Foldable Multi-Layer Clothes Hanger Rack Stand


Vendor: MaviGadget
Price: 99.00

The product is made of environmentally friendly plastic + painted steel pipe, the expanded size is 72*56*152cm, and the load-bearing capacity is 30kg; Spread and dry it flat, breaking the conventional hanging drying function. You can spread it flat and dry it to protect your clothes from stretching and deformation.

  • The floor roller design can easily move to a reasonable space without worrying about blocking the sun
  • Foldable, easy to install, easy to fold when the product is not in use, less floor space
  • Four-corner support, strong bearing capacity, to ensure the stability and reliability of the support;
  • You can adjust the number of brackets to suit different groups of people


Material: environmentally friendly plastic + painted steel pipe

Expanded size 72*56*152cm


Pipe diameter: pipe diameter 25.4/19/9.5mm

Tube wall thickness: 0.35mm

Package Included: 1 x

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