25 Alternative Unique Christmas Tree to Try This Year


When it comes to the Christmas decoration it can’t be separated from the Christmas tree. This is an item that is the hallmark of the Christmas celebration. As a Christmas celebration tradition, almost every house has a Christmas tree for their Christmas decorations. Real evergreens and artificial tree are not the only options for your Christmas tree. Since the traditional Christmas tree is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance, there are many other options and ways to make your own Christmas tree. For those with limited space, you can opt for a non-traditional tree. These unique options are also great for those who want to add a unique holiday look to their home without breaking the bank. And since they’re available in a wide variety of styles, you can easily find a tree to match your decor and style. Here are some of the alternatives you can try this year.

25 alternative unique christmas tree to try this year1

A Tree Made of Ladder Rungs

If you’re short on space, you can try an alternative tree. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, consider a tree made of ladder rungs. A modern tree can be made of wood and a spiral of metal. It can be hung from the ceiling or be displayed on a wall. The ornament tree can be as big as you want it to be, and it’ll be a great addition to your holiday decorations.


This DIY christmas tree ladder provides the perfect room design. You can make it yourself to increase creativity and save budget when decorating your room. Complete this Christmas tree with ornate balls and string lights to create a stylish home look. Choosing this Christmas tree will enliven Christmas in your home. DIY christmas tree ladder from housebeautiful.


This Christmas tree from used stairs adds to the beauty of your Christmas decorations. Just add gold ball ornaments, string lights, gold snowflake tips and the words “NOEL” this will make an attractive Christmas tree decoration that will steal the attention of many people. Place it in the corner of your home to give a stylish room decor. Repurpose lader Christmas tree from housebeautiful.


Merry Christmas decorations using this unique Christmas tree. Choosing materials from this old ladder will result in eye-catching room decorations. Just add garland plants, string lights, and carn berries for a festive Christmas tree decoration. Old ladder Christmas tree from housebeautiful.


You can make this festive Christmas decoration yourself from unused items. Choosing an old ladder for this Christmas tree decoration idea becomes a unique look for you to try. Complete the look with some hanging ornaments, string lights and star tops to give a unique Christmas tree decoration and steal the attention of your guests. Wooden ladder Christmas tree from housebeautiful.


This traditional Christmas tree using materials from old stairs provides the perfect room decoration and steals the attention of many people. Complete the décor with burlap, string lights, and greenery for a sophisticated tree design. Place it in your living room to become the perfect focal point of the room. Traditional Christmas tree from funkyjunkinteriors.


This unique DIY Christmas tree will steal the attention of every guest who comes to your home. Using an old ladder and wrapping it in some string lights, and placing a balloon star on it gives a unique room look for you to try on your Christmas day. DIY Christmas tree from housebeautiful.

Paper Christmas Tree

The traditional Christmas tree can be very expensive, so you may want to look for an alternative that is not as expensive. A paper tree is an inexpensive, unique, and beautiful alternative to a traditional one. Depending on the size of your house, a paper tree can be used as a centerpiece.


This little Christmas tree is the cutest Christmas paper decoration you will ever try. Choose a bold graphic pattern in monochromatic and metallic colors for a more modern look. Making it yourself will increase your creativity as well as decorate a room on a low budget. DIY paper Christmas tree from housebeautiful.


This traditional Christmas tree is an attractive room decoration. Choose green paper that is equipped with buttons, small ball ornaments and a star top to produce a stylish room decor. You can put it on the dining table or coffee table to give a stylish room design. Green paper Christmas tree from hgtv.


For this full size paper tree, you will need lots of kraft paper cut into pieces. The addition of these string lights will produce a unique Christmas tree decoration that will steal the attention of many people. Placing it in the corner of the living room will also enliven your Christmas day. Kraft paper tree from housebeautiful.


This colorful and luminous festive arrangement is super easy to make. You can add some DIY Christmas trees out of paper to make some interesting room decorations. Place it on the console table and add some other Christmas ornaments to make your Christmas decorations more festive. Paper Christmas trees from shelterness.


This is a great project for those who like minimalist and modern interiors. This tabletop Christmas tree is very easy and quick to make. Choosing black and white polka dots and geometric pattern paper will make your desk design more attractive. This DIY tree makes a great holiday arrangement for a mantle or side table. Black and white Christmas tree from shelterness.

