30 Simple yet Beautiful DIY Wood Winter Decor Ideas


Winter decoration doesn’t mean to be expensive. There are wide options to make your home looks interesting this winter. One of them is doing DIY projects. DIY winter decoration comes in various types and material used. One of them, you can use wood materials. DIY wood winter ideas surely will complete your winter decor without breaking your bank. These beautiful crafts can be used for anything such as Christmas tree. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a Christmas tree when you can create some beautiful DIY wood winter decor. You can also use them to make snowman ornaments and candle holders. You can also decorate wood logs with pine cones and Christmas lights. You can use wood to make an adorable snowman or snowflake. These wood crafts will not only look beautiful in your home, but they will also save your money. And since wood doesn’t cost much to purchase, you can save even more by making it yourself. These simple DIY ideas will make your home look amazing during the holiday season. These winter decorations also suitable for those of you who interested to the rustic and farmhouse styles. Here are some ideas that you can try.

30 beautiful diy wooden winter decoration ideas1


This winter decoration is also suitable for those of you who are interested in rustic and farmhouse styles. Choosing a bouquet of wood pieces complete with burlap, pine cones and blooming flowers will give a stylish room design and steal the attention of many people. Wood slice wreath from architectureartdesigns.


Choosing wooden sticks for this candle holder idea will make for a warm winter room decor. This decoration is perfect for you to try to give dramatic lighting and a warm impression to the whole room. This green wreath brings a fresh room design and a natural touch to the entire room. Wooden sticks candle holder from architectureartdesigns.


Old pellets by painting the tree on a sanded and colored palette, you can decorate it with beautiful pom poms. This DIY idea will steal the attention of many people and will boost your creativity. Some of the gifts below will also complement your winter home decor. Wooden painting Christmas tree from countryliving.


This wood carved Christmas ornament is even more special because it is equipped with a snowman painting. Complete the look with this striped ribbon for a unique look. Hanging it on this Christmas tree will create a stylish room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Wood carved Christmas ornament from countryliving.


You can choose weathered wood planks for unique Christmas tree DIY projects. You can add some rustic ornaments and pine cones to match your outdoor decor. Placing it on the terrace of this house will provide an attractive room design to welcome your guests during winter. Reclaimed wood Christmas tree from countryliving.


This snow-shaped open wooden shelf enliven the holiday season in your home. It will welcome your guests if placed on the entrance wall of your home. You can use this snowflake rack to neatly store gifts, decorations, and pine cones. Snowflake wall shelf from countryliving.


This whimsical wooden block decorated with a painting of a Christmas tree has a soft, worn look thanks to the chalk paint. It’s easy to make and won’t cost much to decorate your home this winter. Complete the look with carn berries for a stylish décor. Chalkboard Christmas Trees from countryliving.


This DIY reclaimed wood shelf in the shape of a Christmas tree and placed on the wall of the house this holiday season provides the perfect room design and steals the attention of many. You can store gifts in this beautiful shelving unit for a stylish decor. Reclaimed wood shelf Christmas tree from countryliving.


If a country farmhouse is your thing, this easy-to-make wood-sliced Christmas tree will make the perfect addition to any home decor this holiday season. Making it yourself will give the perfect room design and steal the attention of many people. Wood-sliced Christmas tree from countryliving.


Use leftover pieces you have from other projects to create this decorative look. Making a DIY Christmas tree from wooden blocks complete with gold inscriptions will give a unique look and will steal the attention of many people. Wooden blocks Christmas tree from countryliving.


This wooden Christmas tree advent calendar is easy to make and doesn’t cost much. Making your own with this reclaimed wood will also boost your creativity. Adding this white cloth pocket also gives it a unique look. Place it in one of the spaces in your winter home to provide the perfect focal point of the room. Wooden Christmas tree calendar from homebnc.


This rustic wood centerpiece with candles provides a warm decor and provides dramatic lighting throughout the room. Adding a small candle in this glass cup creates an interesting room design for you to try. Rustic wood candle centerpiece from homebnc.


