The Best New Chapter Books for Kids of 2022


Now that your kids are avid readers, they’ll need bigger books to sink their teeth into. Enter: chapter books. With more developed characters and plots, these novels lend themselves to flights of fancy and often turn into series your kids can read for years to come. We’ve rounded up our favorite new chapter books for kids of 2022, keep scrolling then add to cart.

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Abby In Between: Ready or Not!


Abby has a lot going on in life. Between her best friend moving away, her mom going back to work and being forced to join the running club, her life feels a bit chaotic. On top of everything, it's time for a BRA. Megan E. Bryant's coming of age novel is the first in a series that young readers and moms alike won't be able to put down. Ages: 9+

The Supernatural Society


Will is devastated when his mom moves the family out of New York to East Emerson, a small town in the middle of nowhere. He's even more upset when he discovers the town is full of monsters. Yep, real-life zombies, minotaurs and mummies. When the pets in town start disappearing, Will has to team of up with his new friend Ivy and her brother Linus to figure out what's really going on, and if the monsters are to blame. Ages: 9+

Maizy Chen's Last Chance


Maizy has found herself in Last Chance, Minnesota for the first time. When she and her mom travel there to take care of her sick grandfather, she not only finds that her family are the only Asian Americans in town, but that her family's restaurant, the Golden Palace, has lots of secrets to unravel. Ages: 8-12

The Swallowtail Legacy: Wreck at Ada's Reef


Lark has found herself on Swallowtail Island for the summer with her sister, stepdad and stepbrothers, along with a summer job helping to research a book. When she starts to uncover the mysteries of an unsolved boat crash, what results is a revelation involving murder and so much more. Michael D. Beil's first novel in the new series is intriguing for any mature reader who loves mysteries. Ages: 11+

Sofía Acosta Makes a Scene


Sofía comes from a family of dancers, but she just doesn't have the feet to become a professional like her parents. As a Cuban-American fifth grader, she's learning to navigate her own worldview, understand who she wants to be in life and what it means to be an immigrant family. Emma Otheguy's coming of age novel addresses racism and so much more that will keep young readers riveted. Ages: 9+

The Witch's Apprentice (Dragons in a Bag #3)


Fans of Zeta Elliott's acclaimed series continue the story with book number three. Jax is navigating all sorts of things: from his lessons as a witch's apprentice, his friends Kenny and Kavita and the biggest of all: a phoenix egg! Ages: 8-12

Cornbread & Poppy


Cornbread and Poppy are best friends, but they're very different. Where Cornbread is ready to weather the winter, Poppy has just realized she is not prepared at all. In this three-chapter book, follow along as Caldecott Medalist Matthew Cordell takes the pair up Holler Mountain where they find a new friend. Ages: 6-8


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