If you don’t have an outdoor space, holiday decor opportunities can seem limited

Kachet Jackson-Henderson  of The Kachet Life was able to take advantage of a few Home Depot products, showing how to beautifully decorate her home with indoor decor for Halloween.

When I thought about The Home Depot for Halloween decor shopping, I immediately thought I wouldn’t be able to find anything because I do not have an outdoor space. I live in an apartment and can’t do any major installations of props or fixtures to my unit in my complex. But, to my surprise, The Home Depot has a TON of indoor decor options and I was amazed at the variety and organization of it all.

Living in the ultimate bachelorette pad and being one that works from home, I loved the idea of decorating an area of my house to celebrate Halloween without going overboard with the pumpkins, lights and hanging decor. I’m so happy that I was able to bring a little spooktacular cheer to one area of my house: the dining table and beverage cart.
Indoor Wreath

The Home Depot has amazing indoor home decor for Halloween. The statement piece that set the tone for the entire space was the 22 in. Wreath with Flowers & Skulls. It adds just enough drama while still being a sophisticated piece of decor. The deep red roses, sprays of flowers and subtly spooky skeletons elevate the indoor halloween decor experience. Luckily for me, there were a few pieces for the table that brought it all together.

To my existing table runner, I added the Home Accents Holiday 17 in. Flower Basket and two 19’ Spooky-Halloween Candelabras with LED lights and spooky skull accents. To make it a little more spooky, I added some of the Super Stretch Cobwebs to each of the candelabras.

Dressing the Beverage Cart
For any type of celebration the beverage cart is an essential, and a Halloween soiree is no exception. I decided to keep with the skeleton theme, but make it classy. Many of the bottles that graced the beverage cart already have an apothecary feel, so selecting a couple of Halloween Crackle Glass Bottles with Lights added colorful and fun flair to the traditional beverage cart. I also added the Halloween Lighted Skull on the top shelf and the Halloween Pumpkin with Skull on the bottom rack.

Decorating on a Dime…and limited time
When in doubt, age it out – and by age, I mean, add spider webs so the space becomes spooky. Think of abandoned spaces that become dusty and spider web filled. Using the Super Stretch Spider Webs makes decorating a breeze! The cool thing is that they stretch a lot so you can add just a touch or cover an entire beverage cart, bookcase, or corner of your home. I opted to cover the front of the cart while going lighter on the sides. Leaving the back open for easier access to the bottles once entertaining is in full swing!

One other easy spooky hack was adding the pieces of two Bag of Bones Halloween Prop in a basket in my house! Add a few in your living room and there’s no way your guests won’t say anything!

I hope this posts serves as inspiration that you don’t have to do a lot to have a wonderful impact this holiday! I had so much fun putting this together and I can’t wait for my guests to see it.

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