How to Organize a Kitchen in a Narrow Space


Kitchen is an important place of every homes. Many people say that the kitchen is the heart of the house. Since the kitchen is important for every home, you must arrange it as well as possible. It doesn’t matter how big your kitchen is. Especially if your kitchen is small or is in a narrow space. You have to think carefully how to organize your kitchen. The important thing to organize a kitchen in a narrow space is to make use of all the space you have. So it is imperative to make efficient use of every inch. Mounting storage to cabinet doors is a great hack. It allows you to keep your kitchen supplies aesthetically without take up too much spaces. Utilizing the walls in your kitchen can also be the best way to organize your narrow kitchen. You can install floating shelves or open shelves. Sometimes, a wall-mounted pegboard can safe your cramped kitchen clutter. Another way is to focus on furniture that can perform multiple tasks. For example, choose a kitchen island that can be the center of your activities in the kitchen. This will really help save space while doing any activity. Another important point is to think about a kitchen layout that suits the conditions of the place you have. For a kitchen in a narrow space, a U or L-shaped kitchen design is appropriate. Here are some ways how to organize a kitchen in a narrow space. Hope it will help you a lot.

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When you have a kitchen decoration with limited space then consider the use of multifunctional furniture. For example, you can choose and use a kitchen island which is equipped with several storages with different layouts. On the right and left side of this kitchen island can also be equipped with iron hangers that can be used to hang clean napkins. With this, the kitchen island design that you have pays attention to decorating your kitchen. Multifunction kitchen island from homebnc.


Take advantage of the empty shiplap walls in the kitchen area as a small storage idea that you can easily try. Now you can hang an iron hook that can be used to hang some of the cups and glasses you have. Repaint this storage hook to minimize the occurrence of rust and easily porous. The choice of material used is also very precise because it has a smooth surface and is more durable when used for a long period of time. Hanging hook cup from homebnc.


Use all the furniture that is used in your small kitchen so that it can be used more optimally. Don’t leave your cabinet door empty and not in use, now you can try it as an additional storage idea. Hang a few measuring spoons that you have to make them easier to find with a more effective and efficient time. What you can do is add a few nails that are already equipped with the size of a spoon using chalk. Cabinet doors as additional storage from homebnc.


You can use an empty wall as a smart storage idea that doesn’t use the floor area at all. Storage that you can try is tiered wire racks and floating shelves which are enhanced by string lights. This wire basket can be used as your fruit storage idea. While this wire basket is also more multifunctional because it is equipped with an iron hook that can be used to hang your coffee cup. Look, doesn’t it look more eye-catching? Combination of floating shelves with tiered fruit basket from homebnc.


Another storage that you can apply in your small kitchen decor is a hanging shelf that is applied to the side of your refrigerator. This shelf is made of wood that has been repainted so it looks very modern and elegant. Use this shelf to put some spices or pasta so you can easily get them back when you need them. Has this storage previously occurred to you? Try it well and maximally. Hanging shelf in the refrigerator area from homebnc.


No need to worry when you have a small kitchen decoration because now you can maximize every room or existing furniture. The bottom of this kitchen cabinet can be used to hang your clean napkins. The thing you can do is install an iron shelf that can be applied to a wooden board that has been attached to the cabinet. The existence of this shelf also keeps your napkins from being scattered everywhere so that the kitchen looks neater. Napkin rack under cabinet from homebnc.


Do not put dishes in the cabinet while it is still wet, because this will make the room in the cabinet damp and smelly. Standing a dish rack that is placed above the sink is a smart storage idea that you must try. This storage also doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space so it’s suitable for those of you who have narrow kitchen decorations. With this dish rack, it makes it easier for you to put the dishes that have been washed without being complicated and very practical. Dish rack above the sink from homebnc.


When decorating your kitchen, have you ever thought about the beauty of your kitchen island? Yes, for now you can choose a kitchen island design with a different look. For example, you can choose this kitchen furniture which is equipped with a hidden trash can that can be opened or closed easily. Do a repaint with white for a look that is more suited to the farmhouse style to better match the feel of your kitchen room. Kitchen island with hidden trash can from homebnc.


