore

This moody kitchen space was painted in Char Brown (2137-20) from Benjamin Moore. This moody kitchen is elegant with a look of quiet sophistication. If you don’t have much natural light in the kitchen and no window above the sink, add a mirror to reflect the light that is there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How do I choose kitchen art?

First, you want to think about the type of look that you want to create. Do you want art to define the area or just complement the kitchen decor? If you decide that you want to go big, add a gallery wall with unique sizes and styles of art. Choose a color theme with a few complementing colors. If you like the idea of something more minimal, find one piece of wall art or add an understated gallery wall of black and white pictures.

How can I make my kitchen more inviting?

First, make sure that your kitchen has some seating. This might be a full-fledged dining area or it might be just a few bar stools. Next, add some warm color and textures to the room. Look for a variety of textures like seagrass, leather, and rustic wood to bring a homey texture. Add some task lighting to focus in a few areas so that you don’t have to have the overhead lights on all the time. Last, it might sound counterintuitive, but keep the clutter to a minimum as this can make the kitchen feel crowded and not relaxed.

How do you add warmth to an all white kitchen?

Begin by adding some wood texture. You can add shelves with wood or even use reclaimed boards to cover an accent wall. Wicker and seagrass are also good additions for a white kitchen. Next, find areas where you can use house plants with textural pots. Last, don’t forget to add warm lighting to warm up the tones of the room.

How can I decorate my walls without damaging paint?

First, you can use removable hooks to hang heavy pictures. Also, you can drape a string across the wall and hang light things like postcards and photographs. You can also hang light things with putty. Last, consider using a decal to add decorations that don’t damage the walls.

Which paint color is best for the kitchen?

The color that you choose should be determined by what you love. Overall, the best colors to choose for longevity are neutrals, both dark and light, to go with any other color that you choose to use in the kitchen. However, if you want to go bold, choose a dramatic color that complements your cabinet color.

Can you have a feature wall in a kitchen?

Yes, because we spend so much time in the kitchen, making them beautiful is important. A feature wall is a great way to make the most of the space. Choose a wall that is the natural focal point of the room. For instance, if you have a wall that is opposite an entry, this is a good one for a feature wall. Also, if there is a wall that frames the dining space, this is another perfect location for a feature wall.

Kitchen wall decor: Conclusion

There are endless variations for kitchen wall decor. You might be just trying to fill one wall or design your entire kitchen space. Either way, it helps to know what ideas are out there to help you think a little outside your own style limits. In the end, the hardest thing will be narrowing down the amazing choices.

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