Repurposed Books

If you have unused books in your home, take them then your can turn it to become an extraordinary Christmas tree. All you have to do is stacked the books in the shape of a Christmas tree. To make it look like a real Christmas tree, add string lights and star ornament for the topper.


Just rearrange your books into the shape of a Christmas tree, then you can apply them to your home shelf. Complete the décor with some classic holiday decorations, such as ornaments, pine cones, and holly for the perfect bedroom design. Choosing your book in green will look festive and fun for your Christmas day. Bookshelf holiday tree from housebeautiful.


A dozen books make up this chaotic book tree giving the room a unique design. The addition of red ornaments and gold star top gives the perfect room design and steals the attention of many people. Place it on the table this house will give it a perfect look. Small books Christmas tree from countryliving.


This Christmas tree-shaped stack of books on the wall is decorated with pom-pom wreaths and star ornaments. You can place it in one of the rooms of your house to present a stylish room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Stack books Christmas tree from countryliving.


This book tree is so cute and so easy to make. Just take all your books with green covers and arrange them on your bookshelf from biggest to smallest and top with stars. This decorating idea will steal the attention of every guest who comes to celebrate your Christmas. DIY green books from countryliving.


This is a unique book tree that you can try in your home decor. All you need to do is rearrange your pile of magazines and books a little into a tree-like shape on your bookshelf and boom, you have the perfect Christmas Tree DIY. Rack book tree from countryliving.


The stacked book in the shape of a Christmas tree gives a unique room design and steals the attention of many people. You can make your own and place it in the corner of a room to create the perfect focal point of the room. Complete the look with a red ribbon and star top for the perfect room design. Stacked book Christmas tree from onekindesign.


A Christmas tree made of books is the main attraction in your home decor. If you don’t have a collection this large, you can buy a book at a thrift store and it will make room decor on a budget. You can add LED lights and star shoots to this book tree for an interesting tree decoration. Large book Christmas tree from onekindesign.

Stacked Gift

Every Christmas celebration there will be many gifts in your home. Instead of stacking them normally, you can stack them a little creatively to form a Christmas tree. To make it look more like a Christmas tree, use green wrapping paper and add red accents to get a traditional impression.


These gifts have been wrapped and stacked in such a way that they resemble a Christmas tree. The green wrapping paper was deliberately chosen for the tree look and the gold ribbon represents the ornament. Placing it in the corner of this room will give an attractive design and steal the attention of many people. Gifts Christmas tree from


This Christmas tree-shaped pile of gifts will make for an interesting room decoration. Choosing various sizes of gifts and placing them on a floating shelf will give a unique look. This DIY idea will steal the attention of many people. Various sizes gift christmas tree from onekindesign.


The pile of gifts on this Christmas tree-shaped shelf gives a unique room design and steals the attention of many people. You can choose various sizes and colors of wrapping paper to give it a stylish look. Christmas tree-shaped shelf from deavita.


The idea of decorating Christmas ornaments using a pile of gifts placed on an open shelf in the shape of a Christmas tree provides the perfect room design and will steal the attention of many people. This decorating idea is easy for you to make so that it will enliven your Christmas day. DIY Christmas tree ornaments from deavita.


This patio Christmas decoration features a tree-shaped gift stack for a stylish patio decor. This Christmas tree of gifts will welcome your guests with a cheerful and lively Christmas feeling. Don’t forget to complete the look with red apples, greenery and string lights for the perfect result. Christmas tree-shaped gift  from apieceofrainbow.

Chalkboard Tree

You can involve your kids in making this unique Christmas tree. Use your chalkboard and you can be creative with your kids to make a Christmas tree. You can add artificial ornaments such as a pom pom garland or string lights.


Sketch the Christmas tree on the board to make your Christmas decoration ideas more festive. You can draw it yourself so it will increase your creativity. Besides the Christmas tree, you can also draw some gifts, birds, and greenery to give it a beautiful design. Paint Christmas tree from housebeautiful.


Drawing a Christmas tree on this chalkboard wall will give it a unique look while boosting your creativity. Adding pom poms, gifts and this stuffed dog gives you an interesting look for you to try. Drawing a Christmas tree from hgtv.

There are wide options to have a Christmas tree to complete your Christmas decorations. These are some alternative unique Christmas tree to try this year.

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