How To Use a Camping Stove [Video]



By Dad, How Do I?



How to use a Camping Stove

In my opinion, these are essential if you will be camping.


Transcript provided by YouTube:

hey kids

so today i’m going to show you how to

use a camping stove mine’s fairly well

worn i’ve had it for probably

20 years probably longer actually and so

you can see it’s a little bit uh used

but you know it still does the trick

still still lights up and if you’re

gonna go camping this is one of the

things one of the essentials because you

know when you go camping you got to get

up in the morning and have your coffee

and your bacon right and so you need to

know how to how to use one of these they

probably have improved them a little bit

i think there’s probably a um a starter

that you can use for it mine um you just

light it with a

with a match or with a one you know one

of those flames so um anyway before we

do that though i’m gonna i do have a dad

joke for you


did you hear about the the two hats that

were hanging on the hat rack

one hat said to the other you stay here

i’ll go on ahead

ah so anyway let’s get started

okay so you can see that mine’s fairly

well worn here

uh i’ve had this for

wait at least 20 years i think


and so it’s been

been on several camping trips uh but i

just looked online and it looks like the

model really hasn’t changed because it’s

fairly simple but if you’ve never done

it before i just wanted to walk you

through what that looks like so here’s

what mine is um it’s got a little handle

on it make it easy to carry you’ll be

thankful that you have this when you go

camping so you can make coffee and bacon

and all the amazing stuff so uh anyway

so it’s just got a little lever here

just pop that open

like that

and then you uh it has these wings here


just open up it’s to block the wind

because you’re dealing with a flame

right so and then those just go in the

side here like that

same thing on this side

just like that

that just pinches like that

and goes in this side

okay and then you just pinch it to

remove it

and you basically just have two burners


and then you need this piece right here

it fits in there for easy storage um

looks just like that

okay and then this just has a notch on

the side here there’s a little hole here

that you just

put that in

and then you screw it in


you just twist that until it’s fairly

tight and then you can use this as


once it gets tight you just kind of use

that to kind of tighten it down

okay so that’s all nice and tight

and then now

you need your propane here your

fuel right and it comes with a cap like

that and you just pull that off


we’re gonna take this and

attach it

you just want to make sure you screw it

in good

here’s a close-up of this too so this

just goes right in here right that’s got

a little

thing that sticks out and just tighten


okay just about tight and then you just

kind of hold it

and work it there there you go so it’s

nice and tight


and then this guy

just like this

just blocking your view there but

it just screws right into that guy

like that you want to make sure these

are secure right so that they you don’t

have any gas leaking out so

all right so now we’re ready to go all

we got to do we just need our flame you

can use a match or one of these

uh and then you just turn it on

okay either one

you can hear the gas coming out of it

there you go it’s lit and then now i can

just increase my heat or lower my heat

it’s kind of a handy little deal to have

uh you know if you ever have a power

outage and you can go outside and you

know cook cook for yourself too i think

these are forty or fifty dollars uh and

then the gas is just a few dollars too i


um and then if we wanted to light the

other one too we just do the same thing

there you go so you can cook your bacon

and your coffee in the morning when

you’re camping and so then just to

disassemble you just

close it all up

and then you just

loosen this back up and it’ll pop

because it’s got a little bit of a seal

no big deal we’ll just

see that

okay and then you just take it back



put it in there

take those

wings back down

there you go and you’re good to go for

next time so

all right i hope this was helpful for

you thanks for watching and god bless


This post was previously published on YouTube.


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