Consider using the ceiling area as a storage idea that doesn’t take up any floor area at all. Currently you can hang ladder storage that can be applied with a sturdy iron chain. You can use this storage area to put items that are rarely used, thereby freeing up some of the kitchen cabinets you have. In addition, the existence of this hanging ladder storage also gives an instant vintage impression into the room, you can try it right now. Hanging ladder storage from homebnc.


Do you need the right storage for your small kitchen decor? If so, then pegboard is a smart idea that you must try. Install pegboard to an empty wall area so that it can be used to hang it as a kitchen tool you have. Usually this pegboard is used to hang some kitchen utensils that are not too large, such as a spatula, small pot and knife. You can also choose this storage according to the color of the kitchen walls that are currently in use. Kitchen storage pegboard from homebnc.


Applying a cabinet that is installed face to face in your small kitchen is a smart idea. This facing cabinet will make your kitchen neater, it doesn’t look messy because you can store utensils or utensils in this cabinet. A small kitchen will look spacious if you apply white color to the cabinet that is installed opposite this. Indirectly, the layout of this kitchen cabinet presents a U-shaped kitchen style which will give a wider floor area. U shaped kitchen design from homedit.


To decorate a small kitchen to make it look less cluttered, try to use simple storage that doesn’t take up too much space. Take advantage of the remaining space in front of the window to install a hook so you can hang kitchen utensils that will make the kitchen look practical. In addition, by using a floating shelf you can also save space, a simple floating shelf that can be mounted on a multilevel wall so that it will be easier for you to store and find the items you need when in the kitchen. Hanging shelf in front of the glass window from homedit.


The L shaped kitchen is one of the smart ideas that you can try when you have a small and limited room decoration. Currently you can use a wooden cabinet with an L-shaped shape as the main design of this kitchen. Instead of using walls with glass windows that are large enough to be used as an area for maximum entry of sunlight into the room. This sunlight is also very helpful in your kitchen room not easily damp and smelly, you can try it easily and maximally. L shaped kitchen from homedit.


Create convenience in storing necessities in your modern minimalist kitchen. In order to keep it looking neat, additional storage is needed in your modern minimalist kitchen, if you have a kitchen island in your home kitchen, try to take advantage of the empty bottom by adding open drawers combined with pull out drawers. The open drawer on the kitchen island is useful for storing things that are often used when in the kitchen. While this pull-out drawer is useful for storing small utensils that are prone to being scattered on the kitchen island. Kitchen island with built-in storage from realhomes.


To fill the void on the kitchen wall, change it for something more useful. For example, by installing a long reel above the sink, this will be useful for hanging a wet washcloth after use or for drying tools that have been washed and cleaned. To make it more attractive and look luxurious, you can use real gold, the gold color in real will be in harmony with the theme of your modern minimalist kitchen decoration. Try these storage ideas easily and on a budget. Gold releases storage from realhomes.


If you have a large collection of unique and beautiful ceramic cutlery but are confused about where to store it, try providing secret storage in your minimalist kitchen. This secret storage is located on the kitchen wall, to be able to find it you must first slide the door. In this secret storage there are several levels of shelves that you can use to store your large collection of ceramic cutlery. That way your minimalist kitchen will not look messy and seem wider. Wall secret storage from realhomes.


Consider using your kitchen door as a storage idea because it is very easy to try and of course at a cost that is not too much. You can use this door area to store several pot lids so they can be arranged more neatly. For storage of this pot lid you can use several iron rods that are installed firmly. Install and use more than one storage rods and arrange them vertically to make it easier for you when storing or retrieving items. Door storage from realhomes.


Kitchen organization in a limited space becomes a very challenging room decoration idea. Therefore you have to find the right interior ideas for a comfortable room and can be used to the fullest. For now, you can take advantage of the wall area by installing open shelves that are equipped with wooden rods so that the stored items or spices will be safer. In addition, this wall shelf is also equipped with several iron hooks that you can use to hang some of the cups you have. Isn’t it multifunctional and very practical. Wall storage from realhomes.


This foldable wall mounted bar becomes a small kitchen interior that you must try. Because this interior will be very easy to use. You can close it again after use to have a wider and open floor surface. Make this wall mounted bar with teak wood which can be repainted with white so it will look more beautiful and elegant. Do storage in some of the built-in shelves that are already available. Wall mounted bar from digsdigs.


