We Think Kinetic Sand is Amazing – AND Their Newest Collab is a Playtime Lifesaver (+ Today Only Promo!)


Are you hooked on Kinetic Sand yet? We’ve been fans for years! 😍

holding Kinetic Sand

You’ve seen it on commercials and all over stores, but if you haven’t actually held an incredibly SAND-isfying lump of Kinetic Sand yet, then you’re missing out!

If you HAVE, then you’ll be excited to know that we’ve got a deal on the latest limited-edition Kinetic Sand product that makes this mesmerizing activity compound even better than before… bet you didn’t think that was possible, huh?

kids holding bags of kinetic sand

And so we’re all on the same page, let me start by saying that I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with Kinetic Sand x Rubbermaid, but I have been buying Kinetic Sand out of my own pocket for years! And it’s the ‘toy’ I keep coming back to for so many reasons! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Keep reading to find out why!

kids playing with kinetic sand w/ surprised face

Hello, friends! Mom of three under 5 here. 🤪

As parents we all know, there are toys, and then there are TOYS🎉 – you know, the ones that don’t break, don’t require 10 million battery changes (and similarly don’t make creepy noises at night), are easy to clean-up, spark creativity, independently-led, and of course, the most important thing… FUN!!

little girl playing with Kinetic sand

But how about a toy that also supports physical development like fine motor skills, provides relaxing and calming sensory benefits, supports social development (when sharing with others), and also strengthens other basic learning skills such as color recognition, spatial planning/mapping, comparison, cause & effect, and so much more.

YEAH, Kinetic Sand does that! 🙌🏼

Feeling a little skeptical? As a previous special education teacher, I am so excited to be able to share with you the many ways each of these benefits can be accomplished with this magical stuff!

baby playing with kinetic sand outside

My kiddos and I were first introduced to Kinetic Sand in a preschool classroom approximately 2 years ago. You could tell each bag had been THOROUGHLY loved and played with, and yet the sand was just as malleable and fun to play with as if it were brand new.

At that point, I knew I had to have some at home!

There are tons of Kinetic Sand varieties on the shelves today, and besides the different tools and molds you may get in each, the sand is the same amazing quality every 👏🏼 single 👏🏼 time! So whether you choose to try out the latest Rubbermaid edition that’s making parent’s lives much easier, or a classic colorful favorite, I am confident you’ll be impressed!

using kinetic sand with play rake

First thing’s first, this stuff is MESS-FREE! (No like, SERIOUSLY!)

Parents, I’ve been there- I remember seeing the commercials foreeeeever ago thinking “There’s no way. That SAND has to make a mess somehow…” but oh how wrong I was!

Due to its unique formula with elements of silicone and oxygen, specifically silicone oil, the particles in Kinetic Sand are compelled to stick together—and more specifically, to each other, not to your hands. Any clumps that do stray from the pile can easily be picked up by simply blotting the larger chunk onto each tiny piece like a magical sand mop!

I’ve also found that unlike other compounds or slime (OH SLIME 😳) that can get smushed into couches permanently, Kinetic Sand blots right out of cushioned benches, chairs, clothes, etc. that my kids have gotten it on. Just don’t go squishing it into your favorite shag rug!

kinetic sand in rubbermaid container

Now while it doesn’t make a mess itself, unless you purchase Kinetic Sand in a resealable bag, the previous question used to always be “how do I store it?”

Kinetic Sand x Rubbermaid’s new release is solving the only *tiny* problem it ever had!

For the first time ever, you can now score a whopping 3-pound tub of Kinetic Sand that already comes in a durable, resealable, non-toxic Rubbermaid container with a lid! So your Kinetic Sand is ever-fresh, ever-ready, and you don’t have to worry about making a separate purchase just to buy a container!

Even better, in honor of Global Kinetic Sand Day, you can save 20% off this tub with code KSDAY20 at checkout!

Kinetic Sand x Rubbermaid 3 lb. tub $24.99
Use promo code KSDAY20 (20% off)
Final cost $20!

This seems like an awesome deal as just a Rubbermaid container WITHOUT the Kinetic Sand is $8.25 on Amazon, which means you’re paying just $11.74 for 3 POUNDS of sand!

Note that shipping is free on orders of $50 or more, so stock up! 

*Disclaimer: Although no one wants a pile of sand just laying around, keep in mind another amazing thing about Kinetic Sand is that it never dries out, with or without a container! I once made a ‘sandbox’ for my kiddos using this stuff and left it outside, never put a lid on it, and it NEVER. DRIED. OUT. It kept my kiddos entertained for months!  

many kinetic sand tools lined up on a bench

Want to take your Kinetic Sand to the next level?

