Tongues Out! by Blue Orange Games


These squishy squeezy pugs were up to some mischief and caught eating colorful lollipops. Kids squeeze their cute round bodies to find out which pugs ate which lollipops to reveal a colored tongue!

This is a great first preschool memory board game where players take turns rolling two “lollipop” dice that determine which colors to search for. Players then match the colors shown on the dice to the pugs’ tongues. The first player to fill their grass pad with pugs wins.

Why We Love It!

Tongues Out! encouraged several early preschool concepts including color recognition, color naming, and color matching. The memory game component enhances children’s ability to process information, plan and organize information, and think critically. Memory matching games that involve strategy (where they’re placing back the pugs that don’t match their color), help children develop problem solving skills, memory power, concentration, and analytical thinking.

Kids were even caught using the adorable pugs for some imaginative and pretend play!

This game is a great addition to your preschooler’s game collection to reinforce turn-taking and social skills, fine motor skills, color knowledge, visual memory and loads of squishy-squeezy-adorable-pug fun.

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