Day 35: SNAIL SLOW Progress


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Well, it's not from the lack of trying. I try to remember that the finished basement took us 20 some years to complete, and now we are trying to repair and replace so much at once. 

Mechanicals: We upgraded the plumbing and sump pumps. Now the sump pumps have their own line running almost 90 feet to the west side of the house.


Our plumbers also increased the size of the (larger white above) pipe, so we won't have any sump pump water running through the same system as the kitchen pipe on the far left.


They also cleaned out the pits, and added two 1/2hp. pumps instead of the 1/3 hp. The new sump covers will ensure nothing falls into the pits to block the function of the powerful pumps.


Here is one of the valves that prevent back up. This system is so quiet...we don't even know it is running! YAY!


Our storage shelves in the laundry room area are functional, but do need a face lift. Another area to address and update. All our canned garden vegetables, pickles, jams and sauces as well as empty jars are stored here.


Still a mess under the stairs...ugh!. Hubby is about 1/3 done in replacing or building out the studs for all the rooms. It's kinda one of those projects that has to be done here and there, as we can reach an area.


Our freezer is still sitting in the center of the main room. Hopefully tomorrow we can uncover this and get it moved to a finished wall. In this room we are working from the outside in?


In the shipping room the walls and floor are finished---almost. Still some trim and one wall that had to be rebuilt. The standards here have been replaced with the shorter version, which works with my storage anyway. Goal is to have more floor room and nothing directly on the floor.


The shelf standards are up...and we are waiting for help to carry the counter down. It is all the way out in the garage. We still need trim and door frames here before I can move anything back in. Wet vac, super blower and new smallvac the handle becomes a hand-held vac are stationed here to keep from tripping over all the wires.


This is the only corner of the doll/craft room that is finished. Well, I took photos and could then see that the trim is wrong and needs to be straightened and moved up an inch or more...all because of the shelf brackets weren't even. That's four more shelves to empty to fix this...UGH!


This corner is done except for some molding under the white floor ledge. We had cement blocks in this room, so the walls were dry on these walls but some boards covering the blocks weren't. They have been removed and a small upside down shoe will be put to finish it off. I removed Vickie and Joe's apartment, and this is the only wall I can put the huge doll house on. 


Goal in this room is to have all doll related displays up with some storage. The bulk of my storage will be in the other room. Literally if it doesn't fit, it will be leaving---one way or the other.  Watch for goodies in my Etsy shop when it reopens.


From the last can see how empty this big room was.


The ruined run of kitchen cabinets had to be removed---but we kept the 12' of counter and hubby built large brackets to hold the huge heavy counter. 


I'm still pondering how to utilize the under counter space. Right now it is the 'building room' with all my hubby's saws and tools. I opted for 32" high counter in here, which is perfect for him to work at.

I'm definitely excited to be able to set up my saws and messy tools in here, leaving the small bits, paper working and miniatures in the other room.


The boxes at the end wall are everything that was on the TV wall in the main room. I can't whine about Hubby's collection of tapes/CD's. But, wow, he has a lot of them. Plus we had a lot of family mementos and gifts displayed there. Some of these items will be leaving also.


This sweet little 1952-3 suitcase was hard. When I was four or five, I received a Ginny doll from my Aunt for my birthday, and then another one at Easter from the Easter bunny. My mom brought home this suitcase for me to use for my dolls. We put in a hanging rack and added some cardboard drawers. I could carry two beds some chairs, two dolls and all their clothes to friends' houses to play pretend.


Since I had boys, the box and all my dolls, including Barbie no.3 were in our attics for over 50 years.  While the cardboard and wood box kept all my treasures  safe, the outside was water-damaged, warped and disintegrating. I am a DIY er and re-user, but I had to LET IT GO.....

Now, I have to keep from fishing it out of the trash.

And so it goes....our never ending remodel!

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