This rustic birch candle holder provides a dramatic feel and radiates warmth throughout your kitchen counter. Using a wooden bowl to put some of these wooden candles also gives it a trendy and unique look. Rustic birch candle holder from homebnc.


This DIY wood patchwork star project adds a rustic feel to your Christmas tree decor. You can make your own from used wood to produce a stylish home look. Combine with some ball ornaments, ribbons and pine cones for maximum results. DIY wood star ornament from homebnc.


This rustic wood Christmas tree decoration is easy for you to make to give a unique room design to enliven your holiday season. Painted in green and white and complemented by beads and pine cones, it creates a trendy and unique look. Rustic wood Christmas tree from homebnc.


You can also make your own version of the illuminated Christmas decorations to place in the yard. Making this Christmas tree will make your Christmas decorations more festive and welcome your guests with cheerful feelings. Wooden plank Christmas tree from remodelaholic.


Add to your DIY outdoor decor collection with a wooden block santa accent. It’s very cheap and easy for you to make yourself. Its simple design will give a unique terrace design. Just paint Santa’s face on this wooden block to create a unique look that you can try. DIY santa wooden log from remodelaholic.


A large wooden Christmas tree would be at home on the patio or standing around the yard as well. Making this rustic reclaimed wood tree will make any room decor stylish and will steal the attention of many. Choosing this wooden pallet will give a natural impression to the whole room.  Wooden pallet Christmas tree from remodelaholic.


Snowflakes painted on wooden blocks make a beautiful winter sketch. You can combine it with a wooden Sled and a bouquet of white twigs to give it a pretty look. Place it on your home table to give a stylish room design. Snowflakes painted wooden blocks from homestoriesatoz.


Stars are a festive winter decoration, so you can make your own for an interesting room decor. Choosing materials from this weathered wood will produce an attractive room design and steal the attention of many people. Reclaimed wood star shaped from topdreamer.


Several pieces of wood painted white in the shape of a Christmas tree create a festive winter theme. Adding some rope will give you an artistic flair for decorating your home during winter. Placing it on top of this fireplace mantle will create a beautiful room decor. DIY wood painted from topdreamer.


Some sticks are a simple design to make a snowman that won’t melt so fast. This DIY idea will also make for the perfect room decor for you to try. These woody twigs and carn berries also complete your wooden snowman look. DIY  wooden snowman from topdreamer.


A wooden log is a great addition to your dining room table that can serve as a candle holder. It will look fantastic anywhere in your home. Complete the look with various pine cones and moss to give the room a unique design. Wooden log centrepieces from topdreamer.


Simply place a wooden stick on your dining table to become a charming rustic flower vase. It is enough to punch holes in the inside of this log to put various tree branches complete with carn berries to give an attractive dining table design. This simple design brings a rustic feel to the room. Wooden stick vases from homestoriesatoz.


At six feet tall and with swivel branches from oak, pine, and poplar, it makes a spiral wood tree ornament. Here is a unique room decoration that you can try now. Placing it in the corner of this living room provides the perfect focal point of the room. Sprial wood Christmas tree from elledecor.


Burlap bows, classic wreaths and modern metal stars are all this little pallet tree needs to shine through the holiday season. This is a unique room decoration and will still look simple. Place it in the living room to enliven your Christmas day with your family. Vintage pallet Christmas tree from elledecor.


Made from recycled wood, this oversized snowflake ornament makes your holiday season home look more stylish. It’s easy for you to try and will make room decorations that are both attractive and economical. Recycled wood snowflake from bobvila.


The addition of wooden snowflakes painted white and coupled with string lights resulted in a unique room decoration and stole the attention of many people. Hang on the terrace of the house to welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Wooden snowflakes with LED from diynetwork.


Hang this DIY wooden snowflake door on your door for the perfect room decor. Making your own or buying it at a low price also provides a low-budget home design. This brilliant idea will brighten up a cheerful winter. DIY wooden snowflake door from diyjoy.


This snowman is quite easy to make. Just use three round wood pieces of different sizes and painted white to create a unique look. Adding a few accessories and placing them on a pedestal for this stand makes decorating your holiday season even more fun. Round wood snowman from hative.

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