15 Macrame Ideas for an Aesthetic Home Decor


When decorating a room, macrame can add a beautiful touch. Although macrame is often associated with the hippie, a modern version of macrame has a distinctly contemporary aesthetic. Now, macrame is not only identical to the Bohemian style but it also can be used to decorate for any kind home design. It can be a great accent to liven up your home. Macrame is versatile and popular materials for decorating your home. Aside from being versatile, macrame can also be a unique way to accentuate a minimalist home. The natural texture of macrame lends it an aesthetic appeal, and it can balance out hard lines. Usually macrame decorations are used to decorate walls and to brighten a dull wall. Don’t stop at dreamcatchers. Macrame can be used for a wide range of items, from cushions to table runners and curtains. It can even be customized to occupy large spaces. It can break up stark lines and add a natural element to your room. Another great use for macrame is as an accent in your home. You can hang your favorite plant in a hanging basket made of macrame, which is both beautiful and functional. This is a simple project that will not only save you space but will also add an aesthetic look to your room. If you’re a little more ambitious, try making your own macrame swing chair. This is a great way to pass time while giving your room an instant makeover. And many other ideas you can find. Here are some ways you can use macrame to add texture and appeal to your space. You may be a novice when it comes to macrame, but there are so many ways to incorporate it into your interior design.

15 macrame ideas for an aesthetic home decor1


Choosing a tomb as a plant hanger idea will give a unique room design and steal the attention of many people. The look here is very fresh and maintenance free as the variegated green leaves weave in and out of the twisted textured white cording. Buying it cheap will decorate your room on a budget. Hang this decoration in one of the rooms in the house to steal the attention of many people. Macrame Plant Hangers from thespruce.


This macrame artwork looks like a big contemporary version of a dream catcher. It is very easy for you to try so that it will become a stylish room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Hang it on one of the walls of this house to make the room look perfect. Complete the decor with a cactus plant in a pot to create a natural atmosphere throughout the room. Macrame Artwork from thespruce.


These tiny glass jars filled with this creamy macrame creation spread candlelight throughout the room. Making your own or buying one inexpensively will add a bit of Victorian beauty to this candle holder. You can display this design outdoors or indoors on your nightstand or bathroom. Making some of these candle ornaments will result in a stylish room design. Macrame Candle Holder from thespruce.


This homemade macrame hammock or buy it at a flea market will create a stylish bedroom decor on a low budget. Hanging it in one corner of the room and equipped with a patterned pillow will create a comfortable hammock. This decor would make a lovely hammock for reading in this room. In addition you can enjoy the outdoors while watching your favorite streaming shows. Homemade Macrame Hammock from thespruce.


By displaying a chunky macrame placemat or runner on your dining table, it will give a trendy and stylish look. You can make it yourself for an interesting and economical room decoration idea. The design is casual and goes well with a variety of decor styles from vintage to beachy. Pair it with a wooden dining table to add a natural touch to this dining room. Chunky Macrame Pacemat from thespruce.


Flowing macrame curtains add a bit of dreaminess to any door or window in your home. These macrammel curtains can replace cupboard doors making access quieter, faster and simpler. Using wooden sticks to hang this macram makes the perfect home display. With a boho style in this room, you can add green plants in wicker pots to give the room a fresh impression. Macrame Curtains from thespruce.


Give a mystical glow to your entire home with a bunch of macrame-covered chandeliers. This is a brilliant idea and adds a boho style to the whole room. You can make your own using three chandeliers and place them in the living room for a brilliant idea. These bamboo and rattan and macram benches add the perfect décor to the room and create a cozy atmosphere. Don’t forget to add a boho-style pillow for an eye-catching result. Macrame-Covered Chandeliers from thespruce.


This studio apartment is equipped with unique macrame curtains for you to try. These gorgeous macrame curtains are a simple, natural and elegant solution to this living room design. You can use this curtain to be a unique room divider. Combined with a comfortable white and cream bed, a structural bedside table, and some well-placed greenery complete the design of this room. Macrame Headboard from homebnc.


This macrame wall hanging is made of cotton and wood. Hang it on the wall with the same color to make a stylish room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Pair it with some simple artwork and a simple vase rack for an interesting design for you to try. This beige color scheme will give the impression of a fresh and calm room. Macrame Wall Hanging from homebnc.


This macrame hanging chair will present a perfect room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Placing it in the corner of the room will create a cozy and inviting reading nook. You can buy it at a flea market at a cheap price so that it will provide an attractive room design. Complete the look with patterned yellow pillows for a cozy room. Macram Chair from countryliving.


The unique macrame lantern makes your living room decoration more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Hang it in the corner of the room to create a unique look. Complete the decor with a telescope, wicker beads, and pillar candles for an eye-catching result. This dark gray room color scheme and dark rug will create a warm and serene look. Macrame Lantern from countryliving.


The idea of decorating an outdoor dining table by adding macrame that functions as a table runner will give a unique and stylish room decor. Making it yourself will make your home look attractive and will increase your creativity. You can add a small glass pot and fill it with blooming flowers and greenery to give it an attractive look. This reclaimed wood dining table also gives a natural touch to the entire terrace. Macramé Table Runner from countryliving.


This Macramé Pouf completes your boho living room decor. Its unique design will result in a stylish room decoration. Making your own will result in sophisticated room decor and enhance your creativity. Don’t forget to complete the look with a wooden tray filled with green plants in small pots to give this room a natural impression. Macramé Pouf from countryliving.


This living room features a macramé hammock to create a boho atmosphere throughout. You can complement this hammock with some red and blue pillows to create a cozy and inviting room design. Pair it with wooden furniture and some potted greenery to give a natural feel and a touch of fresh air to the entire room. Boho Macramé Hammock from countryliving.


This dark macrame pendant completes the boho style in your bedroom decor. Buying it cheap will create the look of a low-budget room. Pair it with a white color scheme and a large window on one wall for a spacious and airy room. This quilted bed set provides extra warmth to your entire room. This nightstand table made of log pieces produces an interesting room design for you to try. Dark Macrame Pendant from countryliving.

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