Timothy’s Top 10-ish on his 18th


I had planned to write a mushy post in honor of Timothy's birthday, but alas! he would get embarrassed. So I'll do a Top 10-ish list instead. Not embarrassing at all. 

1- Once Upon a Time Timothy thought chocolate was made by mixing water and dirt with spoon. He changed his mind once he tasted it.

2- He loves art galleries. Like, really really likes them.

3- He also really really likes school. Like, just look at that enthusiastic smile.  

4- Timothy and his brothers like to "crick" each other, which is brother-speak for wrestling.

5- In preschool he once got in trouble for saying "poopy words" (exact words in the teacher's note) while the class was rolling out gingerbread dough for cookies. To which I thought: give a child a chunk of brown, lumpy dough and poopy words are a given. 

The very next year in Kindergarten, he received the Christian Service Award. So there's hope. 

6- His older brothers teach him lots of useful things. Pokémon stuff and Formula 1 stuff and video games stuff and how-to-get-out-of-jail stuff. All useful.

7- Timothy was once King of Kandy Castle when his brother let him win in Candy Land.

8- He likes corny jokes.

Q: What did the fish say when it hit a wall? 

A: Damn.

9- Give the kid a Nike sneaker and he can conquer the world. 

10- He gets into serious arguments with his brothers on which Top Gear show is better: American or British. Yikes. Timothy will take you out if you mess with Jeremy, James, or Hammond. British Top Gear all the way.

11- In Disney World, Timothy agreed to sleep on the Princess bed if  Nonno slept in the bed next to the door. You know, to be the first line of defense against an ax murderer. Or a serial killer. Or a Disney Princess.

12- Timothy started working at Publix when the Pandemic lockdown went into effect with a goal to save up enough money to buy his first car. His first paycheck was for $71. Exactly one year later he saved enough to buy his car  with no help from mom and dad.


13- Baby brothers grow up. Who knew? Happy birthday, Timothy! 


1- Numbers 2 and 3 above are sarcastic. Art museums make him yawn and school is tolerable. Barely.

2- He didn't eat the "chocolate"  but he learned a lot about mud.

3- His "poopy word" was poop. Didn't want you to think it was something else.

4- OF COURSE he won't take you out if you malign the British Top Gear show. But he WILL think less of you. 

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