Creative Socket Hanging Storage Rack


Vendor: MaviGadget
Price: 29.95

The portable sticky switch shelf is beautiful and practical, which is convenient for life. The bracket is very simple to install, no need to punch holes, just paste adhesive paper on the back, and the mobile phone can be placed on the bracket to charge, without worrying about the distance of the plug.

ABS material is strong and durable. It can hold small objects such as keys and mobile phones. It can be placed in a conspicuous place at the entrance porch. It can be easily found when it is needed.

This bracket is very convenient to disassemble, reliable and durable, and can be placed in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other scenes.



Weight: 232g

Size: 21*4*10 (cm)

Color: white/grey

Material: ABS material


There is strong adhesive on the back of the bracket, the hollow design at the bottom, and the function of draining can be loaded with sponges, bath balls, and other objects.

The size is measured manually. If there is a slight error, thank you for your understanding.

Package Included:

1*storage rack

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