4 Organization Hacks to Use When Nothing Else Works


Staying organized is an art, and not everyone is a pro at it. But that shouldn’t stop you from learning the basics and using smart hacks to make the best out of tricky situations. Seeing the clutter in closet, bedroom or kitchen could quickly motivate anyone to become more organized, but how do you fix it? It is often a relatable question regarding cleaning, remodeling and organizing home and workplace.

It is essential to stay organized as it helps you think and see better. It is helpful for quickly finding stuff, which means you can manage your time better. It is also conducive to helping out with daily chores, as the more organized your house is, the easier it is to clean.

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However, it’s one thing to organize a space and the other to keep it that way. Once you find the motivation to keep everything in their respective places, you have reached the top. But how to keep it that way? Here are some excellent hacks from professional organizers which can help you out when nothing else works:

1. Storage Units

You may not realize it, but many items in your home are only there because of your emotional attachment to them. While many would tell you to ‘just get over it’ and replace them or throw them out, there would still be a part in you to think they might come in handy someday. Here’s an excellent option – storage units!

If you’re looking for a reliable company near you, then you might want to try searching on google to find a perfect fit out of thousands of options. Let’s say you’re in California in Ventura County; look up storage Thousand Oaks or storage solutions in Ventura.

Each facility comes with different options and features. For example, the best option in thousand Oaks offers more than fifty sizes with easy accessibility and reasonable prices. These storage units also offer you peace of mind with exceptional security, so you can store anything that’s currently taking up space, but you may need it later.

Storage helps you stay more organized and is an excellent option under many circumstances. It’s also particularly useful for temporarily storing items when you’re moving homes or accommodating guests on an extended stay.  

2. Compartmentalize

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Grouping similar items can help avoid a cluster of things and make your space look organized. There are several compartmentalizing hacks, including those for drawers, closets, pantries, and even the tiniest spaces like under the bathroom sink. These small compartments can help you store various items and then access them easily in need.

For instance, you can assign one drawer of your kitchen for spices and, with a few wooden panels, organize jars in a way that makes accessing them more manageable. The key is to make all the jars similar in shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to put too much time into fitting them in like a puzzle. You can further label the jars for your ease. A similar concept could apply to a kitchen drawer for spoons. Different sizes of spoons are segregated by the drawer compartments, so you can easily pick up the one you’re looking for instead of fumbling around. Even when you can’t think of any other organization hack or have run out of money to invest on a compartmentalizing rack, you can easily try DIY hacks!

3. Purge Thoughtfully

It is essential to understand that organizing your space necessitates you to minimize the items to maximize the space. Hence, purging is a vital activity that you must use in your organization routines. For instance, that piece of clothing or pair of shoes you brought because they were on sale and now, they don’t fit in your current styling aesthetics – it’s time to let them go!

Similarly, get rid of any damaged object or something that doesn’t excite you anymore instead of wasting the available space. Suppose you’re organizing your closet; the Marie Kondo way asks you to gather all the clothes in one place and sort through them while categorizing them. Make a pile of pieces you want to wear now, another one for later, and the last one for never. And then purge the ones in the last pile, either by throwing away, recycling, or selling out. This way, you will be tidying up the items in your possessions, making organization easier.

4. Utilize Vertical Space

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One of the imprudent mistakes many homeowners make is ignoring all the vertical spaces because they seem too narrow for specific items or too high for others. But there are infinite secrets to utilizing vertical spaces efficiently.

For instance, you can easily use the vertical space between your two closets as a hanging place for bags, scarves, belts, and necklaces simply by adding on some hooks. Similarly, you can utilize vertical spaces in your kitchen by adding shelves so that things don’t pile up on one another and are stacked correctly in their places. Some kitchen items like cutting boards and pot lids are best stored standing up in a vertical position. You can also apply the idea of shelves in your home library by stacking up books and creating a ceiling-length bookshelf. The ones that you don’t read frequently can go on top shelves. If all this seems a little overwhelming to you, start with baby steps and begin with just finding empty spaces in your home that can be vertical space for storing items.


Decluttering your space allows you to declutter your headspace and think clearly. Also, organizing hacks like the file folding method of clothes, color-coding them, hanging pans and pots, and creating shoe cases above the floor, enlarges your space and allows you to store more. But first, you need to create space, for which storage units, vertical spacing, compartmentalizing, and purging are excellent ways to begin.

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