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Hearts! Love! Friendship! Your kids will adore these Valentine calendar numbers. Be sure to add this activity to your lineup of Valentine and winter math activities for preschool.

3 different views of heart number cards for preschool math. Text reads: Valentine calendar numbers

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These number cards are so very versatile and colorful; perfect for brightening up what can be a dreary time of year. Download your free printable at the end of this post. And now, take a look at these cute cards!

Valentine Calendar Numbers

When it comes to printable activities that serve many purposes, calendar number cards are some of my favorites. Not only can you use them in calendar pockets, they also work for all sorts of math games and activities. When kids interact with number cards, they are practicing all sorts of math skills:

  • Counting
  • Numerical order
  • Patterns (if you combine different versions of the cards)
  • Number identification

Not to mention working on their fine motor and also having fun. Activities like these are so much more effective than your run of the mill, boring worksheets.

pile of paper valentine number cards for preschool math

Valentine Calendar Number Card Supplies

Since these calendar cards are so versatile, I definitely recommend laminating them so they last much longer. All those little hands make short work of printables. Thank you to whomever invented the laminator!

How to Prep the Number Cards

Prepping the valentine calendar numbers is easy peasy. Download them at the bottom of this post, and then you will have them ready to go in no time.

pile of number cards for valentine calendar with child's hand holding the number 28 with a cute sloth face on it

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First, print out the calendar numbers (those llamas! ❤).

Carefully cut the cards out. Feel free to round the corners if you want, and you can even give your wee ones some cutting practice here.

Now, to make them last much longer so you can use them for all sorts of activities, go ahead and laminate them. Cut out the individual cards, and they are ready for whatever you have planned.

Using the Valentine Calendar Numbers in Preschool

If you are just printing these valentine numbers out to use in your calendar pockets – great! However, if you want to get as much as you can out of them, here are some more ideas. I love to see how many activities I can get out of one simple printable!

3 number cards from a set of Valentine calendar numbers for preschool

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Print out 2 copies of some or all of the cards and play Memory with them. You may want to add a piece of colored paper to the backs of the cards before you laminate them to prevent see-through.

Kids can practice lining up cards in numerical order. Ask them to then count the numbers out loud.

After that, ask the children to try counting backwards with the valentine cards.

Let them match the cards with the same number of manipulatives, such as heart erasers or glass beads. Depending on their math skills, they can then practice counting the manipulatives and finding the card that matches the sum.

Print out a set of my winter calendar numbers, and kids can match the numbers in each set of cards.

valentine calendar number cards with a child's hand using heart erasers

A Few More Ideas to Try

Roll dice and match them to numbers on the cards. This gives them lots of counting and matching practice!

Lay the cards out in a line, remove 2 cards at random, and then let the kids guess which numbers are missing. They can also do this activity in pairs or small groups.

Lay the number cards face down, and let 2 kids each pick a card. Let them decide which number is higher. This is a modified version of the game War, which you could also let them play.

One of our favorite hands-on ways to use calendar number cards is in a sensory bin. Fill a bin with dyed pink and red rice, throw in some fun valentine-themed objects, and hide some of the cards in there. Call out a number and let them dig for the card that matches. After that, they can pull out the matching number of little objects from the rice.

How will you use the valentine calendar numbers with your students?

Done-For-You Preschool Resources

Planning meaningful lessons for students week after week while balancing other teaching responsibilities and your personal life can be daunting. That’s where Preschool Teacher 101 comes in to save you time!

Preschool Teacher 101 has created some fantastic preschool lesson and activity plans that will be perfect for your classroom. The Valentine calendar numbers will make a great addition to these super-fun lesson plans!

All Preschool Teacher 101 Lesson Plans Include:

  • Recommended Book List
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  • Related Printables

Valentine Number Cards Printable

Ready to get your free copy of the Valentine calendar numbers? Here it is! This printable is free for the Fun-A-Day email community (which is also free, in case you were wondering). Just pop your name and email in the form below and your download link will be emailed right over. Have fun with the Valentine cards!

If you’re not a part of our email community, that’s okay! Enter your information in the form below to join, and you’ll receive the printable as a welcome gift.

If you can’t see the above form, click this link to access it.

Please note that some school districts have very strict firewalls that can interfere with this process. If you know your workplace does, I suggest using a personal computer and email address to access the freebies. Be sure to check out my Printing FAQ page if you need it!

child's hand holding a number card with the number 28, over a pile of cards. Words say free printable February calendar numbers

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