This kitchen island design which is equipped with wheel legs is one of the smart furniture ideas that you can apply in your small kitchen decoration. Because with this portable kitchen island you can move it anywhere according to the needs of the room. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also do closed or open storage. The flower vase on the top surface of the kitchen island becomes a decoration that gives the impression of a more pleasant room. Portable kitchen island from extraspace.


Do not leave the corner of your kitchen wall empty and unused. Try installing a floating corner kitchen cabinet that can be used as closed storage. You can put some cutlery in this cabinet neatly and orderly. Repaint this cabinet corner with a layer of white paint so that it has color harmony with other cabinets and tone kitchen walls, with this, the small kitchen will look more harmonious and can blend in perfectly. Floating corner kitchen cabinet from extraspace.


One of the advantages when you use an L-shaped kitchen is to have an empty room that can be utilized to the maximum. For example, you can use the rest of the room as a small dining room equipped with minimalist furniture that is slim and not too big. With this, one room will function more than usual. You can apply a modern minimalist theme to your small kitchen so that it doesn’t go out of style when used all the time. Small kitchen with dining area from extraspace.


The layout of the kitchen must also be considered when you have limited space. The decoration that you can try is U-shaped, which means two kitchen cabinets facing each other. With this, you will have a wider and open walking area. Now you can try a modern farmhouse style which is dominated by white paint. To add texture to the room, you can coat the wooden floor with a geometric runner rug which is right under your cabinet sink. Farmhouse U shaped kitchen from extraspace.


Is the kitchen island design that you have equipped with a sink? If so, then you can cut vegetables or fruits in this area to save more kitchen space. For now, you can choose a countertop design with stainless steel material to make it easier to clean after use. You can choose a sink with a deeper surface so that when used, water does not splash everywhere which will cause your countertop area to be wet and uncomfortable. Modern kitchen island with sink from realsimple.

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If you use a kitchen island in your kitchen decor, then make this furniture a gathering space. You can add some chairs with legs that are high enough to be used as a sitting area or dining chair that is quite comfortable to use. This is done because the design of your kitchen island has a wider surface. You can repaint the kitchen island with a brighter color such as light gray which is applied evenly and neatly. Kitchen island as a gathering area from realsimple.

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Use a double kitchen island in your kitchen decoration to be used as additional furniture that can be used more than one. Because these two kitchen islands are equipped with storage as well as sinks in the countertop area. Another function of this furniture is that it can be used to prepare your food so that it can add to the appeal of your kitchen space. If you want and if needed, this kitchen island design can also be surrounded by chairs so that it can be used as a gathering area for lunch or breakfast. Double kitchen island from realsimple.

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You can choose a kitchen island design that has more than one function. For example, you have a kitchen island that is equipped with a sink, so you can wash fruit or vegetables in this area. The additional three chairs on the kitchen island are also intended so that you can use them as a dining table that blends with this modern kitchen. The selection of a kitchen island with black marble material is very appropriate so that your countertop area does not easily look dirty, besides that this material will also look luxurious when you combine it with gold pendant lamps. Kitchen island with sink from realsimple.


The kitchen island area combined with several high chairs will be a dining area as well as gathering with family. Of course they can enjoy breakfast or lunch in this kitchen cheerfully and pleasantly. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add a set of dining tables next to the kitchen island as an additional sitting area when needed. With this, your kitchen decoration can be used by several family activities. Family friendly kitchen island from realsimple.


Kitchens with narrow and limited space usually use smart interiors that can save their space to the maximum. Now you can start by using a pull-out cutting board in the countertop area. You can easily pull this cutting board when you need it, but after you are done using it you can return it to the inner wine so it doesn’t take up a lot of space that will interfere with your movement. Isn’t this cutting board like a pull-out drawer that is very practical for use in a narrow room. Pull-out cutting board from architectureartdesigns.


The last furniture or interior that you can apply in a narrow kitchen decoration is a pull-out dining table that can be equipped with three chairs so that it becomes a simple dining room that looks modern and contemporary. This pull-out dining table is quite easy to use, you can pull it outwards. On the other hand, after using it, you can push it back into the countertop. The use of glass windows that are large enough to be a source of light in the room makes it look more spacious and open. Simple pull-out dining table from architectureartdesigns.

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