Alrighty, friends, you’ve made it this far! 😆 Whether you’re building ice cream cones, sandcastles, or just making shapes, it’s amazing how many fun Kinetic Sand sets are available, but I’m here to share with you that even just a simple bag (or if you scooped up the new Rubbermaid tub) IS ENOUGH and can provide hours of endless play, which is why I can’t praise this stuff enough! 🙌🏼

These are some of my favorite ways to play with Kinetic Sand…

We scooped up a few bags of this Kinetic Sand-Beach Sand variety because I just thought it was so adorable that it looks like real sand! It also has a little thicker, coarser texture which gives my kiddos a different kind of sensory experience as well.

hand driving in kinetic sand construction pit

1.) Make a construction pit.

Because what goes better than tractors + sand?? I keep this little Kinetic Sand sensory bin readily available for my kiddos at all times and they are constantly going back to it, at least once a day for my 1.5-year-old!

Don’t have any tractors? This activity works with all kinds of cars, trucks, or whatever vehicles you have laying around (be sure to check between the couch cushions 😉). You can also pick up cheap cars at the Dollar Store.

What it does:

  • Make bumps, ramps, hills, and more to drive over, crash into, and explore! Moving the little scoops on our tractors helps my kiddos with fine motor skills like pinching, while following a ‘road’ or lines in the sand is a helpful pre-handwriting skill!
  • Sometimes I will prompt my kiddos like, “make a city” and it helps them get their gears turning. Once they do, building with Kinetic Sand supports spatial mapping/planning skills. Plus, playing with multiple kiddos encourages turn-taking and other social cues!

*Disclaimer: I am very comfortable and confident letting my 1.5-year-old play with Kinetic Sand because while I always have my eye on him, he has NEVER been the type to put things in his mouth, thanks to his older siblings who are always modeling. However, if you have a little one at home, please keep in mind that Kinetic Sand is non-toxic, but NOT safe to eat. 

hand holding dinosaur in kinetic sand

2.) Crack open some dino eggs!

This works with any little people, animals, action figures, army men, whatever you have laying around the house! Whether I premake the ‘eggs’ beforehand for my kiddos to dig out or we’re using molds to make eggs together, this activity never gets old!

Tip: Don’t have any sand molds? Use an old plastic storage container, baby bowl, kids’ cups (I often use old cups) to make these ‘eggs’! 

What it does:

  • Molding and shaping these eggs with their hands provides an amazing sensory experience! We love that this beach sand is a little gritty without the mess of regular ‘ol dirt!
  • If you pack them enough, these eggs can be a little dense. Since the sand becomes more viscous as you apply pressure to it, little hands getting to ‘crack’ them open improves their physical development, specifically hand and finger strength.

boy playing letters in kinetic sand

3.) Inspire early learning with open-ended letter play.

Again, there is no rhyme or reason to the accessories I have. These letters are from an old toy we received almost 4 years ago, but whether it’s letters, numbers, shapes, or coin money, this type of play works for it all and the only thing you need to buy is one simple bag of Kinetic Sand!

I have also found that anytime I want my kiddos to practice a school-based concept or difficult skill, I can usually get them to participate much better when Kinetic Sand is involved. 😉

What it does:

  • Adding in a sensory experience like ‘touch’ to letter and number recognition helps little minds remember them better! For younger kiddos, try stamping letters into the sand. For older kiddos (I do this for my 3 and 4-year-olds), have them write the letter in the sand with their finger, as this also works on fine motor skills!
  • You can also hide the letters in the sand or play ‘Buried Treasure’ with coin money (this one’s a fave for my kiddos). Kinetic Sand lends itself to so many different ways to play!

kinetic sand square mold


Don’t have time for a pre-planned activity? Not a problem! Kinetic Sand by itself does so much. It’s the toy they never want to put down, literally… I mean, it’s SO silky and cool to the touch, I wouldn’t put it down either, but also because it is SO FUN!

Every time they pick up a batch of Kinetic Sand, this tactile play provides a unique sensory experience, unlike any other moldable substance out there! Build everything from busy cities to ancient volcanoes, add some letters for educational fun, and best of all, have a mess-free time doing so!

kinetic sand rubbermaid set outside

This stuff is so good, it’s gone global!

Keep in mind that Global Kinetic Sand Day is today, August 11th! Consider exploring something new together by snagging one of these limited-edition sets! Or SAND-isfy your Christmas shopping list and save one for later!

I hope you enjoyed some of these fun activities! Let us know if you try them or what other fun sand games you play. 

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