How to Organize Your Home Room by Room


How to Organize Your Home Room by Room

When you think of organizing your entire home, do you feel a bit overwhelmed? Not to worry, home organization is not as intimidating as it might seem. Take things one day at a time and one room at a time and before you know it, you will have impressed yourself with your own abilities.

With this handy guide, you can whip each room into shape in no time!

Kitchen Pantry

Having a well-organized kitchen is important not only for making cooking items easy to locate, but it's also crucial for keeping your food fresh and free of insects. Start with organizing everything in your kitchen pantry .  The only way this can happen is to empty your pantry completely and disinfect it, preferably with a vinegar and water solution. Next, examine the contents and look for any items past their expiration dates that need to be tossed.

Next, look for items that can be removed from their original cardboard packaging. Purchasing clear plastic containers is your best bet for storing items as they will neatly organize your food while keeping out bugs .

There is an abundance of organizing tools and gadgets out there for effectively organizing the contents of your kitchen pantry. Everything from bins and baskets to stackable canned rack organizers will make this space look so organized that you might just want to leave your pantry door open for all to see!

Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Area 

Perhaps one of the most important, yet dreaded areas in the kitchen that many people put off organizing is the refrigerator. Logically, the first thing to do is empty it out and wipe everything down, throwing any food item away that looks like it could crawl out on its own.

Just like your pantry, clear plastic containers are your best friend. You can utilize larger plastic bins to collect like items together so that you don’t have a lot of smaller items floating around and getting lost. Next, suggests doing a visual inventory of your kitchen, and removing any large appliances that are taking up counter space. Instead, store them in a central location with ample room.

When it comes to organizing your kitchen area, there are so many different ways to keep things neat and efficient. Utilize vertical space with a hanging pot rack or hang your coffee cups on hooks underneath your cabinets instead of trying to stack them inside.

 Drawer organizers are awesome for storing different kitchen tools & gadgets. Hang a spice rack on the back of a cabinet door to save space. Purchase a Tupperware organizing rack so that when you open the cabinet door, plastic containers don’t come falling out on you.

Living Room

Your living room is a place where you should be able to chill out and relax. It should feel lived in but never cluttered with stuff. The key to proper organization in your living room is to find hidden spaces for storage.

This can be accomplished by purchasing furniture that has multiple uses. An example of this would be an entertainment center that houses your television, yet contains multiple drawers to store away DVDs, books, and toys.

Another piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes is an ottoman. You can put your feet up on it, use it as a coffee table, and many are deep enough to store extra pillows & blankets. The same can be said for a repurposed storage trunk. 

Living Room


Many people find that they just don’t have enough space in their bathrooms to house all of the toiletries, linens, and such that they have accumulated, even after purging nonessentials. recommends utilizing the unused space above the toilet.

Also, take advantage of the space inside cabinet doors. There are handy organizers out there that will neatly house your toiletries on the back of your cabinets. Logically, you can do the same with the bathroom door if you are needing extra space to hang towels. If you are short on space inside of your cabinets, having a separate caddy for each member of the family will help cut down on everyone having to search for items. 

Bedrooms and Closets 

Much like your living room, the key to having an organized bedroom is to store away as many items out of sight as possible. The best areas to do this are inside of your bedroom closet and underneath your bed. recommends using a rolling storage container to stow away items underneath your bed. You can use it to hold practically anything. Store away out-of-season clothing, books, or any other random items that you wouldn’t want to have sitting out, taking up space in your bedroom. Now it's time to move on to the most important area in your bedroom, the closet!

The more organized your bedroom closets are, the more streamlined and clutter-free your space is going to be. You have likely heard that the first step in organizing any closet is to purge it of anything that you haven’t worn in over a year, or don’t plan on wearing again.

After you have cleaned and decluttered your closet, group like items together. Move the items that you wear the most towards the front part of your closet. Consider purchasing organizers to maximize space, especially if your closet is on the smaller side .

Home Office

Home Office

When you are surrounded with piles of “stuff,” your mind becomes unfocused and is drawn to other places, likely to thoughts of unfinished housework. Having a clean, clutter-free workspace can boost your productivity.

One simple way to help stay on track is to only keep a few things on your desktop. When you place something on your workstation, ask yourself if it absolutely must be there. Computer monitor and keyboard? Check. Writing utensils? Check. A simple vase with flowers? Absolutely. A giant stack of papers? No!

Further organize your work area by taking advantage of wall space. Hang shelves, cubbies, cabinets, whatever your heart desires! Safely store files and paperwork inside of discreet baskets and bins.  Don’t forget to add little touches that are important to you, such as photographs, artwork, or other inspirational pieces.

Laundry Room

When it comes to organizing a laundry room, many people look for ways to create more room in a small space. recommends quite a creative way to accomplish this goal, with wall-mounted drying racks! 

Another option is to suspend an old wooden ladder from the ceiling and use it to hang wet clothes. If you're really short on space, build a wooden countertop that surrounds the top and sides of your washer and dryer. (This will only work if you have front-loading units.) Voila, you'll have extra space to fold your family's wardrobe! 

Final Thoughts 

As you go through your home and organize your heart out, think carefully about each item that you hold in your hand. Ask yourself if you really need to hold onto it. If not, imagine that it could be someone else’s treasure, and don’t hesitate to give it away. Don’t be afraid to have a few empty spaces in your life, as they are just waiting to be filled with the new and unexpected.


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