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Hello and Happy October!! I’ve been holding off breaking into our fall décor but now that October is here and it’s no longer 95 degrees outside, it is tiiime! Anyone else out there planning to do a little decorating this weekend? In addition to decorating for fall, a local farm is calling our name and the boys are hoping to see some animals and spend some time in the sunshine tomorrow. I also maaay have plans to do a little experimenting in the kitchen with homemade pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. My hope are high and if it turns out well, I’ll be sure the share the recipe with you guys soon.

As for today, it’s Things I’m Loving Friday tiiime! If you’re new around here, every Friday I share a short roundup of some of the things that make me smile every week. I also love it when you guys join in the fun and tell me a little bit about something you’re loving every week, too!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Things I’m Loving Friday

I never could’ve anticipated how much joy I get from experiencing some of my favorite things from childhood all over again with my children. Seeing the boys light up at some of my favorite books, family traditions, games and movies is just this wonderful blend of nostalgia and joy.

Earlier this week, I began reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with Chase. He immediately loved it and we read for 90 minutes straight on the couch together. (Thank you to Rhett and Ryder for overlapping naps that day!) Chase laughed out loud at a lot of the silly magical things that happened in the first few chapters and seemed enchanted by the story from the beginning. We’re now looking for any pockets of free time to curl up and read together and I’m so happy he’s enjoying one of my favorite stories so much! Also, I’ve heard absolutely amazing things about the illustrated versions of the Harry Potter books but welcome thoughts from anyone out there who may have these books, too. I know Chase would love to have some pictures to look at as we read together but another part of me likes the idea of him creating his own images in his head. Any feedback you might have about the illustrated editions would be so appreciated!

  • Rhett’s Frenulectomy

Rhett 13 months

Early on Monday morning, I took Rhett to see a pediatric dentist in the area to have his lip tie checked out and potentially addressed. Once Rhett’s two front teeth came in, I noticed the tissue connecting his upper lip to his gums was incredibly thick. It caused a big gap in his teeth and when I sent a picture to my friend Kaitlyn, she said he definitely had a lip tie and encouraged me to get it checked out. (Kaitlyn is an SLP in Jacksonville, Florida and her encouragement is the only reason I got Rhett checked for a posterior tongue tie when his spit up went on and on for months. Also, it’s worth noting that many babies have a gap between their teeth and that’s totally normal and not necessarily indicative of a lip tie.)

After speaking with a highly-recommended pediatric dentist in our area at length, we opted to have Rhett undergo a frenulectomy, a simple procedure that removed the connective tissue causing Rhett’s lip tie. The procedure was quick and lasted all of 10 seconds but the real fun came later as we’re now supposed to do some stretches/exercises every five hours to make sure his lip tie does not reattach. Let’s just say Rhett is NOT a fan but hopefully we’ll only have to do them for the next two(ish) weeks or so. I went into a lot of detail about all of this on Instagram Stories earlier this week so I don’t want to be too redundant in this space but if you’re curious about everything or have any specific questions, just let me know in the comments section of this post and I’m more than happy to elaborate on everything. I never realized how common lip and tongue ties are (apparently it is a dominant trait!) and I’ve heard from a LOT of you with little ones you think might be in a similar boat so definitely reach out if you have any questions.

I was on the lookout for a delicate paperclip chain necklace in a shorter length because I wanted to use it as a layering piece with some of my other favorite gold necklaces. This $11 Amazon find fit the bill and the quality was way better than anticipated. It’s a great length (I’m wearing it on the shorter side) and I’ve been loving it paired with my heart necklace. (Note: My heart necklace is by Gorjana and has unfortunately been sold out for months but this Etsy find is similar!)

I adore Dr. Becky and her thoughts and advice on parenting have repeatedly helped me as a mother. She gives advice and applicable solutions to common parenting issues that feel rooted in love, a desire to understand and kindness. A lot of her guidance is centered in helping a child understand what they’re feeling and helping a child regulate complicated emotions. Her podcast, Good Inside with Dr. Becky, is filled with topics that many parents can relate to going through with their children and I’ve really enjoyed listening to her thoughts and advice surrounding topics that may be top-of-mind in our house at any given time. She also clearly gets that most parents are busy and overwhelmed and keeps her episodes nice and short (under 30 minutes) which I also appreciate.

  • September 2021 Top 10

In an effort to be better at taking the time to analyze some of my analytics, a few months ago I began sharing a monthly recap in my Friday posts highlighting my top 10 blog posts and your top 10 favorite finds from the blog + Instagram. Hopefully this will also help you check out some blog posts you might have missed or help you easily locate an item I’ve mentioned in the past that got buried in blog/social media mayhem.

Here’s a peek at was you guys liked best in September 2021!

Top 10 Blog Posts:

Top 10 Favorite Finds: 

september 2021 best sellers


  • Friday Flashbacks

Favorite Halloween Books for Young Kids (Some of our family’s favorite fun reads for little ones!)

Halloween Books for Kids

Winning Cornbread Recipe (The best cornbread!! Easy to make and perfect to serve with a bowl of your favorite chili.)

Winning Cornbread Recipe

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